Furby is a boy! (For adoption)

So it’s confirmed by the vet.

Furby is a boy and is long-haired.

Furby was dewormed and deflead today (Revolution spot-on). He has a superficial eye ulcer on the right eye and is prescribed Nicol with Sodago (stemcells) eyedrop for 2 weeks. His intestines is also slightly gassy, he has a superficial tongue ulcer and […]

Furby’s face

We finally got a good look at little Furby’s face.

I think he’s male (but I stand corrected). The vet appointment is this afternoon. He’s very feisty and fierce, though. His behaviour seems feral in nature. But how did a long-haired kitten end up being feral?

Furby is for adoption. Please contact me at chankahyein@gmail.com […]

We caught Furby last night

We caught Furby last night.

He was mewing nonstop under our car all night. I offered food but he did not finish it all, and continued mewing. Poor little thing. He must be lost.

Then, he kept going towards Samantha, but Samantha would smack him.

Later, he went to Stargate2 and Minnie was there. Minnie […]

Creamy and Gerald (aka NottyG) are at the vet’s now

I’ve renamed NottyG “Gerald”. That was the first “G” name that came to my mind as I was driving them to the vet’s.

I wrapped the carriers with a towel each and tied raffia strings around them to decrease the chances of a break-out while transporting them to the vet’s.

Jayden is […]

Ladies and gentlemen…I caught both Creamy and NottyG!

Some totally unbelievable luck fell upon me this morning!

Would you believe it? I caught BOTH Creamy and NottyG. Yes, militant NottyG too!

It started with seeing NottyG mating with Samantha. Yes, again. It was NottyG who impregnated Samantha the last time and I witnessed it, chased him away but it was too late. Samantha […]

Riley Day 3 (early morning)

Riley finished almost all the kibble (it was a big bowl) and 3 pieces of Primal Freeze-Dried last night!

She also finished the remnants of the canned food (that wasn’t much).

She urinated in the soil! Yay!! I will keep adding cat litter to […]

Riley poops!!!!

Another milestone!!

Riley pooped! And she used the basin of soil.

What an incredibly beautiful sight!!

I will slowly add tofu litter into the basin. Hopefully I can slowly and gradually train Riley to use cat litter.

Riley is hiding behind the TV again. Probably […]

Finally, Riley eats all by herself!


Late afternoon, I went up to spend some time with Riley. I was able to put her on my lap and pat her. She nibbled at my arm and rubbed herself on me too. All good.

She wasn’t scared of me anymore.

Before going out this evening, I left a bowl of Monge canned […]

Riley urinates (phew!), purely by accident!

So Riley was still hiding behind the toilet bowl upstairs. Sigh…

I went up and force-fed her lunch. Managed to feed about 3/4s of a can, give and take. Still not up to her normal routine of downing 2 cans in one seating. She had a voracious appetite before we kept her indoors (for the […]