The rescue of Whiskers (a story from Imm’s Shelter)

A few days ago, Judy shared these photos with me.

A little kitten (now named Whiskers) was sighted inside a big drain. Torrential rains are in season nowadays and Judy was very worried that the heavy rains will wash Whiskers away.

According to Judy, it wasn’t exactly a very deep drain, but at […]

Mother-dog caught for neutering (updates from Loke Siew Fong)

With all the puppies adopted (we sponsored the vaccinations for four of them), it was time to get the mother-dog neutered.

Ms Loke asked us for suggestions and our dog-rescuer and TagTeam member, JoTong, was in communication with Ms Loke.

Finally, on 5th July 2023, Ms Loke and her friends managed to secure the mother-dog!


Ms Ong rescues another kitten tonight and another dog will enter her shelter tomorrow

Someone dumped a tiny little kitten at Rock Cafe tonight and Ms Ong alerted me about it.

The poor thing was mewing and walking around the cafe.

I told Ms Ong that if she could take the kitten back (maybe later as a companion for Fate), we will sponsor food, vaccination, deworming, neutering and other […]

Elton is now in Paris!!!

Do you remember Elton?

He’s the little street kitten rescued by tourists, Thea Haynes and her partner, when they were visiting Kota Bharu some time ago. Thea wrote to us and we tried our best to seek help for rehoming, but to no avail. Thea and her partner got Elton treated at the vet’s, and […]

I’m a Cat Grandma too…

Hi, its’s JoTong here.

All my previous articles were all about dogs and actually I still have tonnes of untold rescue stories on the dogs.

However, I would like to share that I am a cat person too with 2 female cats (MeMe, who was rescued from the roadside in 2020 and […]

Long-haired kitten rescued from the roadside (Ong Siew Hiang’s)

Ms Ong (of Survivor Shelter) was on the way to her shelter in Semenyih with her friend when they spotted a long-haired kitten by the roadside.

They rescued the kitten and will later take the kitten, now named Fate, to the vet for a check-up. The kitten is estimated to be about 2 months old […]

Elton, Malaysian local kitten, meets the kindest tourists

This is a must-read, folks!

It was on 17th April 2023 that Ms Thea Haynes, a tourist from Europe, first wrote to me seeking help for a little stray kitten whom she had found in Kota Bharu while travelling there.

Thea was hoping that would be some way that an animal organisation in Kota Bharu […]

Heroic rescuers undergo dangerous conditions to rescue dog from cliff

The full story:

Kudos, Mr Francis Poh aka Yidaki and team!

Everything, everywhere, all at once!

After successfully catching Misty, I let her settle in first. There’s no point in putting her into the carrier so early, it would be so stressful for her.

But I must say that between Riley, Samantha and Misty, who were all caught in exactly the same raffia string way, Misty is the least stressed. Samantha […]