Heroic rescuers undergo dangerous conditions to rescue dog from cliff

The full story: https://www.malaymail.com/news/life/2023/03/20/heroic-animal-lovers-undergo-dangerous-conditions-to-rescue-stranded-dog-on-damansara-perdana-cliff-video/60616

Kudos, Mr Francis Poh aka Yidaki and team!

Everything, everywhere, all at once!

After successfully catching Misty, I let her settle in first. There’s no point in putting her into the carrier so early, it would be so stressful for her.

But I must say that between Riley, Samantha and Misty, who were all caught in exactly the same raffia string way, Misty is the least stressed. Samantha […]

Ladies and gentlemen….Misty!

I caught Misty this morning!!

It all started with feeding Misty and Gerald at 4am this morning. There was no plan to catch Misty, actually.

But at around 5.20am, there was the sound of some activity in the porch. I went to check and Bushy was in our porch but Gerald was keeping him at […]

Luckily I sent Sakura (renamed Hiro) to the vet’s (severe flu)

An update: Sakura has been renamed Hiro now.

I managed to drop Sakura at the vet’s while I was on my way to my dental surgery and collected her after that.

Luckily I sent her.

Sakura has severe flu and a lot of allergic cells.

An X-ray was taken and it showed that her […]

Who might you be, little one?

An update: Sakura has been renamed Hiro.

I think Misty brought her kitten to our porch this morning.

I was feeding Gerald and Misty when suddenly a tiny little tortie (and I mean, really tiny) popped out from under my car.

I think she’s a tortie, but she could be just a black tabby.


Lucky’s 3rd day at his new forever home

Lucky is adjusting well to his new “freedom” in his forever home at Survivor Shelter!


Lucky trots!

Ref: https://myanimalcare.org/2023/02/20/the-rescue-of-lucky-and-the-5-freedoms-of-animal-welfare/

Watch the last part of the video where Lucky trots around happily! This is probably the first time in his life, after 12 years of being confined to a small cage, that he has a chance to explore and gets to express “normal behaviour”.


Lucky, happy boy!



Lucky eats, drinks and walks in the sunshine!

This is Lucky’s story: https://myanimalcare.org/2023/02/20/the-rescue-of-lucky-and-the-5-freedoms-of-animal-welfare/

In short, Lucky was a family’s pet, but he was kept in a small cage for his entire 12 years of life with them, from a puppy until an elderly dog now. A rescuer persuaded the family to surrender Lucky to her, but she wanted to have Lucky put down. […]

The rescue of Lucky and the 5 freedoms of animal welfare

We would like to share this experience from Ms Ong, founder of Survivor Shelter.

Yesterday, Ms Ong took in an old dog, aged 12 years, named Lucky, who had previously belonged to a family. According to Ms Ong, Lucky had been kept in a cage for his entire life by this family. As a puppy, […]