The remaining three Selayang pups at the vet

I visited the remaining three Selayang pups at our panel vet.  These are the survivors and believe me, they are real tough cookies!


Forrest has grown so much since I last saw him.  He has endeared himself to the vets, and one of the vets, Dr Loh, absolutely adores him.  She says Forrest […]

Sr Brown passed away last night

Sr Brown was the one who was the perkiest of the Subang-Selayang lot.  He was tested distemper positive two weeks ago, but displayed no symptoms except for diarrhoea which was monitored and kept under control through diet. 

Two days ago, he started having nasal congestion, and yesterday, he became very pale and came down […]

In loving memory of Ebony

As I reflect now on Ebony’s short little life, I can’t help feeling how deeply interconnected we are, and how things happen for a reason, and how we sometimes can intervene, but only to a certain limited extent. 

Ebony was one of the 23 rescued puppies from the Selayang Pound.  She found to be […]

Ebony is in a better place now

I received a call from the vet just minutes ago.  It’s bad news.  Ebony passed away this morning before the vet got in.  It must have happened after I left the clinic. 

Based on the clinical signs, the vet strongly suspects she died of distemper and tick fever.  Her initial anaemia was probably caused […]

Ebony’s updates

I held my breath the whole of last night, expecting a call from the vet regarding Ebony’s condition.  I know the vet would call if there was any bad news.  I waited, and waited.  There was no call up till midnight, and I hoped it meant Ebony was still alright.

This morning, I went in […]

Ebony is fading

We received sad news from the vet today.  Ben brought in Ebony on Friday as she wasn’t doing very well.  Yesterday, Ebony appeared to be fine, but as of this morning, the vet said she is fast fading and is in pain.  The vet has given her painkillers and she is partially sedated due to the […]

Forrest is eating on his own!

Finally, finally, finally….everyone is cheering and the vets are so, so happy.  Forrest, the little brown fella, is finally eating on his own.  The vets have been patiently force-feeding him a few times a day, waiting for the day he would eat on his own, and the day came this morning.  Forrest went to his […]

Post-mortem results on Cutie

Cutie was one of the Selayang pups who passed away a few days ago of supposedly “mysterious” causes.  There were hardly any symptoms and she just went down within hours. 

The post-mortem revealed evidence of abnormalities in the heart muscles and this strongly suggests distemper. 

Distemper is indeed a scary disease.  There can […]

Updates on Subang-Selayang pups

I visited the Selayang pups yesterday evening.  Sr White, Sr Brown and Ms Husky are ready to be discharged.  They still have a bit of diarrhoea, so their diet has to be kept under control. 

Sr Brown Sr White (on the left) and Ms Husky. And… Here’s little Forrest.  He was moving so much, […]