Sad news on Selayang pups

This morning, I was informed that Juno had passed away.  I do not know the cause of death, but he was being treated for hookworm infestation.  Capri is still hanging on. 

Over in Subang Jaya, Cutie Pie suddenly went down today, and it was very quick and sudden.  She passed away this evening.  I […]

Updates on the Puchong-Selayang puppies

Here are updates from Ainey:

Both Capri & Juno are on drips. Juno is tested positive for coronavirus.1 of the last 6 puppies taken out to be fostered is down with parvo. tested positive. now treated in puchong. it’s 1 of the 3 older/bigger puppies.we did a blood test and distemper test on Leo, as […]

Ebony and Julea at home

Here’s today’s updates from Ben and Adele.  They adopted Ebony and Julea today. 

We attached some pictures after bringing the 2 puppies home today to let you know that they are doing well. We have decided to keep the names you and Tracy had given them. Therefore one is named Ebony. The other is […]

Ebony goes home!

Here’s Ben and Adele, with little Ebony. Both Ben and Adele had not expected Ebony to be so small!  But she is, and that makes her even more adorable, of course.  Last night, Yi Lin helped me foster Ebony.  I was up to my neck with the six kittens, and could barely cope.  And […]

Ebony is discharged

I brought Ebony home today after our vet declared her fit to be discharged.  Her blood count dropped a little after two days, but shot up again to 25% yesterday.  This is great news because it means her body is able to produce blood on its own now.

Look at those eyes… Letting Teddybear say […]

Puchong-Selayang pups’ updates

This is Ainey’s updates on the two Selayang pups currently boarded in Puchong for hookworm treatment:

Juno, who was the weaker one yesterday before I rushed them to the vet, is doing better… He can eat on his own, but the vet still force fed him a little to make sure he gets enough nutrition… […]

Subang Jaya-Selayang pups – updates

All six of the Selayang pups in Subang Jaya are doing well now.  My biggest worry this morning was Forrest, but what do you know…the moment I got to the vet’s, all four vets told me Forrest is already up and about, and making “heaven of a noise” (!!), yelping for attention.  It seems he […]

Updates on Juno, Capri and Leo

Updates from Ainey after her visit to Puchong this evening:

Both Juno & Capri are ok, ate AD… looks tired, maybe from today’s adventure… Capri has eye and nasal discharge, and the vet will monitor this… Capri has also been making much noise since the blood transfusion… i hope he’s ok… both are in the […]

Selayang pups – the most critical case today

As of now, we have six pups in Subang Jaya, four in Klang and two in Puchong, all at our panel vets, undergoing treatment. The rest are with MDDB’s fosterers. And oh, Naughty Leo is with Ainey.

Ebony, Juno and Capri were given blood transfusion, and as of this evening, all three have pink gums […]