Selayang pups in Puchong

Ainey visited the two S.O.S. cases which she sent to Puchong for blood transfusion this morning.  Both are doing well so far.

Juno and Capri had white gums when admitted, and now their gums are pink again. 

Phew…that’s a great relief.  It was anothear near heart-attack. 

Selayang pups in Subang Jaya (evening updates)

It’s been quite a mad day, rushing all over today. 

This afternoon, MDDB found a fosterer to take SIX of the Selayang pups for fostering.  That was really good.  I handed over the puppy food and one of ACC’s donated cage, and got the puppies all tucked into her car.  Before moving them out, […]

Selayang puppies at the vet’s

Besides Ebony, we have five more Selayang puppies at the vet’s in SJ, currently undergoing treatment.

We have Ms Husky, Snappy Brown, Snappy White, Cutie Pie and Forrest.  Forrest is the latest one I brought to the vet when I noticed he had diarrhoea. 

Here are a few photos:

Snappy Brown Snappy Brown is […]

Updates on Ebony

How’s little Ebony doing today? 

Well, she is still herself, and not eating yet.  The vets have to force-feed her.

It’s those eyes again…. The vet will do a repeat blood test either this evening or tomorrow.  If it is more than 22%, it means Ebony can produce blood on her own and […]

A double Selayang S.O.S. this morning

Ainey went to check on the Selayang pups this morning and noticed two looked very weak.  She rushed them off to our panel vet and it turned out that they were suffering from hookwork infestation.  Their blood count was only 10%.  Their body temperature was subnormal.  This is very similar to Ebony’s case.Ainey is […]

Ebony’s updates – she made it through the night!

Doing animal charity sometimes really gives you near heart-attacks, especially when the the lives of the animals you have just rescued/salvaged is hanging by a thread.  

Such is the case with Ebony.  She (Ebony’s female, I found out today) had absolutely pale gums yesterday afternoon, and we managed to salvage her life in the nick of […]

One Selayang pup goes to a fosterer

My student, Edy, has agreed to foster two Selayang puppies, and might even consider adopting one later on, if all goes well.

Here they are. I lent Edy my cage, and we bought him a pack of Eukanuba puppy food since Cutie (the white and black one) had been on this food at the clinic.  […]

Selayang puppy S.O.S. – a near-death experience!

I went to check on the Selayang puppies today, and found that one was lying very still and when I checked his gums, it was almost white.  I rushed him quickly to the vet’s.

One look at the eyes and gums, and the vet said to me, “Your puppy is going to drop dead any […]

Two cages for Selayang pups

There is an offer from ACC to donate two cages to anyone who is interested in adopting the Selayang puppies. 

It would be based on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Here is a photo of the cage:

L90xW60xH75cm Thank you very much, ACC, for your kind offer. If you wish to adopt any of the […]