We are on Touch ‘n Go’s donation platform!!

Thank you so much, Touch ‘n Go, for so graciously putting us on their donation platform!!

So you can donate through your TnG phone app:

Click on Donation. Search for us by typing AnimalCare.

Or you could use the QR Code on the right sidebar (the red one). You can use any ewallet to scan […]

Thank you very much (February 2023 donors)

On 24th February this month, we increased our maximum Neutering Aid rates to the following:

Maximum for dog neutering: RM200 Maximum for cat neutering: RM120

It’s been very, very sad, as always, to learn of the fate of street dogs over the last two months or so. We hope that by increasing our Neutering Aid […]

“Working together for the animals” (an update on the Kota Bharu neutering project)

When I first started AnimalCare way back in May 2009, we decided to think of a tagline and all I could think of was “Working together for the animals”. At that time, being totally and completely naive and always putting everyone in the best light, I thought that should be easy – working together with […]

Thank you very much (January 2023 donors)

Once again, thank you so much for supporting our work with your generous donations and well wishes. We are very grateful.

This month’s Neutering Aid: Number of animals: 2 dogs Amount paid out: RM500 (inclusive of extra sponsorship) Recipients of the Neutering Aid: https://myanimalcare.org/category/aid-neuter/

This month’s Medical and Vaccination aid: Number of animals: nil […]

Thank you very much (December 2022 donors)

We end the year with renewing our commitment to help as many street animals as we can.

Our letters to the Minister of Local Government Development (to request for neutered animals to be spared from capture by the authorities) and the Minister of Education (to request for humane education, particularly animal protection, to be included […]

Thank you very much (November 2022 donors)

Thank you so much to everyone for their kind donations and support for our work.

We made two food donations to Survivor Shelter this month because of the rainy season and the difficulty for Avant Pet’s lorry to access Survivor Shelter (the bridge leading into the shelter is completely damaged) and it is also […]

A rescue story with a happy ending (in Perak)

On 24th November 2022, a young lady from a town in Perak wrote 4 emails to me seeking help to rescue and treat a free-roaming female dog with visible TVT (TVT is a cancer but totally treatable with chemo injections). The young lady felt that the dog has the will to live and from her […]

Thank you very much (October 2022 donors)

In case you missed the news, we have finally managed to assemble a dedicated AnimalCare Tag Team to take over the running of AnimalCare after I’m gone. This is a huge relief for me because it means that AnimalCare now has a succession plan and we can go on helping animals for a longer time!


Thank you very much (September 2022 donors)

It’s time to thank all supporters and donors for their generosity and goodwill.

Donations have dwindled, and understandably so since times are bad now. If donations continue to decrease, we may have to consider the option of reducing our food aid since the food aid had always been a stopgap measure to channel excess funds […]