The Music Lives On (thank you, Pastorale Conservatoire of Music!)

Hear ye, Hear ye!

Date & Time: 19th November 2023 (5pm) Venue: The KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

Pastorale Conservatoire of Music held concerts in support of AnimalCare in 2012 and again in 2016. And it’s back to our turn again this year!

We would like to express our utmost and heartfelt thanks […]

Thank you very much (August 2023)

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan to all Malaysians! May our country prosper in all fields, May we all live in harmony with each other, May our human-citizens always protect the street animal-citizens. Kami semua anak Malaysia!

This month’s Neutering Aid: Number of animals: 12 (11 dogs + 1 cat) Amount paid out: RM2,280.00 Recipients of the Neutering […]

We are on Malaysiakini’s Sokong platform!!

Thank you so very much to MalaysiaKini’s Sokong for including us on their donation platform!

Please click on this link:

Thank you very much (July 2023 donors)

It’s been a rather uneventful month, which is good! No news is good news.

We are glad that Survivor Shelter is doing well now, with good business going for Ms Ong at her burger stall. Ms Ong has also purchased canned food and kibble from us with the donations she received from well-wishers.

This month’s […]

Thank you very much (June 2023 donors)

This is the first time ever that there are no neutering claims for cats in an entire month! But we are glad we managed to help 13 dogs.

We are still waiting for Selangor state to launch TNRM to replace catch-and-kill. After the survey with promising results from the community, after the forum, we do […]

Thank you very much (May 2023 donors)

This has been a very busy month indeed. So much has happened and has been happening on the ground. We hope you have kept up with all the news we have been sharing. There is so much to do.

This month’s Neutering Aid: Number of animals: 13 (11 dogs and 2 cats) Amount paid out: […]

Thank you very much (April 2023 donors)

‘Tis time to thank all donors and well-wishers for your continued and generous support. Thank you to all rescuers and feeders who look after street animals responsibly too. There will be no AnimalCare without all of you – thank you so much!

To rescuers and feeders who would like to apply for our Neutering Aid, […]

Thank you very much (March 2023 donors)

This month we heave with relief because we have a small surplus after months of being on deficit and relying on reserve funds. As always we thank all donors and supporters. Also, all the anonymous donors from Boost and as on 15th March 2023, from Touch ‘n Go. Every little bit counts, as little as […]

We are on Touch ‘n Go’s donation platform!!

Thank you so much, Touch ‘n Go, for so graciously putting us on their donation platform!!

So you can donate through your TnG phone app:

Click on Donation. Search for us by typing AnimalCare.

Or you could use the QR Code on the right sidebar (the red one). You can use any ewallet to scan […]