Thank you very much (June 2020 donors)

Time to thank everyone for their support!

We are also happy to report that neutering and vaccination claims have increased this month. With the MCO being gradually relaxed, feeders have started to get street animals neutered again. There has also been some new applicants. They cited financial difficulties since some have experienced salary cuts and […]

Gratitude is the memory of the heart

Today I received a surprise email which definitely lifted my spirits.

It was from someone whose name I cannot quite recall, but she said I helped her in 2013 (she even forwarded the email back to me). The email was in Chinese (which I must have got a friend to translate) and it appears that […]

Thank you very much (May 2020 donors)

It’s time again to thank everyone for supporting all that we do!

This month’s neutering aid: Number of animals: 11 (3 dogs and 8 cats) Amount paid out: RM1200.00 Recipients of the Neutering Aid:

This month’s vaccination aid: Number of animals: nil Amount paid out: nil Recipients of the Vaccination Aid:

This […]

Thank you very much (April 2020 donors)

What a month it has been, with the MCO and the Covid19 pandemic hitting our country. This month, we did not have many neutering claims, so the bulk of our assistance has been in the form of petfood donations to the four shelters and many individual feeders.

This month’s neutering aid: Number of animals: 12 […]

Thank you very much (March 2020 donors)

The Covid19 crisis has indeed taken a huge toll on every single one of us. We have now started on an MCO-Relief Petfood Donation project to help our CNRM-applicants and some other feeders to tide over this difficult period and likely, beyond:

If you are able to spare some cash and would like […]

Thank you again, Avant Pet, Coco&Joe and community feeders

Our friend, Joy, would like to express her thanks to Avant Pet and their drivers for making this delivery to her today. It’s petfood for her cats and community animals.

And our friend, Connie, also received her Coco&Joe order today, for her rescued dogs. Proper and professional safety protocols were observed. The driver sanitised […]

Rakyat Malaysia, please stay home

Our security forces are fighting with their lives to keep us safe.

Our Ministry of Health staff is also fighting with their lives to keep us safe.

Just #StayAtHome

These are our heroes and they would not have to do this IF ONLY the rakyat would listen and stay home.

Thank you very much, Ms Soo and YY!

Yesterday, we received an SOS from a stranger asking if we could help him get a blood donor for his dog. His dog has tick fever and needed blood transfusion.

I managed to contact a very kind lady who had offered her dogs as blood donors before. Despite the MCO and the long distance, today, […]

Thank you very much, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd

AnimalCare records its deepest gratitude to Avant Pet Sdn Bhd for continuing its delivery services to our supporters so that their pets and community animals will still have enough food throughout this period. Special thanks to the drivers and supportive staff, as well as the CEOs who could have stayed home, but came to […]