Thank you very much (April 2019)

It’s time again to thank everyone again for their very kind and generous support of our work.

For once in the last (almost) ten years, dog neutering outnumbered cat neutering this month, but only by one! It is also probably because there were a few cat claims which were non-compliant.

Some applicants still do not […]

Thank you very much (March 2019)

‘Tis time to thank everyone again for their very kind and generous support of our work.

This month’s neutering aid: Number of animals: 64 (23 dogs and 41 cats) Amount paid out: RM4700 Recipients of the Neutering Aid:

This month’s vaccination aid: Number of animals: 13 (7 dogs and 6 cats) Amount paid […]

Doby mix reunited with owner!


Thanks to the concerted efforts of Ms Yi Xin and her brother through the social media (and yes, thanks to social media), we managed to locate the owner of the Doby mix rescued yesterday. The owner was overseas but today, her husband came to reclaim the dog with their domestic helper (whom the […]

Another mini (Tiger B)!

Here’s another beautiful and amazing miniature figurine (“mini”) created by Ms Wong Pei Ling! This mini is ordered by Wine Dogs TB EE TT Lady CC, and we would like to thank them for their very generous donation of RM400 to our Fund for this mini of Tiger B, and another RM100 has been banked […]

Thank you very much (February 2019 donors)

As far as the neutering aid is concerned, this month is the slowest moving month since we started in May 2009!

Reasons for this, as reported earlier, could be due to (1) Chinese New Year, (2) the graduation of many long-time applicants and (3) the requirement for ear-notching for females.

We have had to turn […]

Thank you very much (January 2019 donors)

We are happy to share that we have a good start to this new year!!

With the “graduation” of long-time applicants, we were able to help many new applicants get started on their CNRM work. This augurs well in both ways – not to create a culture of dependency (which is truly not healthy) and […]

Sometimes….we meet an angel

Tonight, I received another surprise from the same applicant whom I had written about previously:

He only started claiming from us in October this year. And so far, he has only claimed for 10 dogs (yes, only RM1000, which is SUCH a small sum compared to so many other applicants).

He is a blue […]

A brief look at 2018 and onwards to 2019

Dear Donors, Supporters and Well-Wishers,

Happy New Year!! We thank you so much for your generosity, trust and support in making it possible for us to help street animals and their feeders in 2018. And come May 2019, it will be TEN years!!

But let’s take a look at 2018:

Neutering Fund

No of animals […]

A very special Double Charity Donation project with Avant Pet – Go! Dogfood Donation!

We are pleased and honoured to work together with Avant Pet Sdn Bhd in this special Double Charity Donation project!

What a wonderful way to start of the new year – buy a minimum of two packs of quality dogfood and donate it to a shelter or to a street feeder…and they will receive double!