A brief look at 2018 and onwards to 2019

Dear Donors, Supporters and Well-Wishers,

Happy New Year!! We thank you so much for your generosity, trust and support in making it possible for us to help street animals and their feeders in 2018. And come May 2019, it will be TEN years!!

But let’s take a look at 2018:

Neutering Fund

No of animals […]

A very special Double Charity Donation project with Avant Pet – Go! Dogfood Donation!

We are pleased and honoured to work together with Avant Pet Sdn Bhd in this special Double Charity Donation project!

What a wonderful way to start of the new year – buy a minimum of two packs of quality dogfood and donate it to a shelter or to a street feeder…and they will receive double!


Thank you very much (December 2018)

And…we made it to the end of the year!!

This month’s Neutering Aid:

Number of animals neutered this month: 137 (49 dogs & 88 cats)

Amount sponsored this month: RM10,090.00

Recipients of the Neutering Aid: https://myanimalcare.org/category/cnrm/

The Double Charity Petfood/Neutering Donation: https://myanimalcare.org/category/food-donation/

We look forward to 2019 with optimism that it will bring forth […]

A true blue CNRMer – thank you so much, kind sir!

I had a great start to this morning!

There was a RM250 donation to our Fund, and it was banked in by one of our newest applicant.

I’m so lost for words right now….and I don’t know where to begin to tell his story.

He started helping dogs on 31st August this year. Yes, only […]

A parting gift from a long-time applicant, Ms Nujtiya Chareansouk

We first started helping Ms Nujtiya Chareansouk in February 2013 when she wrote in to enquire if we could help with our neutering aid for the dogs that her mum, Mdm Lim Tiang Seouk, looks after in Kangar, Perlis.

We assisted not only in neutering but also through our food donation. When our food donation […]

A blanket for a bride (no. 208)

208 – What a lucky number, in the Chinese culture!

This blanket was ordered by our very dear anonymous donor, as a bridal gift for her vet.

Our friend bought the five types of fabric herself and she says they are colours from the cultural background of her vet.

The dark purple “grape” design […]

Thank you very much (November 2018 donors)

It’s been a hectic and turbulent month indeed! We are still working to fine-tune our new policies so that we can grow a community of feeders who share our life-affirming principles of CNRM, with more emphasis on the C = Care.

This month’s Neutering Aid:

Number of animals neutered this month: 211 (86 dogs & […]

Amazing Grace raises RM394 for the animals!!

Congratulations to PC Leong who won Amazing Grace with his bid of RM206 and PC has graciously offered the blanket to the first bidder, Jenny, if she would bank in her bid of RM188 as a donation to AnimalCare.

Jenny agrees and so, Amazing Grace has raised RM394 for the animals!!

Thank you very much, […]

A truly enjoyable STRETCH session today (and we raised RM5380!)

What a wonderful session we had at today’s Stretch Therapy session! It was a good mixture of fun, laughter, goodwill and of course, lots of stretching!!

First, we must thank Wai Kuan and Chi-Chang, the instructors at Stretch Therapy, for choosing us as the beneficiary of their very first Stretch for Good project. This centre […]