Thank you very much, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd

AnimalCare records its deepest gratitude to Avant Pet Sdn Bhd for continuing its delivery services to our supporters so that their pets and community animals will still have enough food throughout this period. Special thanks to the drivers and supportive staff, as well as the CEOs who could have stayed home, but came to […]

Thank you, Cubgrub, Coco&Joe, Avant Pet and all vets

In this mad Covid19 frenzy, we must not forget to thank Cubgrub, Coco&Joe and Avant Pet for still providing petfood delivery service.

Cubgrub’s Lin Li is still busy sourcing supplies to make her homemade barf for our cats, and personally driving to make deliveries. Coco&Joe’s says they will continue for as long as they can […]

Thank you very much (February 2020 donors)

It’s time to thank all our donors and well-wishers for supporting our One-Street CNRM neutering and vaccination aid and also our efforts in helping selected shelters with petfood.

This month’s neutering aid: Number of animals: 23 (12 dogs and 11 cats) Amount paid out: RM3058.00 Recipients of the Neutering Aid:

This month’s vaccination […]

Thank you very much (January 2020 donors)

As always, it’s time to thank all donors for supporting us in our efforts to help animals. To all applicants of our neutering and vaccination aid, we thank you for embracing and practising One-Street CNRM as this is the most compassionate and sustainable method to stabilise street animal colonies while ensuring that the neutered animals […]

Thank you again

To everyone who helped AnimalCare’s friend, Edward Lee and his wife, Vivienne, thank you so much. If you would like to journey with Vivienne, here’s the facebook page: Thank you again. […]

A look at 2019 and onward to 2020!

Dear Donors, Supporters and Well-Wishers,

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!!

As always, please allow us to express our grateful appreciation to everyone who has made it possible for us to help street animals for more than ten years now…and counting!

Here’s what we managed to do in 2019:

Neutering & Vaccination Aid


Thank you very much (December 2019 donors)

Time really does fly and it’s already the end of 2019!

As always, we wish to thank all donors and supporters who have made it possible for us to continue helping animals. We look forward to 2020 with optimism and hope that more individuals will embrace the practice of One-Street CNRM as this would be […]

The last of the Wine Dogs minis!

We would like to thank Wine Dogs for their kind donation of RM200 to our Fund for the last mini in the set! Also, many thanks to Ms Wong Pei Ling for her beautifully hand-crafted figurines.

At the request of Pei Ling, Wine Dogs has also made another RM400 donation to a charity of Pei […]

Thank you very much (November 2019 donors)

Thank you very much, once again, to all past and present donors!

This month’s neutering aid: Number of animals: 34 (17 dogs and 17 cats) Amount paid out: RM4015.00 Recipients of the Neutering Aid:

This month’s vaccination aid: Number of animals: 14 (10 dogs and 4 cats) Amount paid out: RM350.00 Recipients of […]