How to communicate with your cat – the slow blink

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Dogs and cats read our body language and definitely read our minds. They can sense positive and negative feelings. But apart from these, there’s another confirmed method of communicating with your cat – by “smiling” in a feline way, ie. narrowing the eyes and BLINKING slowly. Yes, blinking.

I’ve done this […]

The Snug Life: How Cats Find Comfort in the Cramped and Cozy

Cats are known for their love of boxes, and there are several reasons for this behavior. One possible explanation is that cats feel more secure in enclosed spaces, and a box provides a sense of security and protection. Boxes also provide cats with a cozy and comfortable place to rest and nap.

In addition, cats […]

Claw-some or Claw-ful? Navigating the Ins and Outs of Cat Scratching Behavior

Meet Kam, a beautiful feline who loves to start her day with a good stretch and scratch session on the rug (with the intention to destroy it gradually).

This is Cik Kam, Rescued 9 years ago when she was just a kitten. And yes, she has no visible tail. Hence we call her Cik […]

Do Cats Have Feelings?

I’ve experienced living with many cats since I was a kid. I do notice that each of them has a different personality. Sometimes, I named them based on that. I’d always imagined them, with their personality how they’ll behave if they were human. Other things that I’ve always asked myself are, do my cats have […]

7 Frequently Asked Questions on Ear-Notching

If you are familiar with AnimalCare’s Neutering Aid policy, you might already be aware that ear-notching is compulsory.


What Does This Mean?

If you see any cats (and even dogs) with snipped or notched ear, it means that they should never be re-trapped or brought to a shelter. Instead, they should be […]