An update on the Kota Bharu neutering project (Ms Woon Lay Yong’s)


Thanks to one of our former applicants from Kota Bharu, Mr Lim, he managed to help us get a rescuer from Kota Bharu to contact Ms Woon and they have arranged to meet up soon.

We hope the project will be a success.

Thank you, Mr Lim!

A homemaker and a dog-sitter

The story:

Abandoned malnourished horses found on roadside rescued by PDRM Equestrian Unit

Thank you, PDRM, for rescuing these poor horses.

The news:

According to the report, this owner has been neglecting the horses’ dietary needs for years and they have been eating “rubbish”. The same owner also has other animals in horrific conditions.

We hope the authorities will rescue these poor animals and nurse them back […]

It’s the Cat Year in Vietnam!!

The news:

Gong Xi, Gong Xi, everyone!!

Cat or rabbit, it’s going to be a great year if there’s kindness in it!

Read why it’s the cat and not the rabbit (it’s in the article above). ‘Coz they appreciate the cat!


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Celebrate moderately, give generously!

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Peaceful Holidays!

‘Tis a time for giving love and kindness, especially to the less fortunate. And a time to be grateful.

The collapsed bridge leading to Survivor Shelter

Ms Ong sent photos and updates on the collapsed bridge leading to her shelter.

Luckily her dogs still have enough food at the shelter now. We sent 12 bags to Ms Ong’s home recently and she has not been able to transport this consignment of food to her shelter yet due to the […]

Introducing Joy E. Saga (Tag Team): The self-proclaimed “Cat Crazy Cat Woman”!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

It is with the greatest pleasure and gratitude that I introduce to you the second member of the AnimalCare Tag Team: my dear friend and our former volunteer, Joy E. Saga. Joy was our volunteer going back to 2011, especially during events. She is also a very good friend, great listener, […]