Temporary arrangement: Submission of claims by email during MCO-period

Dear Applicants,

For this MCO-period, if you wish to submit your claims, kindly email the following:

1 Collage as per policy 2 Write-up as per policy 3 A clear image of the receipt (as per policy requirements) 4 A clear image of the form (completely filled)

Please email all to chankahyein@gmail.com

Please do not leave […]

The story of an “MCO-defiant” little girl with a happy ending!

Our friend and longtime supporter, Sis NandaLeonie, shared this photo and little story:

This MCO-defiant little girl found by my 2 dogs on Fri trying to enter front porch. Now Suzie has settled in happily. My current 9 kids are between 13&2 yrs, with Stanley (coming to 2 yrs) found middle of road outside […]

The Belgian cat and safety protocols to keep our animals safe

Many of you would have read news about the cat in Belgium who was tested positive for Covid19 and displayed symptoms. Indications currently suggest that the cat was infected by his/her owner and not otherwise.

There are many links to this news, but this one is from our news portal: https://www.nst.com.my/world/world/2020/03/578974/pet-cat-contracts-covid-19-belgian-owner

We have checked this […]

Terima kasih, Abang Polis

The news: https://www.hmetro.com.my/mutakhir/2020/03/558859/terbaik-abang-polis

Thank you very much, to the members of our security forces who are out there, rain or shine, keeping law and order so that we will be safe. Thank you for also thinking of the street animals and taking time to give them food and water.

You are our heroes!


Bonte’s Boarding

Thank you so much, Bonte’s Boarding! Please click on this link: https://www.facebook.com/bontesboarding/photos/a.2005302903050486/2595938563986914/?type=3

In these difficult times, Bonte’s Boarding would like to extend a helping hand to those taking care of our community and are worrying about their furkids (🐈cats, 🐕dogs and small animals) back at home 🏡 . There will also be a special […]

Please stay safe…for your animals

For the last few days, we have been in touch with some of our applicants to ask if they are facing any problems with feeding their community animals.

So far, from the ones we managed to contact, all have said that they are still able to go out to feed their community animals. That is […]

Coco&Joe’s home delivery

To animal-people who need Coco&Joe’s barf for your dogs and cats during this MCO period, they will be doing home-delivery as part of their community service.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/746261645415045/photos/a.753736504667559/3659528760754971/?type=3

Thank you, Coco&Joe! May all your staff stay safe.

MCO Stay Safe Program

In need of Coco & Joe BARF during the movement restriction […]

It pays to have a cat!

Your pets cannot contract Covid-19

Sharing from my dear friend, Aurora Lambrecht, person-in-charge of EndFIP: Adapted… There has been much confusion surrounding Covid-19 and your pet but please be assured: Your pets cannot contract Covid-19. This has been fact checked by numerous sources IDEXX (one of the global leaders in veterinary diagnostics) has reported ZERO cases worldwide of Covid-19 […]