Manjung calls off their shooting exercise

Thank you very much, Lawyers for Animal Rights! Thank you to everyone who supported the lawyers.

Injunction granted! (the Manjung District issue)

Injunction granted. Hearing on 28th July 2020. Thank you very much, Lawyers for Animal Rights.

Wherever you are in Malaysia, please support this. It is a fight for ALL street animals in Malaysia. Please share widely. Let the authorities and politicians know that we are NOT a minority. NOT ANYMORE!!

Video courtesy of a friend […]

Poisoning, one of the most heinous crimes of cruel humans


This morning, Ms Lee gave us the very sad news that her most recent cat whose neutering was sponsored by us was poisoned by one of her neighbours. The cat was hospitalised for 6 days in an attempt to save his life, but he lost the battle last night.

We are both very […]

Happy Father’s Day

….to all pet-fathers and fathers!!

Oh…this is so sad (Streetcat Bob has passed away)

The sad news:

May you be in a peaceful state, Bob. You have done an amazing tour on Earth!

We love you!

Mr Bowen, thank you for giving Bob a great life!

Bob, thank you so much for turning around Mr Bowen’s life!

P.S. Streetcat Bob’s book was the first Kindle book I finished […]

Terima kasih, Abang Grab!

Another kind Malaysian here. Syabas, Abang Grab! Lead the way!

The news:

Terima kasih, Abang Polis

The news:

Announcements (June 2020)

Here are some important announcements for June 2020, moving forward.

1 First, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to Ms Amy Lim of Subang Pet Products for allowing us to use her postbox as our mailing address for many years now. Subang Pet Products will only be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday […]

We are 11 years old!

And I almost forgot!!