Newspaper report on cat meat being sold (and DVS’ response)

It may have been happening for a long time now, but here’s a newspaper report about it:

Please keep your animals indoors, as much as you can.

This news contains DVS’ response on the issue:

Sementara itu, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar mendakwa kegiatan menjual dan memakan daging kucing adalah perbuatan yang tidak melanggar undang-undang.


Lasah updates: Lonely Planet takes action

Updates from

Dear supporter, We begin this update by informing you that a supporter informed us that Lonely Planet removed elephant riding listing for Lasah’s owners, the Langkawi Elephant Adventures [LEA], on their website because “because it contravenes our new content guidelines on elephant rides and welfare”. See this link


Japanese company allows cats in office to counter stress

Kudos to the company!!

Watch the video:

The boss even gives 5000Yen to employees who rescue cats!!

Malaysian bosses – a cue for you?

More news on the banning of the dreadful Yulin festival

More news from the Humane Society of the USA:

News: Yulin government to ban sale of dog meat at notorious festival

We pray hard that this news is true.


Lasah denied freedom

The latest update:

Friends of the Orangutans Malaysia

Malaysia, Malaysia

16 MAY 2017 — Dear supporter,

Three days ago the Malaysian environment ministry declared that Lasah will remain at the Langkawi Elephant Adventures [LEA] after an evaluation.

In a publication by a government owned news agency [re-published by The Sun Malaysia] the […]

Man fined RM5000 for cruelty to pet dog

The news:

News on Furby

Yesterday, we noticed there was good news about Furby. Please go the Justice for Furby facebook page to read:

Furby is definitely not forgotten in the hearts of many, many animal lovers.

Let’s continue to pray for Furby’s wellbeing and for justice to be served.

Buddhist monk, Matthieu Ricard’s plea for compassion towards animals


Thank you for speaking up for the animals, Venerable Sir. May your influence reach far and wide.

The video: