It’s Pawssible Neutering Campaign

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It’s Pawssible Neutering Campaign

In 2013, Berjaya Youth raised funds through the “It’s Pawssible” Charity Concert. These funds were to be used for neutering animals using the Mobile Animal Clinic which was also sponsored by B.Youth and Berjaya. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get approval for the […]

Please spare me the emotional blackmail

We reject applications that are non-compliant or late. The policies are sent to every single applicant each time they write to request our financial aid. And this is regardless of how many times the person has applied to us.

So, the onus lies on the applicant to ensure that s/he submits compliant applications.

Sometimes, they […]

Feisty cat without front legs

Please watch!

Great positive energy and positivity!!

Adorable dog saves koala!

The story:

40,000 people applied to run cat sanctuary

Here’s the story:

Vincent entertains guests

Last night, we had a family dinner at our home. And Vincent came and joined us all in the kitchen when we ate dinner!

This is what he used to do back in the day. Whenever we have guests, he would be the ever sociable host, but this is provided the guest is a good […]

I need techie help, please

Update: Found an alternative way to go around it, but if anyone has a better solution, please do share. The original post: I need techie help, please. To do AnimalCare work, many of our applicants send photos through Whatsapp and I would lift these photos off from WhatsappWeb onto my laptop, store them and […]

Dr Karen Becker talks about CKD in cats

The sad case of the cat in the dryer

A royal champion of animal rights speaks up: