Non-compliant applications

This is the old broken tape-recorder speaking again, but it needs to be said.

Recently, we received quite a number of non-compliant applications.

(1) Late submissions, as late as 22 days.

(2) Receipts issued in other names, not the applicant’s.

(3) Applications without the vet’s signature and stamp.

It is actually very sad that these […]

Ambulance allows pet dog to accompany collapsed patient

The story:

A tunnel to help penguins cross the road safely

The video:

Lasah transferred

The latest news:

Important statement below from Friends of the Orangutans Malaysia on Lasah. Please read in full.

Lasah has been sent to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary near the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. This sanctuary is run by the Malaysian government. The three photos here were taken on Langkawi island, Lasah on his […]

Help save the orangutans in Indonesia

Please sign:

They’re fighting for their lives!

And right now bulldozers are clearing a tiny speck of rainforest where Earth’s last 800 Tapanuli Orangutans cling to life.

It’s all to build a hydropower dam that could push them to extinction.

But Indonesia’s President can still cancel the dam, and he wants to be […]

Street dog who finished a half-marathon awarded medal

We hope he will be adopted real soon!


22 mails just arrived

It’s going to be a long, long night…

The mails aren’t coming in

We have 28 pending applications, but we haven’t received the applications by post. We don’t know what has happened to the mails as many of the applications are more than 1 week old.

We urge all applicants to please track your Pos Ekspres mails. I will write to all of you as well.

I just […]

Johann and Gaia

The video: