Good news for Selangor animal caregivers

Selangor animal caregivers would be pleased to read these news:

An excerpt:

Selangor is on its way to becoming the first state in Malaysia to sterilise stray animals rather than culling as a form of population control.

We certainly look forward to the day when councils can at least spare ear-notched animals. Better still, […]

Formerly abused dog saves little girl

The story:

A THREE-YEAR-OLD girl was found naked and freezing in a ditch after a rescue shelter dog barked to alert her owner she needed to be outside, then led him to the child.

Peanut, was saved last year from a rescue shelter in the US state of Michigan, and is being hailed […]

In memory of Bro TY Lee (

AnimalCare is deeply saddened by the demise of one of our very generous supporters, Bro TY Lee, from Singapore.

Besides his work in charity and service to the Buddhist community, one of Bro TY Lee’s life missions was to promote vegetarianism as an act of kindness to all animals. His website is popular among […]

Kudos, AirAsia!!

When AirAsia moved their headquarters to their new building, the Red Q, there were four stray dogs there.

And AirAsia’s GCEO decided to adopt the dogs and gave them red collars to wear!

They are the Red Q’s official dogs now!

Proudly doing their guard duty in their […]

Stray cat wanders into nursing home and decides to “work” there!

The whole story and video:

Let’s encourage and support workplaces that are animal-friendly!

P.S. It would be good if homes for the elderly allow residents to bring along their pets and also encourage other residents to look after pets. It enriches their lives because looking after another being, especially […]

Beagle missing in Sunway area – found! (Edward Lee Eng Chew’s)

Update: Sugar is back safely now.

The original post:

If you have any helpful information, please contact Edward Lee directly at 012-2950340.

The FB post:

Several changes to our Neutering Aid policies

As announced earlier, as of today (15th March 2017), all receipts which are not issued to the same name as the bank account holder will not be entertained. So, for those who insist on using their extra names on the receipt, it’s best you save us all the trouble, save your postage and do not […]

Another dishonesty case

Recently, there was another dishonesty case and we were able to find out, so the applicant did not receive any funds and has been barred from our aid.

It is sad that our blacklist is growing longer.

Once an applicant has been found to be dishonest and is barred, we do not lift the bar […]

Please keep all your animals indoors

Please do the needful and keep your animals indoors for their safety.

We all know that animals like the outdoors and how we wish we could let them out once in a while. But until more people realise that we share this world with the animals and that we have no right […]