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Learning from the indigenous people (Australian fire control)

The article:

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Pos Ekspres matters

Dear Applicants,

We’ve had a few cases whereby applicants posted their documents to us, but there was no record of the tracking number when they checked at This usually means that the mail had not even been picked up.

And of course, we did not receive these mails too.

In view of the above, […]

Happy Dongzhi!!

Indy’s differential diagnosis: Detox or auto-immune?

Ten days ago, I did a differential diagnosis for Indy and came up with 5 possible causes for his condition:

We have since ruled out giardiasis, coccidiosis and possibly even trichomonosis, all of which would have been caused by different protozoas. Of these three, trichomonosis is still possible but it usually happens to cats […]

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CNRM works! And the extras will be treats for shelter animals!

We are happy to note that there has been a slowdown in neutering claims since March this year. We contacted our previous applicants and were informed that their colonies have more or less stabilised. There has been no new animals entering their colonies or just the occasional one or two.

CNRM works! It does, if […]

Toxic haze affecting Borneo’s orangutans

The news:

“As many as 37 young orangutans are suspected to have contracted a mild respiratory infection,” it added.

Conditions were so bad at their Samboja Lestari facility in East Kalimantan that outdoor activities for the animals had been restricted to a few hours a day.

Orangutans have been particularly vulnerable to commercial land […]