Vincent, Zurik, Buddy, Ginger, Heidi and Tabs’ morning

Our morning started at 4.30am. Vincent was sleeping on my pillow all night. Tabs was on the sofa in the bedroom.

Vincent came downstairs and stayed in the kitchen as I prepared breakfast. Ginger, Tabs and Heidi had homecooked plus Primal (surprisingly, Heidi wanted Primal today).

I offered Vincent his Cubgrub Duck – No.

Monge […]

New policy for claims: Compulsory ear-notching for all CNRM female dogs and cats

We have said this many times over the years, but had not made it compulsory.

Now, we have to.

In the past, there had been cases where female dogs/cats were caught and taken to the vet by well-intentioned rescuers to be spayed only to be opened up and discovered that the female dog/cat had already […]

Some puppy training tips

Hope it works for you and your puppy:

A guide to cat behaviour and body language

An informative article:

An addendum to the new policies (effective 1st December 2018)

Sila skrol ke bawah untuk versi Bahasa Malaysia. 对于中文,请向下滚动.

This is a follow-up to the earlier announcement:

There is an addendum to Clause (2) (in red):

(1) Effective 1st December 2018, the claim per week per applicant is restricted to a maximum of RM200.

(2) Effective immediately, there is a maximum total claim allowable […]

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Subang Jaya (Ong Swee Kim’s)

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

A note from the AnimalCare Exco (republishing)

This was published in July 2017 and we would like to republish it in view of our new policies in Dec 2018.

It is now almost 10 years that AnimalCare has existed and we are heartened to see that we have helped to build a large community of caregivers of street animals who do neutering […]

Announcement: New policies (1st December 2018)

Sila skrol ke bawah untuk versi Bahasa Malaysia. 对于中文,请向下滚动.

English version:

Those who follow this blog would be aware of the many challenges we have been facing, particularly pertaining to the shortage of funds, scarcity of donations, difficulties in fundraising and the increasing number of applicants, the last of which, is something to rejoice over.


The “serial” claimants

Yesterday, we wrote about “agents” who claim on behalf of others (usually the elderly or the non-literate). We cannot accept claims from such “agents” and we have already explained why.

Today, we talk about “serial claimants”.

Definition: Those who have claimed for years, and submits maximum claims every week, whom we have urged to please […]