Kind person builds kampung house for stray cats

Have you seen this post:

I’ve passed by the house several times now and just now, I saw the resident black-and-white cat! I guess it was a bit hot to stay inside in the afternoon, so he was lying down outside behind his house. His name is Jaacob.

And I […]

Eight hoopoes in Taiping Lake Gardens now!

I’ve been following this story with much delight:

It’s so heartwarming that they seem to have decided to make Taiping Lake Gardens their home.

Our LRT station cats

Our very own:

George, resident cat of a train station

The story:

Happy Father’s Day

To all fathers and pet-fathers, Happy Father’s Day, Good Health and Stay Safe!


The hoopoes are nesting again!

Here is the story:

They are reusing their old nest for a second nesting! Looks like they like the Taiping Lake Gardens.

Twelve years old!

On 31st May 2021, we turned twelve years old!

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all the kind and generous supporters who have stayed with us through thick and thin. Although times are really hard for everyone now, this too shall pass one day. Meanwhile, let’s draw upon all our strengths and carry […]

Visits from another adult bird

Since Birdy’s time, we’ve noticed another adult bird visiting the nest. It is likely that this other adult bird is the father-bird because he has an extra tuft of hair on his head and he seems more aggressive too.

With this new development of two new eggs, this father-bird has been coming to the nest […]

3 Hoopoe chicks hatch at Taiping Lake Gardens

Here’s another heartwarming story:

TAIPING: A pair of rare hoopoes, that made the Lake Gardens here their temporary home to breed while on their migratory trail, have bred three colourful fledglings.