Senseless killings

The sad news:

People are reacting out of fear and ignorance.

Please keep your community animals safe and indoors.

Xanda, Cecil’s son, killed (please sign to end trophy hunting)

This is very, very sad. Please sign.

Cecil the lion’s six-year-old son, Xanda, has been killed almost exactly on the second anniversary of his own death, which caused international outcry over the cruelty of trophy hunting.

Just like Cecil, Xanda, a young father himself, was lured away from the safety of a national park in […]

A cattery for a link house

We thank Mary Oh Sim Poh for her consent in allowing us to share these photos:

Mary adds:

We need to thank our ex neighbour for the great suggestion. He was the one who sarcastically told us to build a huge cage to put all our cats and us the owner in. […]

An update from Bali (from Animals Australia)

Here is an update received minutes ago:

RIGHT NOW in Bali… As you read this, a formal recommendation is being drafted to the Governor of Bali to shut down the brutal dog meat trade.

This is a milestone. And everything you’ve done to support our work for dogs in Bali has led to this tipping […]

Say “yes” to animal crossings!

The video clip:

The oceans are full of (our) trash

The video:

We have to REDUCE drastically, REUSE conscientiously and RECYCLE diligently. Let’s save the oceans (and ourselves)!

We started practising zero trash on 1st July and it’s been 17 days now…. We haven’t thrown away anything. Organic wastes has been composted. Paper, plastic and cans, sent to the recycling centre.


How to go plastic-free with a zero waste kit

The article:

Two girls bitten by a rabid dog in Kuala Sepetang

To animal caregivers in the affected area, please keep your dogs and cats safely indoors.

The news:

The Animal Welfare Act will be enforced from Tuesday

The news: