Jon and Adrian’s efforts featured in TheStar

Here’s the story:

Grateful thanks again to Jon and Adrian for their amazing efforts!!

Happy Father’s Day!!

To all fathers and father-caregivers!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!!

Happy Wesak 2019!

Project-based applications (a gentle reminder…and a surprise in store!)

This is a gentle reminder to all applicants that since 5th April 2019, our Neutering and Vaccination Aid runs on a project-based system.

Putting it simply, there is no more “forever” or “automatic” approval of cases. Rather, each case must be presented to us with information and photo evidence of the colony size and details.


Act now: Yulin is coming

This is a message from Humane Society International:

Across China, pets are being stolen, roaming dogs—owned and unowned—are violently grabbed from the streets and slaughterhouses are filled with terrified dogs. This cruelty supplies the country’s dog meat markets and the annual dog meat “festival” happening next month in Yulin. But this is only the beginning […]

We are on Instagram!!

Hi everyone, moving onwards….we are now on Instagram!!

IG name: myanimalcareorg (no dot)

However, today’s my very first day toying with IG so please do give me sometime to learn its many functions. It just took me 3 hours to find a way to IG from my laptop (not my phone). Phew….bukan main susah.

If […]

Zurik’s saliva-spitting technique and more about FIP

Every day, after medicines, Zurik will ask for a reward from the kitchen. His reward is Cindy’s Salmon Recipe (with chicken) kibble. This is his current favourite kibble. He eats raw chicken fillet for breakfast.

Zurik has also perfected a saliva-spitting technique because he hates having liquids syringed into his mouth. Here is how […]

Mama’s kitty rescue

A heart-warming video:

Heidi has got stuck in trees before too, but she would finally manage to get down!