Dogs breaking up cat fights!

This sure reminds me of Bobby disciplining our cats when they were younger! He broke up some fights between them too.

Earn points from Impacthor by getting street animals neutered!

Impacthor contacted us recently to discuss the possibility of working together to reward do-gooders through their platform and here is the first result of this discussion and collaboration:

This is how it works:

Earn points with ImpacThor when you do good! Follow the simple steps below: Step 1: Submit your aid application to […]

Please help stop the cruel dog meat trade in Indonesia

Please sign and share this petition from HSI and help end the cruel dog meat trade in Indonesia.

Their suffering is heartbreaking. Snatched from the streets, or even from the yards and doorsteps of their homes, dogs are crammed into cages or thrown into cloth bags. Their mouths are muzzled so tightly that they can […]

The girls’ portraits

The ears-back hair-style.

A bit of add-ons won’t hurt…

Still a very tough ol’ girl, this one.



Our mail collection point is closed from 25th Oct to 29th Oct 2017

To all applicants:

As you know, the address on our application form is my friend’s pet store and she will be closed from 25th October to 29th October 2017. Hence, for the entire next week, please do not use Poslaju or any courier for your mails. There will be no one to sign for them […]

Man helps little robin with lunch

The video:

Happy Diwali 2017!

A young Malaysian vet helps street animals in Sijangkan village

The news article:

Dr Taqiyudin Zainal has a clinic and also runs an animal shelter for dogs and cats. He works closely with youth groups and volunteers on a Trap, Neuter & Release programme, where strays are brought in to the shelter, given medical attention if needed, neutered and then released.

Dr Taq believes […]

Rescue dog, Frida, a hero in Mexico earthquake

The story: