Frankie and Dentie return to Malaysia from Turkey, our HEROES!!

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Have a good rest now, Frankie and Dentie. You are both our heroes!!



Our heroes!!!

Updates on the Kota Bharu Neutering Project

Here are some updates:

Ms Amy has got quite a good price for the neutering of female dogs from a local vet in Kota Bharu. The only issue now is the days of the week where the vet can do the neutering at this price. It can only be done on Sun-Thurs (the working days […]

Ex-head of animal rights group in Korea gets 2-year jail term for euthanising 98 rescued dogs

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Selangor animal lovers, please keep all your animals indoors

To all Selangor animal lovers, please keep all your animals indoors. If you have community animals, please give them shelter off the streets. Kindly forward this message to all animal lovers.

Denti and Frankie to help in Turkey quake

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Abang-abang Bomba, please keep Denti and Frankie safe and allow them to have ample rest.

Denti and Frankie, we are rooting for both of you. Please come back safely.

Our e-forms are bilingual

Ever since we changed our aid application forms to e-forms (gone green!), everything has been going very smoothly.

Of course there are the aunties and uncles who complain that they cannot fill up the e-forms. For that matter, they also couldn’t fill up the paper forms, so apa bezanya? If you apply for a loan […]

An update on the Kota Bharu neutering project

I just received a call from Ms Amy, the Kota Bharu rescuer who has stepped forward to help in whatever way she can.

Ms Amy has already spoken with Ms Woon and obtained a clearer picture of what financial aid Ms Woon is able to provide for the dogs.

As it stands now, the plan […]

An update on the Kota Bharu neutering project (Ms Woon’s)


Thanks to one of our former applicants from Kota Bharu, Mr Lim, he managed to help us get a rescuer from Kota Bharu to contact Ms Woon and they have arranged to meet up soon.

We hope the project will be a success.

Thank you, Mr Lim!

A homemaker and a dog-sitter

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