Neutering and anti-rabies vaccination aid for Perak (a special project)

We received this extremely disturbing news yesterday:

We will never forget what happened up north in 2015 where thousands of innocent street animals were brutally and mercilessly massacred in cold blood, where those in power refused international help to control whatever it is that they thought they had to control, where those in power […]

Stop your “basmi tikus” operations, please

This is something very close to my heart because I stay in Subang Jaya.

Please stop your “basmi tikus” operations and start cleaning up your drains! The rats are only there because humans throw food wastes indiscriminately. Educate your humans, please. It’s not the rats’ fault.

And you are also poisoning innocent cats and dogs….and […]

A gentle reminder on our policies

Dear Applicants,

We wish to draw your attention to this post:

As of today, each case will be dealt with on its individual merits. The one-month notice is no longer applicable.

This, however, applies (from our policies:

Each application will be carefully considered and processed only upon receipt of full documentation. Depending on […]

Laundry cat killer jailed

The news:

I am sure animal lovers in Malaysia are so relieved that DYMM Tengku Permaisuri Selangor is an advocate and active supporter of animal protection in our country.

Thank you so much, DYMM Tengku Permaisuri!

New logo!

We tweaked the logo a wee bit…take a look!

See the ear-notches?!!

Can you see the new logo on this page? If you cannot, you might need to refresh the page a few times. In some cases, it may even take a few days. But we have already uploaded it.

This new logo […]

A zero-waste store in Section 19, PJ!

Please take a look:

Save the environment, save the animals, save us humans – go zero-waste as far as you can!

A little bonus for dog feeders and rescuers!

I’ll keep this short and simple!

We have revised our policies for the maximum claim per week for neutering, effective today:

Previously: max RM200

Now: max 3 animals

This means, instead of 2 dogs previously, dog feeders can claim up to 3 dogs per week now.

For cats, it remains unchanged at a maximum of […]

Happy Dongzhi!

Vincent, Zurik, Buddy, Ginger, Heidi and Tabs’ morning

Our morning started at 4.30am. Vincent was sleeping on my pillow all night. Tabs was on the sofa in the bedroom.

Vincent came downstairs and stayed in the kitchen as I prepared breakfast. Ginger, Tabs and Heidi had homecooked plus Primal (surprisingly, Heidi wanted Primal today).

I offered Vincent his Cubgrub Duck – No.

Monge […]