Cat-neutering exercise on Pulau Tioman

The news:

Hope they will do the same with the dogs on Pulau Ketam.

Neutering is a compassionate way to control animal population in human-inhabited areas.

Daffodil’s escapes…twice

Daffodil escaped yesterday and took Ginger and Tabs along with her.

It was late and the front door was not properly closed. I had just fed them supper in the kitchen and owing to a really bad osteoarthritic knee, I’m not very mobile these days.

Suddenly, husband noticed Tabs outside Stargate2, trying to get back […]

Little kitten and his ultraman!

This is too cute!

Please click on the link for the story and more pictures!!

No more bullfighting on Spanish Balearic Islands!

Another victory for HSI, the bulls and all animal lovers!


Watch the sifu in action, folks (doggling activity)

We often get queries from kind-hearted individuals who want to help street dogs but don’t know how to catch them. Here…please watch the sifu in action. Calmly, kindly, gently, with good intentions (dogs can sense that). No trauma to dog or man. It calls for some “kung fu” and lots of love and […]

Some articles on the rabies issue

Here are two recent articles:

IPOH: Some 20 samples taken from dog carcasses in Kuala Sepetang have came back negative for rabies.

Some 127 dogs and 239 cats have been vaccinated while 88 stray dogs have been culled.


Can the culling please stop now?

Chin warned that the unauthorised […]

It’s Furby!!

Click on these links for a picture or video of Furby, taken today! Am glad to see him looking well.


Plant-based “meat” (meat-free “meat”)

The video clip:

It’s made from pea protein, vegetable powder, plant starch, maize starch and a little bit of yeast extract. No animal ingredients at all.

This is a good alternative for those who cannot do without the taste of meat.

There are those who are willing to give up eating meat and […]

Man claims trial to abusing dog

The news: