The happy little bird who has no feathers

Watch the happy video:

She lost her feathers as a baby due to a viral infection. Her feathers will never go back. But she has a great (human) mom and she is very happy now.

Fans from all over the world sends her clothes to keep her warm!


The dog who loves to give strangers hugs!

The story:

According to Cesar, Loubie began holding hands with him at around three and a half years old, which then moved on to full blown hugs.

You’ll often find Loubie at her favourite spot on the corner of 5th and 17th, standing upright, dishing out hugs to whoever is interested.


The Oscillot Cat Fence – does it work for all cats??

Take a look:

I’ll bet it cannot fool Indy Jones and Ms Poldrey Hepburn!

A short story, from a Melaka traffic lights

I received a call this afternoon, from a young friend. He sounded a bit desperate. Apparently, he realised kittens had crawled into his car engine when he stopped at a traffic light.

The kittens must have been inside the car engine from the time he drove off from his house to the traffic lights.

He […]

Cleo’s foe….or friend?

Cleo has been war-crying on a daily basis…up on the ledge.

G-Cuz has been coming over every day and intimidating/annoying her (or so we think).

For those new to G-Cuz, he is Mr G’s brother and lives at the back, diagonally, from our house.

So, every day, I have had to stop Cleo from making […]

Insufficient postage – the story continues…


For those who might have missed the above post, yesterday, we received a note from Pos Msia saying that there is a mail with insufficient postage waiting for our collection (of course we have to pay a fine for it) at the post depot.

I’ve had quite a few episodes of receiving mails […]

Insufficient postage!!

Here we go again….

I know I sound like a broken tape recorder, but it’s happening again – applicants who don’t put enough stamps in an ordinary post.

Previously, the mail is still delivered, stamped “T”, that means the recipient (poor us) is taxed double for whatever balance of postage is required. And time and […]

Scenes we’d certainly like to see!

Watch this video:


An amazing human!

Please watch this: