Dog assault: Man to be charged (what about the amendment in 2013?)

The news:

The news states a fine of RM200 based on the Animal Act of 1953 and we know the Animal Welfare Bill 2015 only came into force recently and thus, cannot be applied to this case.

But wasn’t there an amendment in 2013 to the Animal Act of 1953?

Please see Amendment […]

A statement from 2nd Chance Animal Society

This news made its rounds yesterday:

(An update on 2nd August 2017: The online version has been amended as of this morning and 2nd Chance is no longer mentioned now.)

This is the hardcopy that was published on 31st July 2017:


The no-kill animal shelter, 2nd Chance, was mentioned and it issued […]

Victory!! Bali’s dog meat trade shut down!

You did it!

Over 100,000 people from 159 countries signed the petition.

Thank you for being one of them!

The Governor of Bali has signed a ruling to end the brutal dog meat trade. With the careful stroke of his pen, he sealed a kinder, safer future for dogs on the island!


Home-made toys for cats!

Watch the video clip:

Victory! Another dog meat farm closed in South Korea!

From HSI:

Because of your compassion, we rescued more than 130 dogs from a dog meat farm in South Korea last week. They were suffering in some of the worst conditions we’ve ever seen–hungry and terrified–but they won’t ever feel this way again.

See what love and a second chance at life looks like for […]

A note from the AnimalCare Exco

In our eighth year of existence, we are heartened to see that we have helped to build a large community of caregivers of street animals who do neutering work, which in turn has increased the public’s appreciation and acceptance of neutering.

Even so, we believe it is timely for AnimalCare Neutering Fund to tighten our […]

Senseless killings

The sad news:

People are reacting out of fear and ignorance.

Please keep your community animals safe and indoors.

Xanda, Cecil’s son, killed (please sign to end trophy hunting)

This is very, very sad. Please sign.

Cecil the lion’s six-year-old son, Xanda, has been killed almost exactly on the second anniversary of his own death, which caused international outcry over the cruelty of trophy hunting.

Just like Cecil, Xanda, a young father himself, was lured away from the safety of a national park in […]

A cattery for a link house

We thank Mary Oh Sim Poh for her consent in allowing us to share these photos:

Mary adds:

We need to thank our ex neighbour for the great suggestion. He was the one who sarcastically told us to build a huge cage to put all our cats and us the owner in. […]