Happy Diwali 2017!

A young Malaysian vet helps street animals in Sijangkan village

The news article: https://www.themalaysianinsight.com/s/18616/

Dr Taqiyudin Zainal has a clinic and also runs an animal shelter for dogs and cats. He works closely with youth groups and volunteers on a Trap, Neuter & Release programme, where strays are brought in to the shelter, given medical attention if needed, neutered and then released.

Dr Taq believes […]

Rescue dog, Frida, a hero in Mexico earthquake

The story: https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/37186654/rescue-dog-frida-praised-a-hero-in-mexico-after-52-lives-saved/

Be a lab animal defender, urge L’Oreal to stop animal testing

A message from HSI:

L’Oréal claims it “no longer tests its ingredients on animals and no longer tolerates any exception to this rule.”

…Then why does L’Oréal sell its products in China, where animal testing is still a common requirement for most types of cosmetics?

…And why isn’t L’Oréal supporting efforts to secure laws to […]

Stray kitten adopted by husky (Lilo and Rosie 2)

Posting a longer video of an old but lovely story:


SENS is open to “Selangor residents” wef 17th August 2017

We were just informed about the policy change in SENS this morning. Apparently, it was effective on 17th August 2017. With this change, if the applicant has a Selangor address on the IC and does the procedure at a Selangor vet, he/she is eligible to apply for the Selangor government funds. Previously, it was only […]

Iranian builds shelter for dogs



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Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke-60!