If you’d like to support our work in helping street and rescued animals by making a donation, here are our bank account details:
Public Bank Bhd 3168194929 
(AnimalCare Society Petaling Selangor) 

SWIFT code: PBBEMYKL  (required only for overseas transactions)

For overseas donations, if you wish to donate through Paypal, please use the widget on the right sidebar. For local donations, please use IBG through any local bank. Paypal charges a very high commission and service fee.

We also have Gifts by Donation:

For all donations, please advise us by emailing

Name of donor:
Mode of transaction: (Cash deposit/Cheque No/Internet transfer/etc.)

If you require a receipt, kindly inform us by email. Please be informed that our receipts are not tax-deductible as we do not have the tax exemption status.

All donations are channeled to our fund to help animals.

AnimalCare is run by Dr Chan Kah Yein and volunteers who give their time and energy willingly because we believe that animals deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, love and kindness.

Thank you very much for your contributions.

Note: AnimalCare does not authorise any member of the public to collect donations on its behalf.