Lost & Found


We do not hold physical adoption drives for rescued animals.

We do not own a shelter and cannot take in any animals. 

We do not publicise for fosterers.   

Our website is focused on our work in providing financial aid for neutering.  In recent years, our success rate for rehoming has not been good at all. 

The best portals for e-rehoming are www.PetFinder.my and Facebook. We strongly encourage you to publicise your animals in these portals or other pet adoption forums to increase the chances of finding the best home for them.

For physical adoption drives, try the adoption drives organised by various animal welfare groups or pet stores in your area. 



We require you to reveal your FULL NAME when you apply for any assistance. Please be informed that by requesting help, you agree that your full name, contact details and other relevant details will be published in our blogposts in any manner in our discretion.  

Please do NOT send third party requests or names and contact details of third parties. We need to liaise directly with the rescuer/caregiver/the person directly responsible for the animal. 

Please email the following to Dr Chan at chankahyein@gmail.com:

1. Your FULL name and contact details. No pseudonyms, please. By writing to us, it means you give your consent for your full name and details to be published in our blogposts.
2. Please state your LOCATION (area/town/state).
3. Jpeg photographs of the animal and a write-up of relevant details (a jpeg poster would be better). 

All details will be published verbatim but we reserve the right to edit your write-up for clarity and/or to remove information that is deemed inappropriate. Please be informed that our blogposts are also reproduced on our Facebook and Twitter pages. These may also be forwarded by readers. We request that you exercise due courtesy and respect to others in your write-up and refrain from revealing names of third parties. Please be prepared that you may receive comments on the post and/or offers of help from the public. If you wish to make any corrections in the post, please inform us by email. However, these corrections will only be made in our blogpost. They may not be reflected in all the reproductions and forwards. 

It would be your responsibility to vet the information from people who contact you. We will not be responsible should the information turn out to be unsuccessful. 

Once the animal has been reunited with the owner, please inform us so that we can change the tag on the post.  We will remove the “Lost and Found” tag after 6 months unless you put in a fresh request to have the tag maintained.