An unsuccessful subcut and a huge struggle

Today, we change a new set for the subcut.

Got everything ready.

But a few seconds after the needle went in, Vincent went on a massive protest.

We tried everything we could, on the spot. We lifted him up, put him down, didn’t restrain him, restrained him, wiped his head and body with the wet flannel, etc.

We could only managed up to 80ml (sigh!) and that’s when the struggle became too violent and the needle flew out.

Okay, never mind. Maybe he prefers it being done at the clinic. But this would mean a car trip, which he already doesn’t quite like.

After the unsuccessful drip, he didn’t run away. He just stayed in the kitchen while I cooked lunch.

Then, he went up to his landing and howled. He has been howling at 3am, and occasionally in the day too. 

He does look a bit like his old self here, doesn’t he?

He’s got that proud, fierce soldier look again.

Vincent: I’m a soldier. I don’t need your drip. 

You do, Vincent. You do. Your doctor says you do, so as a good soldier, you had better follow orders to the letter. That’s what all good soldiers do. Got it? Don’t go rogue.

An extended “staring game”

Just as I was rejoicing over Vincent’s weight gain, we seem to have a setback again now.

Vincent didn’t want to eat this morning, so that was okay. Maybe it was too early and he wasn’t hungry yet.

At 7.15am, he came into the kitchen asking for food. I offered, but nothing was right, so after a few minutes, he went out.

Then, at 9.50am, he came into the kitchen to ask for food again.

And the nightmare begins…

Patiently, offered him one type after another…semua tak betul.

And yet, he kept waiting. I really didn’t know what he wanted anymore. I even added the probiotics thinking he might want that – no.

He finally went to drink water and then, went back to his landing. Luckily the food wasn’t wasted. Heidi ate it up.

Once the food is thawed, I cannot re-freeze it. And once it is offered, I cannot keep it again for another meal. At the rate we are going, having to offer so many types of food, there’s going to be a lot of wastage if our other cats don’t eat it up.

Anyway, I knew he was hungry, so I thought I’d try offering again at the landing. I had not tried C&J yet.

He licked a little.

Then, he ate, but only a bit. I have never had a “C” classification for a meal before, but I’ll put this as a “C” in my records.

He didn’t even finish that little bit.

Then, he looked at me again, staring.

I offered raw meat only – no. Raw meat with some liver gravy – no.

Liver only – no.

Raw meat and liver and heart – no.

I have been trying to minimise the number of pills he has to take because he still doesn’t like being pilled, so since he had been eating well, I skipped the Vit B Complex yesterday. But since he is demonstrating a lack of appetite again, I gave a tablet to him. He fought, of course.

The vet had said that for Vincent, we should try to achieve maximum results with minimum medication. And it is largely because he is so difficult to pill.


At about 10.24am, he came down from his landing and went to the kitchen asking for food again. But nothing was right.

At this point, I had to give up or both of us would go insane. So, I drove out to buy chicken neck and a new supply of muscle meat plus organs. The supermarket that I usually get my supplies from did not sell chicken necks, so I had to drive to a hypermarket. This place sold, so I bought a packet.

Came home, all excited, hoping some fresh chicken might entice him to eat.

Everyone came into the kitchen. They could smell fresh meat. Vincent came to, and here’s another sad episode. Nothing was right again, and yet, he kept waiting.

I offered the chicken neck to him first, but he didn’t want any. But, when he saw Ginger eating the same thing, he got excited. And then, he looked at me.

Even Indy wanted some, from the window.

I offered muscle meat, organs, muscle meat + organs, muscle meat + organs + neck, etc. All – no.

But he kept waiting. I offered C&J again – no.

And he kept staring at me.

It was truly frustrating, but you just have to stay calm and be as understanding as you can. I don’t think he is deliberately being difficult. It’s his condition. Even human kidney patients don’t have appetite. Furthermore, Vincent cannot make me understand what he wants. Or rather, I don’t understand him. But the fact that he didn’t walk away and still remained in the kitchen meant that he wanted something?

But what? I really don’t know anymore.

I offered Monge – no.

Finally he went away.

We’ve got to do the subcut today. That’s for sure.

Vincent, it’s been so hard for us to achieve this weight gain. Please, please…try to eat something afterwards.

Thanks to hydration (Vincent’s stories)

I thought of writing “Vincent’s progress” as the subject for this post, but I still don’t dare…

It is too early to call it “progress”, even though Vincent’s vet is very happy with today’s weight gain news. He calls it “very, very good progress”.  Yay!

He also explained this: “But a better indication of health is just to see his overall body condition. Remember the body is like a sponge. As you do the fluids, cells in the muscles and organs start to get fluids. So that may be why the weight is going up. In itself it is still very, very good progress. Good rehydration status could solve a lot of problems like protein synthesis and appetite as well as general well being. Anyway, make sure you do the subcut fluids today.”

Yes, sirree! Subcut today!

Now that I understand that the subcut must be carried out on schedule (every alternate day) regardless of whether Vincent is eating or not, it will be carried out on schedule. Definitely!

Vincent likes being wiped with the wet flannel.

He has also been going out to the patio.

When he was well, he liked to pee on this spot.

Peek-a-boo, Vince!

I started filling up Mr Zurik’s kibble jar, so Vincent heard the noise and came into the kitchen. It looked like he wanted to eat.

So I offered his raw meat with one slice of liver – no.

Stared for a few minutes.

So I opened a fresh can of Coco&Joe’s, he got excited and his eyes lit up. He then walked towards me, so I offered him a bowl.


And he looked at me some more.

Hmm….I don’t know what you want, Vincent.

I took away the slice of the liver from the first bowl – no.

I prepared a fresh bowl of just muscle meat – no.

I was tempted to add some probiotics into it, but let’s not…not yet. Don’t push it. I’m thinking maybe I could sprinkle some nutritional yeast to try next. Maybe…

No? Well, it’s okay. Maybe later…

No pressure.

He only wanted to drink water.

Vincent tips the scales at….

We weighed Vincent this morning….


Take a guess, folks.

3 kg!!!!

THREE kilograms!!!!

Yes, THREE!!

Husband + Vincent = 71.0 kg.  Husband alone = 68.0 kg.  71 – 68 = 3.  Pinch me and check with a calculator to be doubly sure….yes, 71 – 68 is 3!!

Last meal was at 10pm. No subcut yesterday. Subcut due today. He hasn’t eaten breakfast for this morning, so the weight was taken on a relatively empty stomach.

We almost couldn’t believe it, so we took the weight again. Yes, folks…it was THREE kg!

I feel a song coming up…Let’s jive, baby…!!

Both our patients didn’t eat this morning. But never mind, the day has just started.

I got up early today because husband had to go to work at 5am. I needed his help to feed Vincent and Pole their meds. Ginger…he’s still a total darlin’!

Note: Vincent used to be at least 5.7kg back in the day. When all this started, he gradually went down to a shocking 3.1kg. Then, he went further down to only 2.5kg (even though he was eating like a horse). I thought that was almost rock bottom – but no, I am sure he went even further down. I could feel it whenever I carried him. Last week was the worst week ever. I didn’t even dare weigh him anymore. There was no point in doing it. It wasn’t going to change his treatment plan.

Then, things started looking up a little when he weighed 2.8kg. However, it went back down to 2.6kg and stayed there. The vet said to be happy that it hasn’t gone further down, but let’s not celebrate yet. It could be due to the increased hydration. Fair enough…

But today, it is 3kg, folks! I would like to believe this is quite significant, ya?

An update at 6am – Pole wanted kibble. I don’t know why she wants it, but oh well, it’s okay. As long as she eats, right?

And everyone else got a little too.

Vincent’s supper call

Just when I was going to cut off supper for today, Vincent made the supper call.

HOW can you say “no” to Vincent, right?

Indy had been making a racket about wanting supper all night, but I told him “no”.

Nobody else wanted food.  Even Bunny was already fast asleep.  But when one cat eats, everybody would not want to be left out.

Here’s your raw food, Vincent. Is it ok?

Oh dear…it’s the staring game.

Either he has no appetite again or the food isn’t “right”.

Soon, Ginger decided he wants Vincent’s food if he’s not going to eat it.

Why are you letting Ginger eat my food? 

Sigh…but you were staring at it for 15 minutes. Ginger thinks you don’t want it.

It’s always like this. He stares and then, he looks at me.

When Vincent was perfectly healthy, he was also very choosy. If the food didn’t suit his taste buds, he would stare at me and wait for me to offer what he wants (if only I knew what it is).  Sometimes, I would try another option, but because he was healthy, sometimes I just let him be. I was hoping he’d learn to be less choosy.

But now…how can you ignore him?  Every time he has an appetite, it’s already a great blessing.

But I didn’t know what he wanted. I offered AD (which, incidentally, Pole ate tonight) but it wasn’t right too.

So I went into the bathroom, and guess what…

…he started eating the left-over liver (by Ginger)!

So, I quickly added some muscle meat and more organs, just so that he would eat. Otherwise, his only meal today was at 1.30pm.

I also got a bit greedy and added some probiotics. If the therapeutic dosage is one scoop per day, I needed to add a bit more now.

Oh dear…he refused to eat the two pieces with the probiotics powder on top. Tsk..

But he didn’t walk away so that was still good. So, I quickly added more meat and mix it all up, with some gravy.

Yes, slowly, with caution, he ate it…almost finished.


Lesson: Cannot add too much probiotics.

I’m a Zen cat.

P.S. The vet confirms that I can drop Biosilver into Vincent’s nostrils instead of saline. Hopefully it helps heal the injury in his nasal cavity. Still bleeding. I also bought a new bottle of Biosilver today. Now, instead of pouring out to suck out with a syringe, I spray some into a bowl, then suck it up with the syringe. This way, I reduce possible contamination through opening the bottle.  By spraying, I also get a better control of the amount (for eg, two pumps or three pumps). Now, why didn’t I think of spraying into a bowl before this?  How silly of me…

The sad case of the cat in the dryer

A royal champion of animal rights speaks up:

Dinner with Coco&Joe’s

Our cats eat four times a day.

Previously breakfast and lunch consist of wetfood (raw, home-cooked and canned). Dinner and supper are just snacks so it’s usually very small amounts of kibble. I have tried giving more at dinner so that we could skip supper, but the cats won’t finish a larger amount. Guess they just want to snack!

The reasons why they have four meals a day (I would definitely prefer only two main meals) are (1) many of them cannot eat large amounts (breakfast and lunch), they will vomit, (2) Indy always makes supper calls and this causes everyone to want to eat as well.

I would have preferred just three meals: Two main meals and one snack. But no, Indy will call and bring the whole house down.

Anyway, when I was desperately trying to get Pole to eat and also to give Vincent a more balanced diet, I had contacted Coco&Joe and placed an order.

The order came today. So very kind of Coco&Joe to expedite the delivery when they heard I needed it desperately for two sick cats!

I also wanted all the cats to have some variety in their diet. Pole and Cleo were on Coco&Joe previously but some of our other cats didn’t eat it.

Ginger ate it.

Tabs loved it!

Indy ate it. Bunny didn’t know what it was at first, so I gave him some Monge and added the C&J on top. He ate all up, then he started eating C&J neat. I was careful not to give any cat too much, especially Bunny.

Surprisingly, Cow LOVED it. I know previously, he didn’t like it, but now, he does.

As expected, Cleo loved it.

Cow kept asking for more.

Surprisingly, our barf-eater, Pole, sniffed at it and turned up her nose.

Years ago, it was her staple food. Perhaps she is still not feeling well or she needs time to learn that this smell = food. Pole had also been sneezing quite a bit all day. I think she may have caught a runny nose. Also, she was on steroids for 3 days and steroids may have brought her immunity down. It has that effect.

I would like more, please.

Now, for the ultimate challenge – Vincent.

Remember I specially ordered C&J for Vincent and Pole.


But later, he decided to try and licked a little.

C&J is a bit grainy, so I think the particles made him a bit uncomfortable.

I offered him his raw chicken with a piece of organ meat, but he didn’t want that too. So, maybe he is not hungry yet.

If Vincent prefers chicken muscle meat and organs, then to add bone to his diet, I could try cut-up chicken necks. Nevertheless, the amount of bone needed for a balanced diet is very small.

(The things we do for our pets, right?)

Apparently, based on some research, the part of the chicken with the most balanced and correct calcium:phosphorus ratio is the chicken neck.

So yes, I’m going to the supermarket tomorrow to get some.

I consulted with a friend who has done much research on raw catfood. She says that a balanced ratio is 84% muscle meat, 6% bones and 10% organs. Another friend said organs can go up to 30%, if the cat really likes it.

A guide:

He just wanted to drink water.

Now, Heidi used to love Cubgrub, but doesn’t want it anymore now. She didn’t want C&J either. So maybe Heidi prefers cooked food now. She eats canned and home-cooked.

Bunny, on the other hand, could only eat home-cooked and canned before this, but now, he loves raw.

Our cats and the things we do for them!!

I will make a concerted effort to change the dinner kibble snack into a wetfood snack (maybe with C&J) and I would still like to cut the supper.


Neutering aid for 1 dog in Klang (Kogilaa a/p Ponniah’s)

We have sponsored RM100 for the neutering of this dog.

Hi Dr chan,
I’m applying for Spaying subsidy for this dog.
Name : Anu, Female
she was picked up from the street together with three puppies.. i got to know that she has given birth many times from the neighborhood people .. they feeding her everyday and they wil keep her inside the shop when its raining and when dog catcher goes that area…
i have rehomed all her puppies .. shes
been released at the same place and feeders will taking care of her and whenever i go back to klang il be checking too..
Need your kind consideration to subsidy the Spaying cost so it will be really helpful.
Best regards,
Kogilaa ponniah

Neutering aid for 1 dog in Serdang (Chong Chu Mee’s)

We have sponsored RM100 for the neutering of this dog.

Saya nampak anjing betina ini di Serdang. Ambil pergi operation. Lepas ini, kawan saya bela.