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Ryan plays with the cats again

I’ll let the photos and videos speak for themselves!

Hello, Bunny!

And as always, Ryan comes bearing gifts for Cow Mau, Cleo and even Indy got a fire truck this time!

The Queen isn’t too keen on making friends, but Ryan is unperturbed and nonjudgmental!

Ginger dictates terms

Cat parents = Cat slaves (no cat parent will deny this).

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.” – this is not only the AA prayer, it is also the cat parents’ prayer!!

So if you have read the previous posts, we’ve decided to train Ginger to live in the patio because of all his massive spraying inside the house. “Training” began about two days ago when our mosquito netting was installed.

“Training”? Hahaha….

So far, Ginger has “trained” us to spend time with him and sit with him every morning.

Ginger has also trained us not to put any shoes on the ground. Yes, he sprayed massively on my husband’s taiji shoes.

He seemed happy all morning and afternoon. And for his meals, he wasn’t interested to eat with Tabs in the kitchen, he wanted to dine alone at the patio.

Then, when it rained in the afternoon, Ginger demanded to come in even though the patio is totally sheltered, so of course…

Okay, as long as you don’t spray, you can stay, Ginger.

Ginger: Good human, good. 

After the rain, he asked me to let back into his kingdom. Yes, sir, sure.

Then…the nightmare started!

Ginger decided he’s had enough and he wanted back his freedom of going in and out whenever he pleases. He started scratching at this corner of the netting and yes, Mozzie Man was absolutely right, “your cats will easily tear this fiberglass netting”.

There was already a few tiny holes in the netting and in no time, it would have torn, so I quickly reprimanded Ginger but that did not work at all. Finally I had to place a few pieces of furniture to block this area. But this won’t be a permanent solution.

We are thinking of installing polycarb pieces to cover the bottom of the grilles, just as we did with the cupboards in Bunny’s room. But will we be able to do it soon enough?

Ginger: Hahahaha….

Ginger at the patio

As you know, Ginger has been massively spraying urine all over the house for a long time now and we have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning, practically every single day, sometimes multiple times.

Once in a while, he will stop doing it, but it will always resume. And according to my husband, Ginger starts doing it again whenever he gives him “face” as in whenever Ginger gets more attention and pampering, he will spray even more. So his spraying isn’t an attention-seeking strategy. It looks like it’s a result of being pampered and spoilt!

Now, our house has been partially (three-quarters of it) mosquito-netted with stainless steel netting. This was done many years ago, not because of the mosquitoes, but because of Rosie, Daffodil and Mr Zurik. They became ill and had to be strictly confined indoors. So the only way was to mosquito-net (“cat-proof”) all the doors and windows where they could exit the house.

So some of the doors and windows (which lead only to the patio or the back garden where they cannot escape to the outside) have not been mosquito-netted yet.

But recently, due to some ongoing bigtime renovations, there has been many mosquitoes, so we decided to mosquito-net the rest of the windows and doors, making the whole house mosquito-proof. This time, we won’t be installing the stainless steel netting because it isn’t for cat-proofing, we would just use the fiberglass netting.

The guy who came to install it (I call him Mozzie Man) warned us that our cats would certainly tear the fiberglass netting, but we decided to just give it a try as this type is much less cumbersome compared with the stainless steel netting.

So, part of it was completed yesterday (he owes us three more pieces which will be installed by the end of this week).

But this would also mean that there is no more easy going in-out from the house to the patio for Ginger or Tabs. The patio grilles would be netted already.

Well, Tabs hardly ever goes out and Ginger spends almost all his time at the patio (coming in only to create a mess!). So, hey, we will train Ginger to live in the patio. After all, he spends almost all his time there, claims the entire patio as his “kingdom”, doesn’t like it when Indy or Cow invades his territory and he has everything he needs in the patio. He has his private cage, his blankets, a cardboard box, his basket, a deck chair, three garden chairs, a big roof over his head (in case it rains), a sheltered corner on his cage top, his own fan, fresh air, a garden view, his private sandpit, his private water bowl (no need to share with anyone), medicinal weeds (left behind by Heidi), scratching posts, Vincent’s table to lounge on, swaying palms and greenery, etc. He also has Stargate2 which is fortified, making the patio really safe. Really, it’s his kingdom and now, it can be ALL HIS.

So, training started yesterday!

He has Stargate2 where he gets an outside view.
On the right, you can see the medicinal weeds which is flourishing. They all love to eat it.

In fact, recently, he didn’t like eating with Tabs in the kitchen and I’ve had to feed him alone in the patio, so it’s just as well. Looks like he wants his private dining area too. Oh wow….

He spends most of his time here, on this blanket. He also has the deck chair and three more chairs. He sleeps on the deck chair every night.

Of course he gets to come in every day, but under strict supervision.

Here he is, just now, inside the house, but the moment I started browsing on the computer, whoosh…he was gone!! I went to look for him and guess what, he was already sniffing around upstairs!! Oh no…no, Ginger!! Down, down….

Now, since yesterday, with Ginger living in the patio, I’ve noticed the following:

(1) The house doesn’t stink anymore. I also don’t have to vacuum and mop so often (so it was always Ginger who brought in the dirt from the patio garden to the house).

(2) Tabs can enjoy our sitting at our bedroom window all morning as long as she likes, because we no longer have to close our bedroom door now. Last time, we had to get Tabs out and close the door because Ginger would go in and spray urine on my pillow or our curtains.

(3) All our sofas have been spared from urine markings. I don’t need to wipe the wooden settee and wash the cushion covers (and change them).

(4) Our old dining chairs are safe and not sprayed upon anymore. No more having to take them outside to wash and dry.

(5) Everything plastic is NOT sprayed upon anymore. Phew!

(6) Our bags are not sprayed upon anymore. Phew!

(7) I don’t have to immediately keep our folded laundry, I can leave them on the table until I go upstairs. Last time, leaving folded laundry around means inviting Ginger to spray on them. He loved spraying on our clean laundry.

(8) No more cat-yowling between Ginger and Indy at Bunny’s Grille.

(9) No more spraying on our kitchen top.

(10) We can leave fruits on the kitchen top now. Ginger used to target our papayas and pineapples (as “spray targets”).

(11) No more having to quickly close our front door or make sure Ginger doesn’t sneak out from it (he’s at the patio and cannot come in unless we let him in).

And this is just after ONE day!!

Hey Ginger! Enjoy your “tropical paradise” at the patio, okay? Do you know that some humans would actually spend all their time lounging at their patios and you get to do this now, and you will be served four meals (3 meals plus the supper snack) every day! Of course we also go out and sit with him and the good thing now is that we can pamper him without fearing he will come in and spray!

Tabs and Ginger are not the best of friends, so Tabs is okay and happy being alone in the whole house. She does ask to go out to the patio or into Bunny’s Place sometimes. Ginger used to chase Tabs and bully her too, so Tabs isn’t complaining now!

Side note: I have been cautioned by Mozzie Man that our cats will surely tear the fiberglass netting. Well, Ginger tried to scratch it yesterday. So I quickly trimmed his nails! He tried the kitchen window today too (also fiberglass, accessible from the patio). We shall see.

Petfood (rice) Donation to Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary

Donors: Jasmine Ee, Kok Khee Wee, Koh Yeow Hoay, Ng Seng Yum, Alven Loh Hong Ping, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Gan Lay Yong, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Wan Tai Seng, Kwan Pei Kuan, Ahmad Amir Kamil, Lee Kah Sun, Tan Tay Thye, Lim Siow Nee, Tan Lai Fun, Cow Mau & Bunny, Wong Chin Kuan, Khoo Ming-Yi, anonymous donors, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Rice 10kg – 100 bags

Mun Mun cooks chicken and rice for his 250 shelter dogs. We have reimbursed Mun Mun the full amount for this rice supply.

Malachy, sporo-cat – another sharing

Ms Louie Chuah is one of our applicants, and recently, we provided our neutering aid for one of her rescued cats, Malachy. Shortly after being neutered, Malachy contracted sporotrichosis.

It was Louie’s first encounter with a sporo-cat so she was very worried if she would be able to home-nurse Malachy successfully. Louie wrote to us for advice and support. Louie had problems feeding Malachy the medication too (the vet prescribed Inox – a quarter capsule per day), so I suggested the bread-pill method and thankfully that worked! Initially, Malachy had refused to eat any food which contained the medication.

Here are some of Louie’s emails to us, she has given us permission to publish them with the intention of sharing and encouraging other first-timers not to give up, no matter how difficult the going gets:

Yes, it is granules in Inox capsule. Yes I hide it in wet food, but the concern is that she doesn’t want to eat the food. She’s kind of picky even before this. And she became more picky when she’s in pain.            

Thank you Dr Chan for all the information. 
I’m so devastated upon hearing she got sporo positive. Hope I can manage well. Seeing her suffering and vomiting, I feel so helpless. I JUST CAN’T GIVE HER UP. I AM ALL SHE HAS. 
Initially I want to keep her with me after neuter, but I guess it’s still long way to go. 😔
Louie wrote every day, sometimes even a few times a day so I could see how committed she was in wanting to help Malachy. 
I’m so glad that she’s willing to eat some kibbles this morning. I guess when she start to eat she is willing to eat the wet food as well. I will try the bread later when feeding the noon med. I am heading out to buy bread now. 😄
Thank you Dr Chan. I am very thankful for all the advice given to me. Not to mentioned that I’m just one of your many aids applicants. You’re really a great person. 
And later:
I would like to ask if veterinary clinic willing to board sporo cat ? I mean normally will they considered to board this kind of cat? 
Because my parents are worried after knowing that this disease affect human as well. I am trying to find a more suitable place for her to stay. Fufu and Yanggii are at my place as well. They also expose to high risk. 
I explained to Louie that from our experience, sporo-cats do so much better when being cared for at home.
Yes I’m handling her on my own but the compartment of my house is quite small. The place where I used to isolate cats when after neuter is just beside the place my mom drying  clothes. Before her diagnosis, I will carry her to indoor because she will complain a little bit if stay in cage for too long. After her diagnosis, she basically stay in cage all day long. 
Also, Fufu always there beside Malachy since she neuter. She will stay beside her cage almost all day long. I guess she kind of sense that Malachy are sick and want to accompany her. 
According to the vet it’s not that serious, but because the wound it’s in the neck part, wearing e-collar might disturb the wound.  Currently her wound is bleeding and watering. Her leg as well, swollen and limping for no reason 5 days ago. The vet said that her leg have no wound but she’s in pain. I read through some of the sporo cat rescue story, some of them saying that once diagnosed sporo, it suddenly spread through other parts. 
The limping leg and wounded neck is at the same side of the body. Sometimes she scratch the using that limping leg, I am afraid it will affect her leg as well because there are blood coming out. But I can’t put the e-collar for her. 
May I know should I clean her wound daily using wound cleansing and gauze ? Because I afraid cleaning might cause spreading to other parts. 
As you know Malachy is basically a stray cat. It’s difficult for her to stay all day long in cage. Besides, I face hurdle in persuading my parents to keep and treat her. They think that it’s the cat fate, and think that I will eventually cure without treating. I already provide so many evidence stating that the seriousness of this sickness but they still cold towards Malachy. Last time, I used such a long time to persuade them for the TRNM for fufu and Malachy. 
Malachy became more and more fussy after her leg recovered. I put her in a 2-tier cage but she still want to come out from cage and scream non stop at night. The neighbours  are complaining at us and we felt uneasy for this situation. 
My parents suggest to release her at night and cage her during daytime. However, I know the risk of releasing her. There are fufu and yanggii out there. They might get infected as well. But I can’t ignore all the complaints that we received lately.
I’m so sorry to keep you busy with my story. Just need some advice in handling Malachy issue. Thank you. 
And later:
My house got no empty store room but currently she’s still staying in cage. She feels okay when Fufu stay beside her. I tried to keep them in distance and also calm her down but I don’t know how long it can maintain. 
Besides, can I touch Malachy without wearing gloves ? I guess Malachy miss human touch and me myself also kind of miss Malachy’ skin and fur 🤭 whenever I touch her with gloves on, she will dodge a little bit but still accept it. I tried to touch her without gloves today, she is purring all along and showing her belly. 
About a week later:
Good day to you Dr Chan. Just to update you about Malachy condition. She’s doing very fine and she’s happy now because I let her come out to play. Her wound seems doing fine and next Wednesday need to follow up at veterinary clinic. 
And the best news ever:
My parents are quite supportive lately. They both willing to touch and pet Malachy like last time. My mom hug Malachy as well 😄
The magic power of perseverance and never giving up!
And finally today!
Today Malachy follow up is so good. The vet said she fully recovered but need to have medication for one more month. Her weight also increased from 2.3kg to 2.6kg. Just now I fed her, she eat such a big big portion of wet food. 
I think after the one month medication, I will schedule Malachy and Fufu for the vaccination. May I apply for the vaccination aid? 





Petfood Donation to Imm’s Shelter

Donors: Jasmine Ee, Kok Khee Wee, Koh Yeow Hoay, Ng Seng Yum, Alven Loh Hong Ping, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Gan Lay Yong, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Wan Tai Seng, Kwan Pei Kuan, Ahmad Amir Kamil, Lee Kah Sun, Cow Mau & Bunny, Tan Tay Thye, Tan Lai Fun, Lim Siow Nee, Wong Chin Kuan, Khoo Ming-Yi, donors from Boost, anonymous donors, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

Due to the price increase, this petfood donation is for the months of May and June.

The petfood:

Cindy’s Original 80g
– Tuna w salmon – 6 boxes
– Pacific fresh  tuna – 6 boxes

Monge cat kibble Adult 10kg – 2 bags

Alps Dog kibble 13kg
– Lamb – 4 bags
– Turkey – 4 bags

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

A message from Imm’s Shelter: As always our grateful thanks to you and MyAnimalcare care donors for the generous donation of petfood received for the month of May and June to Imm’s shelter.

Imm’s Shelter is home to 28 dogs and 15 cats. It is managed by Imm, Judy, friends and volunteers. Here are some photos taken just yesterday at their renovated shelter.

The thrice-weekly subcut sessions

Here’s today’s subcut session for Bunny and Cleo.

As always, I can do Bunny’s singlehandedly, and even change the bottle midway and take videos!

But when it comes to the Queen…..

Susah sedikit…

But nowadays, it’s possible already, which is a huge achievement!

I used to use the pink (18g) needle last time, but now I use the yellow (19g) as it’s just a teeny weeny bit smaller but does make a difference in that Cleo used to bite the injection site with the pink needle until the skin is all sore (probably itchy or painful), but she is okay with the yellow one.

Both of them have kidney issues.  Bunny is on 200ml three times a week and nothing else. But I guess the extra water for his constipation also helps in his kidneys. Cleo is also on 200ml three times a week and on Renal-N daily.  This regimen has helped bring down her creatinine level in the last check-up. I believe the raw diet also helps.

Kidney issues probably run in Cow Mau’s family genes since Pole, Bunny and Cleo have it. Pole’s was exacerbated by her high blood and hyperthyroidism (was on medication for both). Cleo is also on Amlodipine now as her blood pressure was borderline high.

How much damage can one cat do?

Yes, this orange coloured naughty destructive cat!

He sprays urine all over the house, damaging our dining chairs, stinking up the house, sprays on our curtains, sofas, chairs, kitchen top, anything made of plastic, including plastic coverings, plastic items. And it’s a daily affair. Every single day without fail. Sometimes a whole laundry load consists of items that Ginger has sprayed on…for the day!

And those anti-marking products? They only work for 1-2 days, then they don’t work anymore.

See this, Ginger? It’s all your doing too. Nobody else here except you. Tabs doesn’t spray.

And why do you have this intense need to spray urine and mark your territory when you are the only alpha-male here?

Cow Mau and Bunny don’t even come out anymore. Indy stopped coming out ever since Ginger attacked him the last time. So there’s no competition for Ginger anymore and yet he still sprays massively.

And while we are busy cleaning, he is happily grooming.

Ginger: Who? Me? 

An all-new “Surprise Me Happy Meal” for the cats this morning!

This was yesterday’s flavoured water drinking session where even Cleo came to ask for some. I’ve been having difficulties in feeding Indy ad Cleo breakfast. Cleo doesn’t seem keen on eating and Indy…well, Indy is Indy. He has to be force fed, as usual, he shows NO interest in eating and also, his regurgitation problems only happens after breakfast, twice a month. But yet, Indy loves Cindy’s baby food during the flavoured water sessions. And every time after his regurgitation, the only food he will want and can retain is Cindy’s baby food.

So it dawned on me, what if I gave Indy Cindy’s baby food for breakfast? Maybe he will eat it and maybe, just maybe, he won’t regurgitate his breakfast anymore?  Could it also be that Indy’s strange digestive system cannot digest raw food very well in the morning because of the “longer” period of having no food from last night’s dinner/supper till morning?

After all, these have been their feeding times:

7am – breakfast
11.30am – lunch
5.30pm – dinner

Then only lately, I started giving them a kibble supper snack at 8pm-9pm.  So there has always been a long gap between dinner and breakfast the next day. Maybe that long period of having no food is the cause of Indy’s regurgitation?

So anyway, this morning, I decided to give the four of them another Surprise Me Happy Meal. Tabs and Ginger got their usual raw meal since they eat first in the kitchen.

For the four of them, I mixed a whole can of Cindy’s baby food (chicken), with a bit of Coco’s and Cubgrub and half a can of Cindy’s Chicken & Salmon. All mixed, not topped with anything.

And then….voila! I present…your breakfast!!

Be my guests, be my guests,
Put my service to the test!!

Whoopee! They loved it!! Look…Indy is eating on his own, and Cleo is eating together with the rest!!

Success!! (for this morning)

In fact, Indy loved it so much he had two more helpings of the baby food and was still eating after everyone had finished!

Hopefully, he won’t regurgitate it, as I usually control his food every morning.

Will this recipe work for tomorrow…hmm, maybe but probably not! So I would have to mix it up a little and think of something else tomorrow. But meanwhile, I’ve stocked up on a variety of Monge and Cindy’s canned food. Oh, the price will be going up, did you know? Sigh…no thanks to the world condition (Ukraine and Russia, etc.).