The past week’s news

There’s been a lot of news, but here are some headlines.

A huge python was sighted by a neighbour on the road nearby, some 300m away, near the big monsoon drain. Although we think the slithery one could have come from the drain, a neighbour thinks it could be someone’s escaped pet.  Yikes!

I’m so glad Cathy helped me fortify Stargate2 (for Daffodil years ago). But then again, I’ve actually seen snakes slid through two pieces of glass. Yikes!

Heidi is back to eating her normal diet now. She eats a lot, as usual. It took her several days to get back to normalcy.

This is the subcut gang.

Bunny and Cleo have subcut sessions twice a week while Pole’s is thrice weekly. It is still a problem getting Cleo for subcut sessions. She reads minds and will hide once she knows we intend to catch her for a session. So oftentimes, she can only be done on another day.

An NZ treat for the cats (Meow Freeze-Dried)

A friend gifted me a packet of Meow Freeze-Dried for our cats for CNY! It’s a product of New Zealand.

The verdict?

It’s been three days and they still love it!

I used it as a topping, as I use Primal.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Seri Kembangan (Intan Shafinaz bt Rahim’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM48 for the castration of this male cat.

Ms Intan is a new applicant.

Saya Intan Shafinaz Rahim, tinggal di Seri Kembangan merupakan salah seorang rescue di kawasan ini ada membuat permandulan seekor kuncing jantan.
Di sini saya lampirkan beberapa dokumen untuk pengesahan doktor.
Terima kasih.
Yang Benar,
Intan Shafinaz Rahim
Di sini saya akan menjawab pertanya-tanyaan doktor seperti di bawah:
1. Berapakah umur kucing ini sekarang?
-sekarang berumur lebih kurang 5bulan, di jumpai ketika berumur satu bulan di tangga rumah pangsapuri seekor tanpa ibu. Gambar di bawah.
2. Kucing ini dibela di rumah siapa?
– kucing ini akan di jaga oleh saya sendiri, 100% indoor siap vaksin bersama-sama kucing yang lain.
3. Adakah kucing ini akan dibela di dalam rumah seumur hidupnya?
  – kucing ini akan di jaga oleh saya sendiri, 100% indoor siap vaksin bersama-sama kucing yang lain.
Terima kasih kepada pihak doktor, kerana membantu. Perancangan saya pada masa akan datang, ingin membantu kucing-kucing jalanan di kawasan saya untuk mengelak terus pembiakan terus berlaku.
Sekian, terima kasih.
Yang Benar,
Intan Shafinaz Rahim

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Seberang Jaya (Nurul Fithrah bt Saad’s) & Updates

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM90 for the castration of this cat.

Ms Fithrah has provided updates on previous claims below.

Dear Dr.Chan,
I wish to apply for neutering aid for another cat. Ray is a cat i picked up from a food stall in my working area. He is a kitten alone then and both of his eyes is red and the eyelids is so swollen, he can barely open them.I bring him home to treat the eyes and they’re fine now. My mom give the name Ray to him.
Update on two cats that recently received aids from Myanimalcare (Sept 2019).
Bob is doing well with his owner, playful as ever.
Cong has been diagnosed with sporo back in November. I asked help from a nice friend to take care of him since she has experience in handling sporo cases, Attached is his latest picture. He is healing well. The wounds are all closed up.
The form and receipts will be posted to you soon. Thank you so much.
Ms Nurul Fithrah Saad.



Heidi’s updates

It looks like Heidi is on the mend.

As of yesterday, she started eating again, though not as much as she usually does.

But she is back to her usual habits, so that is definitely a good sign.

She came to the door to greet me when I came home from work.

She is here, at her herb stash.

We planted her herbs (weeds) at the patio so that she need not follow us out to the park anymore to get her herbs from there.

Waiting for food, at her usual place (a VERY good sign).

I know that whenever she doesn’t feel very well, she wants plain raw chicken. So she got that yesterday.

By night time, she could eat Cubgrub already!

This morning, she only wanted raw chicken, so she got that.

Given her age, I suppose some tummy upset now and then is acceptable. Her tummy upsets are usually preceded by a hairball problem. As long as she can recover and eat again, I would not want to stress her out with trips to the vet’s and subject her to all kinds of tests.

Zoonoses and disease outbreak

A very good read:

Some excerpts:

Following China’s official announcement linking the virus to Wuhan’s wildlife markets, social media was rife with comments such as “Why can’t they just be civilised and eat domestic farmed animals like the rest of us?”, “Serves them right for eating endangered animals instead of animals raised for food!”, and even “Eat more chicken and beef!”, as if eating farmed meat could miraculously inoculate humans against zoonotic diseases.

History has shown us repeatedly that not only does eating farmed meat not inoculate humans against diseases, but that intensive animal agriculture is a major driver of zoonosis and disease outbreaks.

If zoonotic diseases such as SARS, Ebola, West Nile Virus, Nipah Virus, Avian Influenza, and 2019-nCoV were merely transmitted to those who directly handle and consume wildlife, they would not have had the pandemic effects that they did. But wildlife diseases can and do afflict domestic animals, and cross species to humans with alarming rapidity. Farm animals frequently become intermediate or amplifier hosts for pathogens.

What can we do:

On a personal level, we can reduce and mitigate the risk of zoonotic diseases and infections by choosing a plant-based diet and limiting our exposure to wildlife, which should remain wild and protected against unnecessary human contact. At an institutional level, those with the political and economic leverage must reduce and mitigate the said risk by disallowing deforestation and expansion of agricultural activities into forested areas in order to minimise wildlife-to-domestic-animal and animal-to-human viral spillover, tightening biosecurity controls in farms and places that process or handle animal products, improving animal health and welfare standards, replacing factory farming systems with more humane and sustainable systems, setting restrictions and guidelines on the transportation of livestock and poultry, and removing barriers and creating incentives for the development, production, and consumption of plant-based foods and lab-grown meat to replace and eventually phase out conventionally-produced farmed meat.

Double Charity Donation to CK Shelter

Recipients: The cats at CK Shelter
Donors: In memory of Mr Chan Kam Loon and in memory of Ms Chan Kam Peng.

The petfood:

Cindy Naturelle Grainfree Salmon kibble 13kg – 15 bags

Cindy’s Original cat canned food
Atlantic Fresh Tuna – 3 boxes
Tuna Chicken – 3 boxes
Tuna Seabream – 3 boxes
Tuna Katsuobushi – 3 boxes
Tuna Salmon – 3 boxes
Tuna Scallop – 3 boxes
White Fish – 3 boxes

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

Photo from the warehouse before delivery.

A message from CK Shelter: Hi Dr! Cat food just arrived. Thank you so so much. Only God can repay this kindness 🙏🌹

Photo after delivery.

CK Shelter is a private and self-funded shelter located in Selangor and is home to more than 220 rescued cats. This shelter has also adopted many cats whom we published for adoption in the past and their founder was a generous donor to our Fund in our early years. Recently, CK Shelter took in another batch of cats due to be caught by the authorities.

Since our reserve funds are sufficient to cover all neutering and vaccination claims, we are now channeling all new donations and excess funds to support the following four shelters with petfood: PAWS, Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary, Imm’s Shelter and CK Shelter.  All petfood sent to these shelters are chosen by them for their animals’ needs.    

About the Double Charity Donation:

Welcome home, fellow Malaysians and families!

We bid fellow Malaysians and their families a warm welcome home, from Wuhan.

Selamat kembali ke tanah air!

Kudos to the brave crew members of AirAsia and all personnel involved in this homecoming operation. Tabik hormat! You risked your own safety and health to bring home your fellow Malaysians – Syabas!!

So proud to know that the Malaysian repatriation operation did NOT exclude non-citizen family members as some other countries did:  

May you all be safe and healthy!

We hope the rest of the 34 Malaysians will also get to come home soon:

SEPANG, 4 Jan — PULANG … Seramai 107 individu yang dibawa pulang dari Wuhan, China selamat tiba di negara ini dengan menaiki pesawat khas AirAsia di Air Disaster Unit (ADU), Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) hari ini.
Penerbangan itu turut membawa 12 kru, lapan petugas misi dan enam pegawai dari Kedutaan Malaysia dari Beijing, menjadikan 133 orang jumlah keseluruhan yang menaiki pesawat dari Wuhan, lokasi yang dikenal pasti sebagai punca penularan virus tersebut.
Kesemua mereka dibawa pulang setelah Kerajaan Malaysia bekerjasama dengan Kerajaan China akibat penularan jangkitan 2019 Novel Koronavirus (2019-nCoV) di negara itu.


Heidi’s one-day scare for us

Yesterday morning, I found vomit consisting of digested food and hairball in the living room. It was Heidi’s.

Heidi occasionally has hairball regurgitation. This has been happening for a long time. Her stools are also occasionally a little “wet”, not as dry as the rest of the cats’. I know she has a bit of stomach issues so when she has this vomiting problem, I give her Omeprazole and it always does the trick.

So, yesterday, I gave her Omeprazole again. For breakfast, she had no appetite, but she ate a wee bit of Recovery.

Normally, whenever this happens, Heidi would recover by the next meal and all would be well again.

But yesterday, that was not so.

By lunch time, Heidi did not come to the kitchen at all. She hid in the Blue House (this is our old carrier, which is…blue in colour). From the Blue House, she went to hide behind the trolley at the patio.

She was clearly not feeling too well.

I called the vet but she was not working yesterday.

So I continued to monitor her. By dinner time, she still had no appetite. This raises it to an alert.

We build a few box-houses for her at her rack so that she could move into the kitchen to hide.

I offered all kinds of foods that she normally likes: Cubgrub, the beef cubes (which she absolutely loved – but I wonder if the beef cubes caused this as she ate them on Saturday), Recovery (did not want it anymore), Greenies (which she also loves), cut up raw chicken (which she also loves). Nothing worked.

By late night, I decided to forcefeed some Recovery. I had also given her Vetri DMG and Nutrigel Plus earlier on. I also forcefeed some water using a syringe. She seemed a wee bit dehydrated, probably had not drunk water the whole day. That is why I syringed water into her mouth. Of course she did not like it, so I did not overdo it.

We let her rest for the night.

However, Heidi did not appear “sickly” or weak. She simply did not want to eat. She stayed in her new box-house all night.

By this morning, I was glad to see Heidi was at the staircase to greet me when I came downstairs.

She did not seem to be hungry, but when I offered some Cubgrub along with everyone else, she did not want it. She did not want Recovery as well.

I then offered some raw cut-up chicken and this, she wanted.

What a relief!

She ate some of it, but did not finish all.

Still, eating something is better than not eating at all. Slowly does it…

Later, she had some egg yolk, her favourite, but she also did not finish it.

She did, however, lick up a lot of Nutrigel Plus, which she loved….today. That is good.

This, however, gave me some hope. Heidi goes crazy whenever I syringe out the Pronefra (yes, it’s highly palatable) for Pole and Cleo. I let her lick the syringe (very, very small traces only – it’s a daily thing for us. Yesterday, Heidi did not even want to lick the syringe but this morning, she did – licked it all clean, as before. It’s a game for us.

That is probably a good sign. Back to usual habits….slowly, hopefully surely.

Here she is. She is alert and reasonably active.

These are all the box-houses we prepared for her yesterday. She chose the biggest box, the one whose entrance faces the back (the safest).

Now, she’s not in hiding, so that’s also a good sign. I will continue to monitor her condition.

Just now, she sneezed. The vet had told me previously that it’s “reverse sneezing” where she is probably trying to expel something from her system. It is harmless.

We don’t know how old Heidi is because she came to us 8 years ago as “an old cat”. But in her last check-up, her readings were all considered “good”. No teeth or gum issues (because she came with practically no more teeth!). Kidney and liver readings were all normal (which is fantastic for “an old cat”).  I have been monitoring her urine colour and odour on a daily basis – it’s yellow and it smells (which are both GOOD).

Taking her to the vet’s is a stressful process as she does not take kindly to “strangers”. The last time, the vet had a hard time dealing with her as she got all defensive and was literally attacking the vet with her infamous “swipes”.