Zurik to the vet’s

For more than a week, I’ve noticed a progressive balding on Vincent’s head. Initially, it just looked like some loss of hair, but in the last two days, it looked more like mange.

This was taken a few days ago.

I first started by applying some enzyme onto the bald parts (according to a friend, this has helped many dogs heal from skin problems), but that did not seem to help Zurik. Next, I tried virgin coconut oil. But by yesterday, I got a little worried and decided to take him to the vet’s.

I knew if I brought him to the vet, it might be Ivermection (which is really toxic) or a spot-on (I fear using spot-ons because of previous bad experience). But it seemed I had no choice now. If a home remedy does not work, some allopathic treatment may be needed.

So, we went (after I finished work) yesterday. Surprisingly Zurik was really good in the car. Even Vincent would make more of a fuss. He was quiet except for the initial mewing.

He’s so smart, isn’t he? I mean, why go make noise when you know you already have no choice, correct? But I’d like to believe that Zurik knows whatever I do is always for something good for him.

At the vet’s.

The vet took one look at Zurik and confirmed it is mange and could also be infected. Zurik had also scratched his ears quite badly and some parts were bleeding slightly. It must be itchy.

The vet said the treatment would be either Revolution or Advocate spot-on (I’m reluctant to use these but it looked like I had no choice, thank goodness the vet also did not agree on the use of Ivermectin for Zurik). The vet said he would prescibe Clavomox (an antibiotic) since it looked infected and also an anti-itch medication (also a tablet, Cetirizine, which is an anti-histamine). Meanwhile, for the parts that have broken skin, the vet applied an iodine cream. I can purchase this from any pharmacy.

So we came home and Zurik was allowed into the house because I wanted to administer his first dose.

Wow, he was SO happy to be in the house! Earlier in the morning, I had already brought him into the patio and closed the patio door, so that he can remain there until I finished work. Otherwise, I might not be able to catch him if he had gone to the roof (which he would).

By the time I got back home from work, as expected, Zurik had already found his way into the house and was causing a bit of a disturbance to Tabs and Heidi.

Eating some food before his medication.

Compared to ALL the other cats (yes, I mean, ALL), Zurik is the easiest to give medication to. Absolutely no struggle, he opens his mouth, allows you to plonk in whatever (tablet, capsule, anything!), and closes his mouth and he swallows it. No suspicion and zero resistance (unlike Pole, for example, who still thinks we might be trying to poison her!).

I also applied the Advocate spot-on. The vet said we would probably have to reapply the Advocate one more time after a month. Subsequently, we could use another product called Advantage. Advantage covers lice and fleas only, though, which the vet thinks is quite sufficient. Advocate covers more (including ear mites and even acts as a dewormer).

I had to put Zurik out in the porch again because his presence in the house disrupted the peace in the “house-colony” for Tabs and Heidi. However, Vincent was quite happy and came downstairs to entertain his friend (one time, nemesis!). I also cannot risk Zurik spreading the mange to Vincent since Vincent’s immunity is compromised due to his kidney condition.

Zurik came back dutifully in the evening for his next dose (Clavomox is twice daily).

I hope he will recover quickly.

The vet said he might have contracted the mange from other cats since none of ours have it.

Zurik’s mysterious life outside our house will never be known to us!

New logo!

We tweaked the logo a wee bit…take a look!

See the ear-notches?!!

Can you see the new logo on this page? If you cannot, you might need to refresh the page a few times. In some cases, it may even take a few days. But we have already uploaded it.

This new logo augurs well for our new direction this year – to go back to the original intention of AnimalCare, ie. to help small-time feeders start their One-Street CNRM work.

With the increased number of applicants, especially new ones, it is realistic for AnimalCare to remain as a starter fund for these new applicants.

We do not have the resources to go on helping applicants on a long term anymore. To those who wish to go on a long term, we salute you and strongly suggest that you get like-minded friends, start a society of your own and fundraise on your own. It is a great feeling being independent, self-sustaining and not having to rely on anyone else but yourselves!

Neutering is one of the most compassionate ways to help street animals.
But in your fervour to get as many street animals neutered as you can, please do not forget the C=Care component. They need to be cared for too.

Neutering aid for 1 dog in Bentong (Yong Kim Mei’s)

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this dog.

Double Charity Donation to a colony of community dogs

Recipients: Community dogs lovingly cared for by a dog caregiver
Donors: Dodo, Siew Mai and Vincent

The pet food:

Alps canned food for dogs
Lamb – 2 boxes (48 cans)
Salmon – 2 boxes (48 cans)

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

The best gift is giving to those who can never repay you!

The dog caregiver has received the food and thanks the donors for it.

About the Double Charity Donation:

The Double Charity Petfood/Neutering Donation is a two-pronged donation drive whereby donors buy petfood from us (a minimum of RM350) and we send the petfood to a shelter of their choice or to feeders/rescuers. By doing this, a small portion of the donation goes into our Neutering Fund that benefits street animals while the petfood goes to the shelter/street animals!

Shelter/Street animals deserve a yummy treat too!

The participating petfood companies are Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Ecopet Sdn Bhd, Coco&Joe and Gold-D. For more details, please refer to this link: https://myanimalcare.org/food-aid/

If you’d like to participate, please write to chankahyein@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Note: The Double Charity Petfood/Neutering Donation is supported by individuals who wish to donate petfood to shelters/feeders by purchasing petfood from us (thus, donating to our fund too).  Our Neutering Fund is separate from this.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kajang (Siti Nursajidah bt Zulkifli’s)

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Ms Nursajidah is a new applicant.

Respected Dr Chan

I just neutering the male cat. This male cat was stray cat at a pasaraya in Kajang. This male cat was rescued because he was very skinny and malnutrition. Besides that, I also decided to neuter him and rehome this male cat and named him MAT DAN.
Attached herewith the photo of the cat before and after neutering.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Jalan Klang Lama (Lam Poh Yin’s)

We have provided and aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Damansara Damai (Aida Rozana bt Taramiji’s)

We have sponsored RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Dear Doc,
I have rescued this cat from a street. I saw this cat with broken one leg and poor condition. So, I decided to rescued and I brought her to the clinic and got her treatment. After almost 3 weeks treatment and the condition is better. I got her vaccine and now already neuter. Attached is the cat picture before and after.
But I need favor from doc. I need the neuter subsidy because I had paid for this cat treatment almost RM700++.
I am planning to give this cat rehome so that this cat can get live better because with her leg condition, I cant let her back at the road.
I will pos express the original receipt and form to you by today.
Appreciate on your corporation.
Aida Rozana Binti Taramiji

Vincent’s early morning

I start a new semester today, so I got up at 4.00am. Actually, Vincent woke me up by jumping onto the bed.

Since Vincent has started being choosy with food, I decided to steam some sardines for him. He has not eaten sardines for quite sometime now.

Of course Ginger, Heidi and Tabs were delighted too and ate. Vincent came downstairs, went out the the patio to do his business and went back upstairs. I know he normally doesn’t eat so early in the morning. But since the sardines were freshly steamed, I brought some up for him.

Placed it in front of him, but he didn’t want any.

So ok, sardines is still not in season yet.

By the way, Vincent migrated out from under the our bed to under the armchair. Now, he has migrated to the family hall in plain sight and is not hiding anymore.

It’s all about “changing nests”.  It’s a very primal cat nature.

So, I fed the Kitchen Cats, then Buddy and Zurik, and lastly, the Cow Clan.

Talking about Buddy and Zurik….

I can’t say enough about how alike Buddy and Timmy are. They both talk all the time and they are always hungry!!  Buddy even snatches Zurik’s food, just like how Timmy used to snatch food from the other cats and I had to put him in a cage to eat. Buddy is so much like Timmy!

If I don’t monitor them eating, Buddy will take over Zurik’s food. And Zurik will let him.

Both eat wetfood now, plus a bit of kibble because Zurik seem to be a kibble-cat. I had to train Zurik to eat wetfood, but Buddy?  Buddy wallops everything and anything!

When I went out to feed Buddy and Zurik, Vincent came downstairs and straight to Stargate2.

Vincent is still SUPER sharp (compared to, say, Ginger). The other day, when the salesperson came to deliver our order, Vincent came downstairs in a flash of lightning to say hello (this salesperson is a good guy – very honest and he loves cats – Vincent knew). Ginger didn’t even know someone had come to the house; he was sleeping soundly in the patio. Tabs stayed too (normally she would run away) – yups, the best testimony of the presence of a cat lover.

So, I know Vincent wanted to go out to be with Buddy and Zurik (and possibly, to escape out of the front gate and sit under a car).  So, no, Vincent. It’s far too early and too dark. I have to go to work early today and I cannot afford to let you out (and deal with whatever else that may result from it).

But actually, Vincent was just hungry, so I got him to come into the kitchen to eat.

But, what shall we eat? Hmm….

I decided to try his long-time favourite (which he didn’t like anymore), Cindy’s Tender Chicken.

BINGO!!! High five, Vincent!!  We got it right!!

Next, my freshly steamed sardines….

BINGO!!!! This is my lucky day, folks!

Next….since he doesn’t like Kaminox (and it’s the iron that he needs most of all), I’ve decided to try raw liver again…. He used to love it, but not anymore.


Vincent wanted more, but I think he has eaten enough. I don’t want him to over-eat and vomit everything out later.

Each day that Vincent eats, enjoys his food, can pee and poo, can sleep comfortably, I am so very thankful. It is a bonus if he gets excited with things (like today, going to Stargate2) and a bigger bonus if he gets mischievous (like attempting to trick me into letting him out)!

Have a happy day, everyone!!

P.S. I’m getting ready to beat young minds into shape before they go out into the world – meeting new students today!  For me, even if they forget all the mathematics but remember to be HONEST, polite and use their heads to think rationally, my job is done.

Vincent’s updates

Some quick updates, Vincent is okay except that he is a bit choosy over food….again.  For a long time, he has been okay with food. Now, he has started being choosy again. 

See what I mean?

He flits from one type of food to the next, asks for another type, and another, then flits back to the first type (which is always Cubgrub), and it goes on, but finally, he eats a fair amount of food for each meal, so that is fine.

As for this meds, actually, the only medicine is Fortekor, the rest are just vitamins and nutrients. Azodyl is a probiotic while Kaminox is a multi-nutrient supplement, with iron which he needs to address the anaemia. I stopped Kaminox for a few days when he was not happy with the syringe in his mouth and the liquids. He doesn’t seem to agree with Azodyl so I’m trying Mercola’s probiotics in my own capsule.

The sad thing is that all our cats eat Mercola’s probiotics sprinkled into their food (yes, even Pole and Cleo, the most suspicious of all cats), except Vincent. Vincent just doesn’t like the taste. He would take wheatgrass powder but not Mercola’s probiotics.  Sigh….

And he needs that to help reduce the level of toxins in his system (due to the non-functioning kidneys).

If I were to sprinkle just a bit of Mercola’s probiotics into Vincent’s food, he will either walk away or avoid eating that bit that has the powder.  Sigh…

The only meds he takes willingly is Fortekor. So, that’s the one thing he gets daily. The rest, I will judge according to his mood.

But hydration is a must. This cannot be skipped.

Thanks to the super duper short pink needle, subcut is so much faster and easier now.

There…..he doesn’t even know it’s over!

If only subcut is all that Vincent needs, that would be so easy. But we will never know what he really needs. I dare not stop the Fortekor as that’s for proteinurea and we know for a fact that Vincent is losing protein.

But, one day at a time…..

I am thankful for each day.