Blanket No 215 – Intan Raya!

One of our longest donor and supporter ordered a blanket as a Hari Raya surprise for a community feeder.  She requested the blanket to be “bright, happy and cheerful” and said batik would be good.

So, we started working on it…

This will be the main motif.

Heidi approves!

Zurik supervised.

Ginger says anything with orange is always good. It’s a happy colour, like his!

It’s done!!  I remember our donor likes “frames”!

Hope this is “bright, happy and cheerful”!

Zurik: Passed.

Doing the backing with beige cotton donated by Agnes Cheong.

The fabric for the blanket consist of all kind of fabric donated by Mr Ooi previously.

And….we are done!!

Freshly laundered and will be put out in the sun soon.

We wish to thank our donor and long-time supporter for her kind donation of RM317 for this blanket. All donations (minus shipping charges) will be used immediately for our Neutering and Vaccination Aid.

The blanket will be shipped in time for Hari Raya!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!!

“Do they still worship us, child?”

And how is our Super-Indy??

I woke up this morning, came downstairs quickly to check on Indy and got a mini shock of my life when I could not find him anywhere at all!

Last night, I left him on the chair and this morning, that same chair looked like it had turned a somersault and landed 180 degrees off.


…Cow alerted me.

Here’s here…

Where, Cow?


Haha….what are you doing in the vegetable pot, Indy?!!

I went to feed Zurik and the Blanket Cats first and as I was washing up, Cow was still at the same position. It then dawned on me that Cow must have been keeping an eye on Indy all night and goodness knows how long Cow had been vigilantly “guarding” his brother-Royal-Guard!!

So I quickly went and carried Cow down (to relieve him on his sworn duty) and carried Indy out of the pot.

I took off Indy’s e-collar and gave him Recovery.

He ate!

There was not even the slightest HINT of any pain in the mouth, no pawing, no hesitation in eating. Seven teeth gone, with at least seven stitches, less than 24 hours and our guy is, undeniably, a true-blue first blood commando!

Indy didn’t quite care much for Recovery.

What?? Hospital food? Who needs hospital food?  Blended?  What?  You think I have no teeth??

Er yes, Indy, you actually have not many teeth left. Many of your molars and premolars are gone, you know….

But who cares, right? The kibble-king wanted his kibble, so kibble it is! With water (but this is NOT because of the toothless condition, it’s because Indy needs water – let’s make that distinction clear, please, if you don’t mind).

It’s as though yesterday did not happen at all, as far as Indy is concerned. He’s back on track.

Oh, Heidi wants everyone to know that she has a new box.

Ok, Heidi, we see your new box.

Now, back to Indy…

Drinking water from the tap, as before.

The vet said to do a 200ml subcut today, so that was done this morning, without any issue.

And it sure looks like our boy is okay, and does not need to be on the e-collar anymore!

What a relief!!  At last, everyone’s dental is done for this year!!

Let’s hope that with Orozyme and Greenies, nobody will ever need any dental scaling again. The four girls don’t need scaling.

All of them love Greenies and they also don’t mind Orozyme. I don’t know which works better, though.

Semua taruh!

Anything to avoid going under general anaesthesia for dental scaling (and extractions)!

Of course Zurik isn’t left out…

In the midst of taking care of Indy after his heavyweight 7-teeth extraction today, I ensured Zurik was not left out at all.

In fact, Zurik was really good today. I think he did not bully anyone (that’s already very good). I made sure he was fed all his medicines too.  He even helped me sew the blanket….by supervising.

Zurik gets to eat WHENEVER he wants and it’s always a high protein diet. I make sure he has a few meals of raw meat every day. Unfortunately, Zurik doesn’t like Cubgrub. He wants to eat raw chicken fillet, so I stock this up for him.  At other times, he eats kibble. I have Cindy’s and Solid Gold for him. His favourite is still Cindy’s Salmon Recipe although Solid Gold’s Indigo Moon is a tough fight as well.  Both are high protein foods.

Of course Tabs isn’t left out too. She’s been really good as well.

Heidi steered clear of Indy all day. She made sure she stayed in her longhouse.

Brother Bunny…and his brother.

Back on Royal Guard duty.

I’m wondering if I should keep an eye on Indy all night.

I shudder to think what mischief he could be up to tonight…

Our guy is as tough as nails, isn’t he?

Indy’s moonwalk

I decided to let Indy out of the cage and see if he’d do his back flip and somersault again. If he behaves, he can be out of the cage. I know you just cannot confine Indy for too long especially when he is no longer groggy.

So, I let him out…

He didn’t do the back flip or the somersault. Instead, he did a few moonwalks (walking backwards). I know, cats always do this trick to get out of the e-collar, but his attempts were unsuccessful. I was eating frozen yoghurt so I didn’t manage to take videos of his moonwalk!

Here’s a short one, though.

He was too busy exploring to notice that Ginger was sitting right there.

It was nonstop for Indy. He’s totally awake.

I also forgot to mention that when I went to pick Indy up, his IV-pod had shifted to his back leg. How that happened, I didn’t ask, but the vet did mention that he is “very strong”. During the insertion of the IV-pod, he managed to jerk out of the first paw, so it had to be redone on the second paw (hence, from photo above, both front paws are shaven). But after the procedure, the IV-pod was in his back leg already. Never mind why….haha.  It’s Indy – that should explain “why”!  I was too overwhelmed with the “7 teeth extraction” to ask about anything else.

I offered AD and he ATE!  Lots of it too! Makan, makan!!

Now, he’s back at Bunny’s Place.

And exploring all over, like he is making up for lost time!

Indy’s flips, somersaults and…..he’s back!!

Between my last post and now, Indy has….

  1. Taken off the string of his e-collar while inside the cage.
  2. Done a somersault in the garden (when I let him out to walk) and the entire e-collar came flying off into the air (I had fastened it tightly just before that).
  3. Toppled every single water bowl I put in his cage.
  4. Attempted to escape from the cage many times.

But all his attempts at (4) were unsuccessful.

I took the time and opportunity to finish sewing a blanket for Hari Raya. It was good because from my sewing machine I could keep a watchful eye on Indy in the cage.

It was at about 8pm that he was no longer groggy anymore, so I gave him some Ciao treat (liquid food) and he ate some.

But Indy was clearly more interested in escaping from the cage than eating.

Later, he heard the Cow Clan eating kibble and he seemed interested, so I gave him some, but again it was a ruse. He tricked me. He actually just wanted to get out of the cage. But in between trying to trick me, he actually placated me and ate some kibble. The vet had said that he may have to eat soft food from now on and kibble may have to be soaked.

But Indy ate dry kibble just now.

Pain? What pain? Seven teeth extracted and at least seven stitches?? Where?  Who? Me? Let me out, let me out! Why are you keeping me here against my will? 

He cannot even sit still enough for me to take a clear photo.

Yes, Indy Jones is back….at full force!!

With 7 teeth fewer, but BACK, nonetheless!!

Indy is still disorientated

I transferred Indy from the carrier into the cage. He was relatively calm at first….

Tabs visiting…

I offered him some Recovery, but he just licked the surface and didn’t want any.

He was calm for a few minutes only, then he started flipping and toppling his water bowl over. I guess he is still very angry and doesn’t quite understand what had happened to him. Poor Indy…

With such a massive extraction, it’s going to take a few days…

Puppies for adoption in the Klang Valley (Suhaimi Saad’s)

These puppies are currently seeking shelter in a house under construction. If you are interested in adopting, please contact Suhaimi Saad at 0 12-320 3969.  Thank you.

Indy is home (with 7 teeth extracted!)

It was an unexpected and hugely massive job!

Indy had SEVEN teeth extracted.

I reached the clinic at about 4.10pm and found Indy still asleep. The vet assistant told me it was a massive tooth extraction and many teeth were extracted.

Indy was waking up but growling, obviously in pain. Maybe even angry at what had been done to him.

The vet said that after all the scaling was done and all the tartar removed, only then did she see that many teeth already had holes through them. All this could not be seen earlier because of the large amount of tartar concealing it.  She showed me the teeth and pointed out where the roots were all blunt. This is a case of auto-immune disease where Indy’s own body’s immunity attacked his teeth. Because there is always the presence of bacteria in the mouth, the body recognises these bacteria as the “enemies” and therefore attacked the teeth, making the roots blunt resulting also in the reabsorption of the said teeth.  So, all these teeth had to be removed.

Now, Indy doesn’t have many molars left, so he would probably have to be on soft diet. But then again, judging from the massive inflammation in his gums, it must have been very painful for him to even eat all this while, especially when Indy is such a kibble king.  But as we all know, cats are such resilient creatures and so good at masking pain that they don’t show it at all. They just accept, adjust and live with it.

I don’t think Indy would want to be on soft diet after this, but let’s see how it goes.

Indy will carry on to finish his Metrogyl (antibiotics), will be on 0.2ml Tramadol twice a day (the painkiller for the inside of the ear) and an eye gel (for the eye ulcer).  With seven teeth extracted and many stitches, when the pain and numbing medicine wears off tonight, he will probably be in discomfort.

Indy had a local numbing medicine as well as painkillers given as an injection just now. All this will wear off after a few hours.

He was still groggy when we left the clinic.

We reached home and when we opened the carrier cover to let him out, he started flipping violently all over the floor until the e-collar flew out. So, we thought it would be safer to put him back into the carrier until he is more calm.

The vet intern did say that he was in a euphoric state due to the pain medicine. Indy is also a super strong cat. When inserting the IV-pod this afternoon, it had to be done twice (both paws shaven now) because the managed to pull himself out of the first one. So, he had to be poked on his other paw to insert the IV-pod again.

Then, at the clinic, after the dental surgery, it was quite a challenge changing from the clinic e-collar to our own e-collar too. Groggy or not, Indy is still super strong.

The seven extracted teeth. On closer examination, one can see that the roots are all blunt. Poor boy… He must have been living in pain all this while and we didn’t even know. Last year, he had a mouth ulcer problem attended to by another vet but there was no mention of the need of dental surgery.

It’s an auto-immune condition. Something like Vincent’s too.

Cow visits.


Pole visits too.

Accompanied by fellow brother-Royal Guard.

We will probably transfer Indy from the carrier to the cage in a little while. I hope he won’t flip again.

It’s going to be a long night….

But I’m glad it’s finally done!

After Indy’s, no other cat needs any dental scaling….for now.