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Jayden misses Ginger…so much!

Ginger went for his dental surgery yesterday but by the time he came home in the evening, Jayden had already gone home for the day.

So this morning, Jayden was back here again and here’s his “reunion” with his best friend.

Jayden to Ginger: You are my best, best, best, best friend!

Jayden even tried to get into Ginger’s basket to sit with him!

What a wonderful world it would be if all humans loved animals.

A short story – by Jayden

Home-cooked cat food and the importance of taurine

I just wish to share something I learnt recently about the importance of taurine in cat food.

Cats need taurine and they get it from their food. It is particularly important for heart health.

From Google:

Taurine is exclusively found in animal-based proteins. It is critical for normal vision, digestion, heart muscle function, to maintain normal pregnancy and fetal development, and to maintain a healthy immune system. Taurine is an essential amino acid in the cat. 

Taurine-depleted cats develop retinal degeneration, cardiomyopathy, altered white-cell function, and abnormal growth and development. Taurine deficiency is best estimated from the plasma-taurine concentration, with values less than 30 mumol/l considered deficient.

So, if we buy commercial food, please check the ingredients.

More importantly, if we home cook, please ensure our food is balanced AND contains taurine in the appropriate amount.

I also heard from a reliable source that there has been a significant incidence of even young cats having heart issues nowadays. One of the reasons could be the lack of taurine in the food they eat. Most commercial cat food, I think, contains taurine. So it is the home prepared food where we have to ensure is balanced and contains the essential nutrients that cats need. Also, cats cannot be fed dog food because the nutrient requirements are different.

This is the brand of taurine I use in my home prepared cat food for our seniors and super seniors. For 2.6kg of meat, I use 4000mg Taurine (to be added AFTER the food has been cooked because boiling at a high temperature can destroy taurine). But please do check with a pet nutritionist or an authority (of which I am not!) on the correct amount and brand, and correct food preparation techniques.

This article might be helpful too: https://tailblazerspets.com/blog/2019/02/how-to-add-extra-taurine-to-your-pets-diet/

For commercial food, these are what our cats eat:

Coco&Joe’s (raw food)

Cubgrub (raw food)

Primal Freeze-Dried (raw food)

Cindy’s Recipe’s canned food

Monge’s cat canned food (monoprotein)

This article is only a sharing. Kindly consult a professional source for information on pet nutrition.

Ginger’s cyst and dental surgery

Today was Ginger’s dental surgery.

Jayden wishing his best friend well before we departed for the vet’s.

At the vet’s, it is their protocol to do a heart scan (an ECHO) on geriatric cats (above 7 years old) before the cat undergoes general anaesthesia. Ginger passed his heart scan with flying colours. An ultrasound was also done on Ginger’s kidneys to check the progression of that kidney cyst on the right. Good news – the cyst has not grown since the last 16 days! We hope it has stopped growing. The vet says we could do another check in 6 months.

It hasn’t grown in size!

I left Ginger at the clinic as the procedure would only be done in the afternoon and he would be ready to come home in the evening. I’m always very, very worried when any of our cats undergo general anaesthesia. Anything can go wrong.

By evening, Ginger was ready to come home. So I went to the clinic to pick him up.

The vet said they also took Ginger’s blood to do a Chem10 (all results good) and a blood profile (also all good). It is all part of their clinic protocol now, to ensure the animal is fit to undergo the surgery. I am thankful that such protocols are in place to keep our pets safe.

Something happened during the surgery, though. Ginger started retching while under GA. The vet had to give him a deeper GA and he was still retching. If he had vomited, it would have been very dangerous, so the vet had to give him an anti-vomitting jab and this stopped the retching.  The thing is, Ginger was fasted for a full 8 hours before surgery, and yet he retched during the procedure. The vet said maybe it was bile because of the fasting! How dangerous…

Because of the retching, the vet did not want to prolong or extend the surgery. Luckily the scaling had already been done and the premolar (that’s the bad tooth) on the top right was already extracted. The extraction also was not a simple one as the tooth had already fused with the bone. Ginger has one stitch at that spot now, to close up the gums. The molar next to it was salvaged and I would have to monitor this molar, apply Orozyme on it and brush it regularly to keep it clean. Perhaps if Ginger had not retched, this molar could have also been extracted, but I’m glad the vet did what she thought was best. Ginger’s left side was all very clean. His bad tooth was on the right. The vet thinks it is because the bottom teeth on the right had been extracted the last time, so Ginger does not eat on his right side. This caused the upper tooth to have a lot of tartar (from being underused). He must be eating only on his left side, hence, it is so clean.

Ginger was prescribed Clindamycin (antibiotic) for 5 days and transdermal Tramadol on standby for the pain. His Beazyme will continue and Cystopro will be on alternate days now.

Ginger was already totally wide awake when I reached the clinic, so we started our journey home. Unfortunately, the traffic was totally at a crawl so our journey home took more than double the usual time. As Ginger had been on drips for the procedure, he urinated in the carrier and this made him quite stressed.

I cleaned him up when we finally reached home.

Ginger ate very heartily for dinner, eating three helpings!

Let’s hope Ginger will not need another dental procedure after this.

What’s cookin’?

What’s cookin’ here, folks?

It looks totally harmless, right? It’s like Indy and Ginger are best of friends?


A fight it about to break out, but I intervened and stopped it before it happened.

Indy and Ginger absolutely cannot get along. AT ALL.

But over there, Ginger is reigns supreme! He is everyone’s favourite uncle. He is adored, respected, admired, even worshiped by Minnie and the boys.

Tabs’ priceless present

It’s been 3 days since Tabs had the inappetance and we started treatment for it.

The X-ray showed a “mass” in her stomach which the vet said was something she ingested and she has to pass it out.

Well, the magic happened today.

She passed out a lot of stools!

She did pass out some stools on the first night, but the vet said it wasn’t enough.  On the second night, we forgot that Tabs had gone into Bunny’s Place and she spent the night there. In the morning, I found stools in the sandpit which did not look at any of the Super Seniors’ or Rey’s stools but I still couldn’t be sure if it were Tabs’.

But today, I saw her passing the stools so I’m 100% sure.

Yay, Tabs!! Tabs’ appetite is back now.

This is priceless!!!

Do I HAVE to share?? (Cleo’s complaint)

Cleo is not big on sharing.

She’s the queen and she takes whatever she likes. She snatches and steals from others (isn’t that what queens do, ya?) and she doesn’t like to share.

But nowadays Rey has chosen to live in Bunny’s Place. He comes over every single day and if we put him back to the catio, he bounces back instantly like a rubber ball. He has absolutely no issues launching off from that little triangular space on the window still, jump up to the top of Stargate and glide down to Bunny’s Place. He does it with so much ease these days, he has perfected the art, it’s even completely silent.

And when he comes over, he makes himself absolutely at home.

Like so.

Look at Cleo’s body language! She’s not happy but Rey doesn’t care. To Rey, it’s “I do whatever I like”. 

That’s actually Cow’s spot on the bed.

Robin’s spooky Saturdays

Every Saturday, Robin gets spooked.

We think he is spooked by our part-time cleaner, who, by the way, absolutely loves cats.

What’s with Robin and her? It must be a case of a lack of affinity, somehow.

So ever since the first Saturday when Robin refused to eat and was holed up in his condo until late evening, I make sure I feed them by 6.30am, before the cleaner comes.

Here’s what transpired today, after a hearty breakfast.

7am : Help, help…..the cleaner is here!!!  Run, everyone, run! Says Robin. But nobody else is running.

Help me, help me!!

I’m hiding here, where it’s safe. Nobody can see me.

10.30am – Robin is still hiding. Cleaning is about to finish soon. Phew.


Where is Ginger?

No, he did not escape to become a longkang-cat!

Two days ago, I spotted Ginger on one of the platforms on Stargate2. It’s the first time he has ever gone up. Or rather, the first time I saw him up there.

Then this evening…

Wow! Ginger is on the highest platform – the lookout itself! On the same level as Minnie, but on the opposite end.

As big as he is, he actually went all the way up!

Fun, fun, fun!!