• Mission: Still Possible (with Minnie!)

    This morning, I did something quite brave. I changed the pre+probiotics from Fera Pet Organics’ to Adored Beast’s Love Bugs. As with the previous one, I mixed it with Ciao treats. For my pre+probiotic plan for the cats, I am rotating between two types. Call it kiasu or whatever, I want the best from both…

  • Great advice from a Muslim dog rescuer

    She gives very good advice: https://www.tiktok.com/@myforeverdoggo/video/7299040769103416594?_r=1&_t=8hfGhiR4gEb If you don’t like them or don’t want to help them, please just stay away from them. If you want to help them, learn how to do it. Kudos to you, Ms Umi Sakinah! Dogs are such faithful and grateful beings, and definitely deserving of kindness and help. Learn…

  • “Brain to body weight ratio” – which species has the highest?

    Oh, we think it’s the human? Homo stultus?? Haha…no way…..!!! Guess again. Here you go for the answer: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/slx83u7PG9o When it comes to brain to body weight ratio, we already lose to the magpie and the ant, and who knows to which other hundreds or thousands of other animal species! So, let’s drop the “we humans…

  • Indy on top of the world!

    I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creation…. What are you doin’ so high up today, Indy! I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creationAnd the only explanation I can findIs the love that I’ve found, ever since you’ve been aroundYour love’s put me at the top of the…

  • Cow Mau’s pain management updates

    It’s been exactly 14 days since Cow Mau received the Solensia injection for pain management. I thought I was imagining it, but right after the injection, I think his pain decreased significantly. There was definitely less pawing of the mouth. However, the vet told me it would take at least 2-4 weeks before we could…

  • Akira eats mop strings

    Akira comes out to the Safehouse to play very often. She also knows the protocol, whenever Indy eats his renal kibble at the door, she has to come out. Otherwise, she will steal Indy’s food. So whenever I feed Indy at the door (on demand), she already knows the protocol – she has to come…

  • Another Mission: Possible (getting all of the Blondies and Samantha to eat a meal!)

    As you know, the Blondies and their mum aren’t eaters. They can easily skip a meal just to play. They are not like the Monsters at all. The Monsters are a total joy to feed because they love to eat! The Blondies prefer to play; and Samantha goes on intermittent fasting quite often. However, based…

  • Mission: Possible (getting Minnie to eat probiotics)

    It had been a Mission: Impossible earlier on. Minnie would not lick the probiotics (mixed with tasty Ciao treat) by herself and if I added it into her food, she would boycott the entire meal and starve. So I didn’t pursue it for some time. For the Ginger and the Monsters, it was fairly easy.…

  • Dora has recovered from TVT and is released! (updates from Imm’s Shelter)

    Updates from Judy! Dora just released back at shelter. See her scooting off again to neighbor’s orchard with Harry n Fluff following close behind. Back “home” to her friends and her colony outside the shelter!! Given 3rd chemo jab after this pix taken. Such a vast difference from before the chemo treatment started.  Dora healed…

  • How wolf packs are organised

    This video about how the wolf packs organise themselves is both touching and illuminating. It shows sacrifice, caring, compassion, wisdom and intelligence. Something we humans can certainly learn from! The wolf pack is divided into five sections. The first echelon consists of the oldest and sickest wolves. The walk first so that they do not…

  • The Blondies’ family portrait

    On a rainy day… The Blondies are only 9 months old. But my, how they have grown! Indra is asleep… Hi Indra! Akira has very big round eyes! Kai is the eldest, followed by Akira and Indra. Indra was neglected by Samantha, so I ended up handfeeding all three of them! Samantha wasn’t exactly too…

  • Putin, the FIP cat treated with Molnupiravir (an update)

    I met my friend again today. She’s the one who rescued Putin, a sickly-looking FIP cat and she got Putin treated with oral Molnupiravir under the advice of her vet. Putin has now completed his 84 days of medication and has put on weight and is doing well! His AG ratio was initially 0.3 (confirmed…

  • Jayden hugs Cow Mau!

    Aww….these are definitely for the album! Jayden asked to come into Bunny’s Room and hugged Cow Mau!! Awww….of course Cow Mau is very huggable! Don’t go away, Cow Mau! Jayden then climbed up the bed, wanting to hug Indra, but she ran for her life! Then she went for Akira and Kai had already gone…

  • Updates on WinWin and Fate from Survivor Shelter

    Really, really good news on WinWin today! Ms Ong updated that WinWin’s blood PCV is now at 47% which is incredible! The vet too is extremely pleased with WinWin’s progress after so many months. The chances of survival from IMHA is very low, so WinWin’s case is indeed one-in-a-million! WinWin will return to the shelter…

  • Deworming at Survivor Shelter (updates from Ms Ong)

    In early May 2023, we purchased 200 tablets of Prazitel dewormer for the dogs at Survivor Shelter, sponsored by Jasmine Ee, Ms Chu, Avant Pet and NandaLeonie Hong. The tablets were used for one round on 12th May 2023, and now is the second round, after six months. Ms Ong sent the following updates: All…

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