The whale was full of plastic bags

This video might be disturbing for many, and it is indeed sad that they had to shoot the whale as he/she was dying. But the whale insisted on coming to the shore, to send us all a message.

The whale had become a “plastic” whale, with so many plastic bags in his/her stomach.

Let him/her not die in vain. Please cut down on the use of plastic bags and save marine life.

It is the ocean that gives life to the land.

The video:

Send your plastic wastes to credible recycling centres (for example, Tzu Chi).

Costume jewellery and more scarves (fundraising)

We received these beautiful cat-themed rings and ear-studs for fundraising, from Lina Wong. And, a few more scarves! Thank you very much, Lina.

There are two designs for the rings and they are priced at RM20 each.

The Cat

Cats’ Ears

The ear studs are priced at RM30 per pair. There are three designs.

The Cat Ear-Studs

The Pink Cat Ear-Studs

The Faux Pearl Cat Ear-Studs

If you are interested, please write to to check stock availability.

Shipping charges apply.

Meanwhile, here are the scarves we have left, plus some new ones, too:

Big black musical cats

Big grey musical cats

Big pink musical cats

Small cats in pink, beige and black.

Thank you very much for your kind support!


Still a very uphill task

I received an email from a student recently and she was trying very hard to get her educational institution to be kinder to the dogs and cats who live within the campus. But all her efforts failed. Being young and idealistic (weren’t we all there too, once upon a time?), I could empathise with her frustrations.

In my reply, I had to bring her to reality and since she is a student, I felt she would be able to understand how our federal laws (let alone the council by-laws) work and why animal lovers who are fighting so hard for the very survival of street animals face such difficulty.

For those who are interested, the Animal Welfare Bill of 2015 was gazetted by parliament on 29th December 2015 but nobody knows when it might be finally enforced.  (you might be interested in reading the preamble at the very beginning (which encompasses the spirit of the Act, ie. “ownership of animals”),  as well as Sections 29-33).

But it’s still not in force, so what we have now, in force, is the Animal Act of 1953 with its amendments.

Here are the documents available on the internet:

The Animal Act 1953 (Act 647 of the Laws of Malaysia):  (you might want to read up on Section 44 regarding penalty for cruelty to animals; there are seven cruelties listed).

Note paragraph (3) above on destruction of animals for food.

The penalty for cruelty to animals was amended in 2013: (please see article 38, Amendment to Section 44)

Now, besides the Animal Act of 1953, there is, unfortunately, also Act 154, which is The Destruction of Disease-Bearing Insects Act of 1975: (please see Part 1, para (2))

While the title of the act refers to “insects”, as defined in the first part:

Paragraph (2) says:

The above might shed some light on why street animals are being treated in the current manner by those in power.

With the above knowledge, it appears that amendments to certain laws may be necessary in order to protect street animals. While many people are waiting eagerly for the Animal Welfare Bill 2015 to be enforced simply because it covers more areas of cruelty (Section 29) and imposes a heavier penalty on perpetrators, please note that even when that happens, Act 154 is still applicable. In order to make any amendments to any law, a politician has to make the necessary proposal to parliament. Is there any politician who is interested to pursue animal protection matters and propose amendments to the existing laws? If you can find one, perhaps you may want to try to lobby for better protection of street animals. But do be careful of empty promises and backlashes, please. Whatever you do, please always think of the safety of the animals.

Meanwhile, let us “little people” here do the needful: Get as many as possible street animals neutered. We offer aid:

Neutering aid for 8 dogs in Tanjong Karang (Ng Ven Dee’s)

We have sponsored RM800 for the neutering of these 8 dogs (3 males, 5 females).

Our maximum rate for dogs is RM100 each and we definitely cannot cover transportation of the vet.

We have also advised Ms Ng to apply for SelangorNeuteringSubsidy since she qualifies.  This way, it can free up some of our funds to help those who are not born in Selangor and those residing in the rest of Malaysia.

From: vendee ng
Date: Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 10:43 PM
Subject: Requesting Sponsor For Neutering.
To: “” <>

Dear Dr Chan,

I’m Wendy from Tanjong Karang, im writing this email to request sponsor of neutering.

I’m staying in Tanjong Karang which nearby my house area there is a oil palm estate have plenty of stray dog.

My mom, my aunt and myself is feeding the dogs daily by cooking rice mixed with some chicken bone to feed them. Due to the amount of stray dog (around 20-30 dogs) is increasing, the cost of feeding also increasing. We are running out of fund to feed the dog and finally we decided to neutering the dog to control the amount of dogs.

Somehow, there is some outsider also trying to throw away their puppy to the area due to they know we are feeding them. Hope you could understand the situation we are facing.

Below are the details :-

Full Name : Ng Ven Dee

Date of Neutering : 11/06/2017

Cost Spend : RM 1,260.00 (8 dogs)

Including :- Transportation RM120.00 (of vet)

Spay Dog RM150 x 5   (Dachshund ; Piggy ; Blackmouth ; Little Child ; Mole )

Castration Dog Rm120 x 1 (Big Head)

Castration Dog 17kg RM140 x 1 (Big Boss)

Castration Dog 16kg RM 130 x 1 (Bad Boy)

Hopefully you could understand the situation i mentioned above and let us to get the sponsorship which could help us to reduce the cost. If possible, please sponsor us for the full amount of RM1,260.00 to let us can have fund to help more dogs for neutering.

Attached the Photo of the dogs , Official Receipt and the AnimalCare Neutering Aid for your reference. The origin hardcopy will send to you by courier.

Thank You.


Wendy Ng


Neutering aid for 4 cats in Bentong (Liaw Jarn Ling’s)

We have sponsored RM240 for the neutering of these 4 cats.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kuantan (Salmiah bt Mat Arof’s)

We have sponsored RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

From: Salmiah Mat arof
Date: 2017-06-14 11:29 GMT+08:00
Subject: memohon subsidi utk kucing jalanan
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Hello puan, saya ingin memohon subsidi pemandulan utk kucing jalanan. Kucing betina ini saya namakan Coco. Coco dijumpai berkeliaran di kedai makan kawan saya di Taman Ta, Kuantan. . Coco telah beranak 4 ekor. setelah anaknya berusia 3 bulan saya buat pemandulan utuk Coco. Kemudian saya lepaskan semula di kedai kawan saya.  Bersama2 ini saya sertakan gambar sebelum dan selepas pemandulan.  Terima kasih.

After the egg yolk meal (Daffi stories)

The egg yolk meal was indeed a miracle of sorts. For two whole days, I feared the worst. Daffi barely even moved and ate very, very small amounts.

But yesterday, after the egg yolk meal, she appeared to feel better.

She finally came downstairs.

This morning, she was able to go up and down the stairs, and she ate a home-cooked breakfast.

Played a slow version of hide-and-seek.

Up and down the stairs, we go!

No visible limping so far.

Life is all about moments, isn’t it?

I am grateful for moments when Daffodil is able to move about, to eat, to sleep and to do all things natural for a cat.


Carnism: Why humans eat meat

Carnism is the invisible belief system that conditions people to eat certain animals and tells them that they may not want to eat a dog/cat but it is “okay” to eat a pig/cow/goat/chicken, etc. It is a belief system, created by humans, to justify their wants and the pleasures of their tongues.

This video clip is long, but it’s worth any animal lover’s time:

Eating animals may not be normal, natural or even necessary for many humans in the world.

But many humans have been conditioned to think that eating animals is normal, natural and necessary.

Many humans have also been conditioned to think that slavery, male dominance, heterosexual supremacy, etc., were normal, natural and necessary.

We DO have a choice.

Let’s make a compassionate choice.

A doggie mattress and mattress covers

We would like to thank Mr Ooi In Haw for his kind donation of RM600 for this doggy mattress and four mattress covers.

My mum sewed them all and I only stuff in the kapok!

That’s the sewn “mattress” before being stuffed.

I used two-and-a-half bags of kapok to fill it up. The kapok is donated by Connie James.

The blue disney tsum-tsum cloth is donated by Mr Ooi himself.

This is the first cover.

This pastel cloth is donated by Agnes Cheong.

The second cover is made from this brown geometrical fabric, donated by my mum.

These two are also mattress covers, for Mr Ooi’s existing smaller dog mattress. Pastel cloth is donated by Agnes Cheong while the green cloth is donated by my mum.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind support!