The raw deal – Ms Poldrey Hepburn and daughter’s deal

It was during the time when I wanted to give everyone fish oil that Cleo got angry because I wiped some fish oil onto her bowl. Since then, she went back to her fussy ways of eating again.

Lesson: NEVER make a cat angry.

It was the same when I gave Quail to Ginger and Heidi staged a complete walkout from the kitchen and refused to eat. And why? Because she did not like the smell of quail. That’s all.

NEVER make a cat angry.

But at least Heidi’s anger only lasted a day.


It’s been three weeks now.

Three full weeks of dealing with Cleo’s fussy eating ways.

It started when both Pole and Cleo rejected Cubgrub and there were problems in getting them to eat. Now, if these two girls were not underweight, I would have let them be, but they are, especially Pole. Pole is hyperthyroid and has to eat a lot to just maintain her weight. She’s eating way more than 2% of her ideal body weight.

So I had to run intervention. I decided to try Coco&Joe’s and voila….they loved it!

Surprisingly, Cow loved it too, so I have had three of them getting Coco&Joe’s for three weeks now, until……

Cleo started boycotting Coco&Joe’s a few days ago…..

Now what??

What’s wrong now?

I tried Primal and Cubgrub, but those didn’t appeal to her either.

Thankfully, last night, Cleo was willing to eat some Cubgrub, so perhaps it’s back to Cubgrub now?

But I did figure out how to entice Cleo to eat – chicken liver!

Cleo seems to love chicken liver, so if I put a small slice on top of her food, it might entice her to start eating.

So, chicken liver it is….for now…until it does not work anymore!

So, who are the problematic eaters?

That would be (ranked): Cleo, Indy, Ginger, Pole, Heidi. The other three was quite predictable with Bunny being ranked last because he eats anything and everything.

Here’s the latest:

Cleo: Cubgrub or Coco&Joe’s with chicken liver. No Primal.

Indy: Coco&Joe’s or Cubgrub with chicken liver; Chicken thigh meat. Maybe Primal.

Ginger: Cubgrub’s exotics (duck, rabbit), Boiled chicken from soup. No Primal. No Coco&Joe’s. “I’m the Cubgrub cover boy.” 

Pole: Coco&Joe’s with Primal toppings.

Heidi: Cubgrub (preferably chicken), Primal toppings. Boiled chicken from soup. No Coco&Joe’s.

Cow: Coco&Joe’s with Primal toppings, Cubgrub (no duck).

Tabs: Cubgrub with Primal toppings. No Coco&Joe’s.

Bunny: Anything and everything!

Yesterday, I was very busy during lunchtime and Pole and Cleo were being rather difficult – they just refused to eat. Whatever I offered was all wrong. Since I was rushing out, I decided to just let them be.

Tough love!

It was just for one meal, and I would be back by evening.

By the time I got home at 4pm, both were waiting at the grille.

Aha….hungry, eh?

I decided to extend the tough love…..until 5.30pm.

By then, both were too hungry to act up!

They ate!!

Pole asking for her third helping.

Last night, Pole ate Coco&Joe’s and Cleo ate Cubgrub.

And this morning, also not acting up. Both girls were waiting for their food.

But Cleo did ask for chicken liver to top her food. Fair enough…

Betsy has her forever happy home!!

Connie has decided to adopt Betsy!!

And Mun Mun is delighted that Betsy has a forever home now. We do wish to, again, thank Mun Mun very much, for offering to adopt Betsy when she was first rescued.

All’s well that ends well.

Connie will also take care of all of Betsy’s medical bills including the first one on the 3rd eyelid flap surgery done a few days ago.

As such, this is no longer a special one-off project for us as we have not spent any funds on Betsy so far.

Betsy and her friends waiting excitedly for the Primal meal.

Have a wonderfully happy and healthy life, Betsy!

Thank you very much, Connie!


Another Double Charity Donation to CK Shelter

Recipients: The cats at CK Shelter
Donors: Wong Yoke Mei, Mary Yap & Winnie, Poldrey Hepburn & Cleo, Donors from Boost, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Cindy’s Naturelle Grainfree Salmon kibble – 20 bags

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

A message from CK Shelter: The food arrived this afternoon! Thank you so so much again to all of you. God bless , and pls convey my regards and thank you to all donors. 🙏

CK Shelter is a private and self-funded shelter located in Selangor and is home to 220 rescued cats. This shelter has also adopted many cats whom we published for adoption in the past and their founder was a generous donor to our Fund in our early years.

Since our reserve funds are sufficient to cover all neutering and vaccination claims, we are now channeling all new donations and excess funds to support the following four shelters with petfood: PAWS, Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary, Imm’s Shelter and CK Shelter.  All petfood sent to these shelters are chosen by them for their animals’ needs.   
About the Double Charity Donation:


Neutering aid for 2 cats in Bukit Rimau (Norazida Md Dahari’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM200 for the neutering of these 2 cats.

Puan Norazida has provided updates of her previous cats below.

Kindly find attached the before after photo of 2 male stray cats, the Application form & receipt sent for neutering recently.
The original will be sent to AnimalCare office by this week.
Both males are the regular diners at my feeding stations.
The orange (Ginger) male one day came with severe ear infection which actually allow me to trap him due to his pain and have him sent to the vet for medical treatment and castration at the same time.
While the other one (ET) happen to drop by the same morning that I’m sending Ginger to the vet and got him to tag along to the vet.
Thanking you in advance and hope to receiving your positive feedback.
Azida Dahari
Previous cats:

Neutering aid for 2 cats in Shah Alam (Seng Pui Mun’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM140 for the neutering of these 2 cats.

I would like to apply neutering fund for neutering two male cats named Browny and Yuen Yuen. They are strays cat found in Shah Alam.

Browny was found in this area for around half a year. He is tame but can’t be reached. He was in heat last month and did not turn up for two weeks. His jaw bone  was injured when came back. DR suspect that he was beaten. He stayed in clinic for around three weeks.

Yuen Yuen was found in neighbour house drain when small. He was sick as raining season. He is healthy now and started in heat last month.

After recovered they will be returned to this area. I will try to get them rehomed, if not I will feed them and provide medical care for life.

I hope AnimalCare will consider my application.


Neutering aid for 1 dog in Kepong (Yeap Yin May’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM150 for the neutering of this dog.

One and a half month ago, we stumbled upon this little dog loitering around the Taman Ehsan Industrial Park area with a bad skin infection. Been feeding it for a while and the skin infection was cured. But unfortunately, a car knocked into it two weeks ago. Sent him in for surgery and decided to neuter him at the same time. Will temporarily board him for a month, pending his recovery from surgery. Once fully recovered, we will send him to a factory in Subang 2 where the owner is willing to adopt him. Would appreciate it you can kindly provide aid for the neutering of this dog. Thank you.
Yeap Yin May

Thank you very much, Lawyers for Animal Rights!

Please share widely.  Thank you.

Happy little Betsy (Day 3)

An update on 13th Jan 2020: Betsy is now adopted by Connie and Connie will cover all her medical expenses including the 3rd eyelid flap surgery. This is now no longer a one-off special project for us. 

Here are some photos of happy little Betsy on Day 3:

Betsy has already made friends with all of Connie’s dogs!

Lounging with Wendy

Sleeping with Wendy

Eating Primal Freeze-Dried, her staple food.

A close-up of the 3rd eyelid flap.

She is so, so happy despite the 3rd eyelid flap!

Short summary: Betsy was found by a good samaritan and brought to the clinic. Her owner was contacted by the clinic but the owner did not want Betsy anymore. However, Betsy needed an urgent eye surgery to save her eye (or have it removed). Connie offered to foster Betsy during recovery and Mun Mun offered to adopt Betsy, so this is our special one-off project to save Betsy. We are sponsoring Betsy’s eye surgery, eventual spaying and her medical needs until she goes to Mun Mun and her new forever home.

The raw deal: An update

I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to write about our raw-feeding adventures.

Here’s the latest (in order of preference, as per today):

Cow: Coco n Joe, Cubgrub, Primal
Bunny: Cubgrub, Coco n Joe, Primal and everything else
Pole: Coco n Joe, Primal
Cleo: Coco n Joe, raw chicken
Indy: Raw chicken, Cubgrub, Coco n Joe, Primal
Ginger: Cubgrub (only exotics, no chicken), raw chicken
Heidi: Cubgrub, raw chicken
Tabs: Cubgrub, Primal

Everyone eats at least 3 proteins now. I rotate every day.

Cleo had a bit of problems the last two days – she wasn’t quite interested in eating. I finally found the trick – top it with raw liver.

Heidi also had some vomiting problem. That was solved using Omeprazole – worked like a charm.

At the same time, my friend has now converted ALL her dogs to raw food using Coco n Joe and Primal.

Another colleague found a kitten recently and happened to tell me about it. We got talking about nutrition and I sent her several websites to read. She then decided she would try Cubgrub. She did – but her kitten wasn’t really interested at first. So I gave her a Primal nugget as topping (sprinkles) – that did the trick! Now, she doesn’t even need Primal anymore. The kitten guzzles more than 100g of Cubgrub a day! My colleague is happiest that the stools are odourless!!