Minnie’s escape attempts

Minnie has not been happy being confined. Clearly, her “4 months” with her kittens is up and she wants to be a free spirit again.

She was not able to escape through Bunny’s Place because we closed her entrance into Bunny’s Place from the downstairs bathroom.

But this morning, she tried something else.

As far as we estimate, she should not be able to escape from here and she could not until later.

We don’t know how she did it, but my husband spotted her outside, which means, when there’s a will, there is a way.

If Minnie wants to be a free-roaming community cat, she would not be happy being confined indoors.

So, okay, Minnie, we respect your wishes.

Petfood Donation to Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary

Donors: Kok Khee Wee, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, In memory of Mr Chan Kam Loon, Donors from Boost, AnimalCare (reserve fund).

The petfood and supplies:

Vitalplus dog kibble 18kg – 2 bags.
Alps small bite kibble: Salmon 13kg – 7 bags
Vitalplus cat kibble: Salmon 18 kg – 6 bags
Cindy’s Holistic Baby cat and Mother kibble 13 kgs – 3 bags
Dog canned food Alps Classic Pate (400g) Salmon – 5 boxes.
Cat canned food Cindy Original Tender Chicken with Salmon (80g) – 10 boxes
Cindy’s Cat litter clumping clay 10L – 35 bags

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

A message from Mun Mun: Received Petfood from Avant pet today. Thank you so much Dr Chan Kah Yein, myanimalcare and donors for your continuous support. Appreciate it so much. 🙏🙏🙏

Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary is home to 236 dogs and 80 cats. It is managed by Mr Ng Foo Mun and his workers. Mun Mun also feeds a colony of dogs outside his shelter.

Latest photos from Mun Mun:

Neutering aid for 3 cats in Subang Jaya (Ooi Goot Lai & Koh Sum Ning’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM300 for the neutering of these 3 cats.

Mdm Ooi is assisted by her daughter, Koh Sum Ning.

Updates on previous claims are below.

Found these three kittens in the drain, keeping it within our house compound and feeding it everyday. 
Previous Claimed Cats: 
1) Yellow Mama – Living in the porch and healthy, feeding it daily. 
2) Sally – Living in the porch and healthy, feeding it daily. 
3) Mama 2 – Living indoor and healthy, feeding it daily. 
4) Mimi – Living indoor. He was sent for eye operation on 5th October now he’s resting at home
5) Mama 1 – Staying Indoor, taking care of her, healthy and feed daily.
6) Papa – Staying indoor, healthy and feed daily.

Neutering aid for 2 cats in Shah Alam (Tengku Nazrin Shah bin Tengku Azelan Shah’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM200 for the neutering of these 2 cats.

Tengku Nazrin is a new applicant.

The two males cats are the Brian (White and Black spot) and Freddie (Black with blue collar). I would like to submit a claim for them. My mother and I have also got two more cats neutered and have found homes for them. One more female is neutered but I decided not to ear-notch so I am not claiming for her. We have turned part of our house into a catio to give shelter to the cats. 

Petfood Donation (for Lim Seong Ann’s dogs in Kota Bharu)

Donors: Kok Khee Wee, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Charmaine Nyam, Wan Tai Seng, Kwan Pei Kuan, Khoo Ming-Yi, donors from Boost, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Vitalplus dog kibble 18kg
– Salmon – 5 bags
– Lamb – 5 bags

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery to Kota Bharu.

A message from Mr Lim: Received 10 bags of Vital Plus. Thank you from my heart and the furkids.

Mr Lim is one of our elderly CNRM-applicants in Kota Bharu. He is a retiree without pension and is also a cancer patient who is still undergoing treatment for his stage 3 cancer. He is currently looking after 21 dogs in a makeshift kennel. He recently acquired licenses for his dogs and they have also been vaccinated against rabies by the vet department.

An email from Mr Lim:

I would like to thank all the donors and My animalcare for donating so generously to my 21 dogs I am taking care of now. Most of them. are kept in the makeshift kennel.

My supply of dog kibbles Vital plus can last approximately another 2 weeks.
As I am now 64 years old and not working, I depend on my daughters monthly allowance of Rm750. 00, of which Rm 300.00 is for house rental and utilities.
I would like to request for food aid for the 21 dogs under my care. On alternate days I would cook rice and chicken and mix it with kibbles. On other days they only feed on kibbles.
I do hope you would kindly consider my request as I truly have no other ways to acquire dog food for these dogs.
I have sent photos of the 21 dogs..
Thank you so much for you kindness and compassion.
Lim. Seong Ann.

Petfood Donation for Imm’s Shelter

Donors: Kok Khee Wee, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Charmaine Nyam, Tan Lai Fun, Ahmad Amir Kamil, Wan Tai Seng, Kwan Pei Kuan, Lee Chooi Wan IMO Little Tiger, Tan Tay Thye & his karma debtors, anonymous donors, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Cindy’s Holistic Series cat kibbles
– Open Farm Chicken  13kg – 1 bag

Monge Natural cat kibbles Adult 10 kg – 1 bag

Cindy’s Original 80gm cat canned food
– Tuna with scallop – 2 boxes

Cindy’s Favourites 400gm cat canned food
– Tuna Chicken – 4 boxes

Alps dog 400gm can pate.
– Salmon 3 boxes
– Turkey 2 boxes

Alps dog kibble 13kg
– Lamb 2 bags
– Pork 2 bags

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

A message from Imm’s Shelter: Imm’s shelter and our furry friends are most blessed. Thank you very very much. Mega blessings to all donors for their kindness n generosity.

Imm’s Shelter is located in Perak and is currently home to 34 dogs, 1 pup and 18 cats. It is managed by Imm, her friends and volunteers.

Some photos of the animals:

The escape artist is back

After almost 10 hours of disappearance, we found Minnie sitting on our downstairs window sill.

And this is after me making trips upstairs every half hour or so all day to see if she had come into our bedroom with the mosquito netting wide open (no, she did not).

So I calmly went to open the mosquito netting of the downstairs window, but you know, cat pride again. She refused to come in.

We had to catch all the kittens and put them outside in the patio as they might jump out through the window and that would be pandemonium indeed.

So I waited and Minnie also waited, refusing to come through the window.

Finally, I went to open the front door and this time, she rushed in.

Hmm….so, the front door is okay, but the window is not. Whatever the reason is, it does not matter.

She’s back.

I had earlier consoled myself that perhaps she did have a home down the road and maybe she had gone “home” now that she is well and her kittens are big enough, maybe it’s time to detach and go home.

But she’s back!

After she settled in, I fed her and she ate her dinner. Seemed hungry too.

Totally exhausted after a long trip out.

The downstairs bathroom windows are secured. The first thing Minnie did when she came back was actually to go to the bathroom to look at her escape route. My husband used cables to tie the handles so that there is only a small gap now. He says there is no way she can escape anymore.

We shall see.

Cats are just too smart. I’m still completely baffled until now – how could Minnie have known that there would be a path to escape in Bunny’s Place??

Minnie shows her escape route

Minnie came back very quickly after her last escape last night. It seemed she was having fun with her escapes.

For the whole night, she did not make any attempts to escape and was here in the morning.

But when I fed her this morning, she did not want to eat at all.

Instead she went to the downstairs bathroom, and wanted me to follow her.

I did.

From the bathroom, she jumped up the window and went to Bunny’s Place.

Okay….but why?

I soon found out.

At Bunny’s Place, she jumped on the ledge and walked along it until the end.

It was getting late and I had to go back to the kitchen to feed the rest, so I let her be.

But from the kitchen window, believe it or not, she was already out on the roof.

That was how she escaped!

It wasn’t from the patio, Stargate or Stargate2.

It was from Bunny’s Place.

HOW would she know there was a possible escape route for her in Bunny’s Place?

That was that. She didn’t even bother to eat her breakfast. She just wanted to go out.

Later, we viewed the CCTV at Bunny’s Place and learnt how she did it.

It calls for a very athletic body and the need to contort the body.

From the end of the ledge, she contorts her body until one leg is on the steel netting and one on the pipe. Then, she heaves herself up and twists her body so that she lands on the roof.

This is clearly beyond my wildest imagination but the proof is in the CCTV footage.

In the first place, we didn’t know she had to go to Bunny’s Place to make this escape and that is why we did not view the CCTV in Bunny’s Place.

Well, she is gone now and it has been almost 6 hours.

We’ve left our bedroom mosquito netting open so that she can come back if she wishes.

My husband spotted her four houses away and also at the park. When he called her name, she just ignored him.

I guess she just wants to stretch her legs (literally!) and be free.

If she chooses not to come back, I hope Smurfy and the kittens can learnt to accept this. I’ll have to accept this too.

Well, we nursed her back to health from a liver disease (hepatitis), gave her a safe place to deliver the kittens, provided her a home with nutritional food, but if she still chooses to be a community cat, we have no choice but to accept it.

Be safe, Minnie. We hope you will come back.

It’s a total mystery, even with the CCTV playbacks

We decided to playback the CCTVs to determine if Minnie’s escape route is where we thought it to be.

After scrutinising every single footage of the few cameras, it’s a complete mystery.

It is NOT where we thought it was.

So now, we have no clue how Minnie escaped.

And as expected, while we were watching all the playback, she escaped again.

Poor Smurfy…he probably knows how Minnie escaped but he even if he tells us, we won’t be able to understand.

One of the kittens keep looking at the back area where (the original) Stargate is, but we cannot figure out how she can possibly escape from there. It just seems totally impossible.

Perhaps it will just remain a mystery until we catch her in action, but knowing her, she will never let that happen.