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Something rare

This is rare, to have all four of them eating together. Normally, it’s Cow and Bunny who will eat. Indy and Cleo are extremely finicky. Cleo isn’t so bad actually, she might run off and return later to eat alone. Or she just wants to eat at a different location. But Indy….Indy is extremely difficult. If he misses a meal, he will make a whole lot of noise for hours later, but still refuses to eat when offered. You just don’t know what he wants. But he probably wants only a certain type of food, but who knows what it might be!

Cleo is fine if she misses an entire meal. It means she isn’t hungry and she doesn’t make a hue and cry after that. She will eat in the next meal. But not Indy. Often, I just resort to force feeding Indy just so that we don’t have to deal with his incessant and very loud noises which can last for hours!

Rain, rain, please go away

It’s been so terribly cold these days with the frequent rain.

Between hot and cold, for the sake of the cats, I prefer “hot”.

When it rains, the cats would come into the Bunny’s Room and they have cushions, blankets, towels to keep them warm.

But lately, Bunny has decided that he wants to stay in the pantry on his chair. Now, Bunny is 80% blind so we cannot move the furniture around. He only likes his chairs, so the chairs have to remain where they are, rain or shine.

I’ve been bringing Bunny into the room whenever it rains. I’ve prepared extra mats, baskets, I’ve even brought in his favourite chair from the pantry into the room, but he keeps going back out to the pantry. And it is really so very, very cold there.

Every new place that I prepare in the room is also hijacked by Indy, Cleo and Cow. Even if I managed to get Bunny to stay in a new basket or mat, the three will find ways to hijack it later and once they do, Bunny doesn’t want it anymore. It must be a territorial and scent issue.

So, we had to resort to this….

A box-house on his favourite chair in the pantry.

At least the cardboard box will provide some protection against the cold and the wind. I’ve tried putting baskets in the pantry but Bunny doesn’t want them. He wants his chair in this position (and nowhere else).

This is one of the baskets meant for Bunny in the room, but it’s already been hijacked by Cow.

This is another basket hijacked by Indy.

This basket is meant for Bunny but Indy has claimed it and he spends hours sleeping comfortably in it.

The two wooden chairs have also been hijacked by Cleo, Indy and Cow.

Among the three, Indy is the biggest hijacker. They have their own spaces, but they still hijack whatever that is new.

I hope the rains will end soon. It’s not good for the cats.

Another big Cow-Ginger fight

Cow, Bunny and Indy have been coming out to the patio daily after breakfast. Ginger isn’t exactly happy about it but all has been well and peaceful until two days ago when a huge fight broke out between Cow and Ginger.

We were busy clearing the garden when it happened. There was a very loud and terrifying war cry and we found Cow and Ginger locked together and fur flying all over. Luckily we managed to break up the fight.

Ginger wasn’t injured but Cow had two bleeding wounds at his ear and a scratch on his body.

So, Ginger won…again. Looks like Cow’s fighting (and winning) days are over now that he is a senior cat, but he doesn’t seem to know this.

I cleaned the wounds, applied Biosilver spray and povidone iodine on them. The wounds didn’t look deep, so I hoped we would not need any vet visit. I also gave Cow a dose of Vetri DMG.

Cow was eating at lunch time so that was an encouraging sign.

Yesterday, Cow was barred from coming out. We could not risk another fight.

The wounds dried up by yesterday and I don’t think we need to see the vet. Thank goodness for this.

Cow asked to come out again this morning and we let him, but under the strictest supervision.

Ginger: But this is my territory…

Ginger monitors Cow closely while we also monitor both of them closely!

As long as the two are apart, it should be fine.

The two wounds at his ear are healing well.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kuala Lumpur (Jacqueline Wong Mei Lin’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this cat.

Updates on previous cats are below.


I am writing to apply for neutering aid for Cleo. 

Cleo wandered into our colony late May. We first saw her late at night and again a few days later where we noticed she was visibly pregnant. We returned over the course of a week with no sign of her until someone spotted her and a male, across the road in the park.

My son and I quickly trapped her, found someone to foster her and she gave birth the next day. She had 3 healthy kittens (2 look exactly like the male in the park) and took on an additional 1 week old motherless kitten a few days later.

All her kittens have been adopted and Cleo has now been spayed. I have spoken to the workers in the park who have been leaving out food, I will supply food for them and my family and I will continue to drop in on her and be responsible for her health.

We have been trying since June to trap the male for neutering though he has been very elusive and has no set schedule. The workers in the park have agreed to help create a feeding pattern so we can get him, so hopefully soon…. In the meantime, I will release Cleo to her former home in the park.

Some updates (pictures attached bel0w):

  • Charlie and Blackie doing well, we have had to remove the feeder as the chickens find them, so they get food twice a day at a particular spot then it’s removed.
  • Maggie was adopted at the last minute with her daughter Brodie and lives outdoors (as she prefers) and has food and her favourite bed provided for her
  • Hujan has been released and stays close returning at feeding time.
  • Tugu had a few bouts of flu that has finally recovered from but is now healthy and was just adopted by someone looking for an adult lap cat.



Vaccination aid for 3 cats in Bernam Jaya (Siti Khaulah bt Abdul Razak’s)

We have provided an aid of RM75 for the vaccinations of these 3 cats.

I would like to apply for vaccination aid for these three kittens that I’ve found and rescued from my neighborhood. The female kitten was found near the playground in the neighborhood while the other two kittens are previously neutered Koko’s kitten. All three kittens were well taken care of by me and have been regularly monitored on a daily basis. 

I have received permission from my Dr veterinary to neutered the female kitten two weeks after its 2nd vaccination while the other two male kittens need to take their 3rd vaccine before neuter surgery. I will release the kittens back into the colony after their neuter surgery and will continue to feed and take care of them on a daily basis. 

Attached are all three kittens vaccination collages, application forms, and vaccination receipts.

The completed original form and receipt will be posted later today.

Your consideration of my application is highly appreciated. 
Thank you,
Siti Khaulah Binti Abdul Razak

Bunny’s Poopy Gallery

It’s been 15 days since Bunny underwent the manual evacuation of his bowels. And it’s been 15 days of meticulous monitoring of his bowel movements plus a strict regimen of extra water, supplements and laxatives to help Bunny.

I’ve also started a “Poopy Gallery” to monitor and keep track of Bunny’s bowel movement and the texture of his faeces. So far, his bowel movement averages at 2-3 days once. If we can maintain this, that would be so, so good. It would be much better if it’s 2 days once, but I’ve learnt not to ask for too much.

The vet did suggest that we could try the drug Cisapride, but I’m concerned about the adverse effects, so if Bunny can do it himself, that would be so much better.

Since the manual evacuation, Bunny has not strained to defecate. When he gets into position, the bowel movement is easy and natural. The stools are also well-formed and not at all hard.

Today was after 3 days and I was watching him like a hawk since breakfast. He didn’t do it. So just now, my husband tried massaging his abdomen and after that, the magic happened! Bunny defecated and his stools were soft and all good! In fact, his stools are getting softer every time now, even if the interval is 3 days. I hope this means there is some improvement.

I wish Bunny could talk so that he can tell us how he feels and if he has defecated. The problem is that Bunny doesn’t have a fixed location to do his business. It could be one of a few places. So I do have to go search for his poop if I don’t see him doing it. But so far, somehow, I’ve managed to actually see him doing it except for once.

This is Bunny’s Poopy Gallery. So far, he does it only in the mornings. I remember also maintaining a photo gallery for Indy’s poop for 4 months when he had his poop problem two years ago. It took that long for him to get back to normalcy. Indy’s problem was the reverse – he had loose and bloody stools.


Petfood Donation to Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary

Donors: In memory of Benji Wong from Yoke Mei, IMO Sandy from Chow Yi Lin, Kok Khee Wee, Bowling Allies, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Ng Yu Mei, Ahmad Amir Kamil, Kwan Pei Kuan, Lee Chooi Wan, Wan Tai Seng, Tan Tay Thye, Wong Chin Kuan, Tan Lai Fun, Cho Fung Kin, Than Foong, Yong Mei Tsin, Aman Ruzaini Ahmad, Lau Chao Ching, Chang Min Jie, Chia Lee Hun, donors from Boost, anonymous donors, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood and supplies:

1. Cindy’s Original canned food 80g – Tuna Chicken – 10 boxes
2. Alps small bite kibble salmon 13kgs – 2 bags
3. Dog canned food Alps classic pate (400g) Lamb – 5 boxes
4. Vitalplus dog kibble 18kgs – 8 bags
5. Cat litter Angel Kleen – 15 bags
6. Cindy Naturelle Grainfree kibble 13kg Chicken – 4 bags
7. Cindy Naturelle Holistic kibble 13kg Baby Cat and Mother – 2 bags

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

A message from Mun Mun: Today we received delivery of pet food from Avant Pet. We want to thank you and donors for your financial support. 🙏

Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary is home to 250 dogs and 80 cats. It is run by Mun Mun and Phoebe. They are also looking after 2 groups of stray dogs outside the sanctuary (23 dogs).

The ongoing cold war

This has been going on for years.

Ginger would sit in front of the grille and taunt the alphas. Usually it’s either Cow or Indy who would go crazy.

But now, Cow, Bunny and Indy get to come out to the patio every day, so this changes the dynamics. They get to taunt Ginger in return, and Ginger retaliates by following them around AND sprays urine to mark territory…sigh.

Indy is taunting Ginger now.

Cow joins in. Two against one.

This is what happens when all our males are super-alphas.
Well, as long as they don’t fight, but there is no guarantee of that. We have to watch them.

Tabs fur grows back

It has been a month since Tabs’ balding problem started.

The vet said it was an allergy problem and Revolution spot-on should do the trick.

Her fur is growing back in all three spots on the head and back of the neck now.
We applied the spot-on again yesterday and there will be one more for next month.

Hey Tabs, no more balding!