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Vaccination aid for 1 cat in Shah Alam (Chung Yaw Hwa’s)

We have provided an aid of RM25 for the first vaccination of this cat.

The cat will also be neutered and we will post updates of previous claims in the neutering post.

attach photo and documentation for Vaccination Aid
Behind my house (backyard) have some stray cats around ( male and female). some are not friendly even this cat (photo) is already six month old and need to vaccine and neuter it otherwise it will get pregnant very soon.  I have been feeding them cat food most of the time.. I will be sending for Neuter this coming Thursday.
After Neutering and second Vaccine, plan to put in back to where she belong and as usual that I will feed them cat food at the backyard of my house area.
Hope  to hear from you soon
Chung Yaw Hwa


Safer with Cow

Tabs still feels safer with Cow.

Pole and Cleo

Ever since Pole’s vomiting problem a few months ago, she has totally rejected raw food. It’s strange because Pole and Cleo were our first cats to be on the raw diet and they loved it. From a total turn-off, I resorted to giving her renal wetfood, but she soon rejected that and she only eats renal kibble now. While I know she should not be on kibble since she has a kidney problem, it’s the ONLY food that she would eat, so I really have no choice. Because of her hyperthyroid condition too, Pole can only eat very small meals, so she ends up eating 15-20 small meals per day. We have been managing this for months now and her weight is sustained at 3.0kg, which is good enough. At one time, she was only 2.5kg.

Whenever Pole gets her kibble, of course everyone else also wants some, but I don’t give them any since everyone else in Bunny’s Place is on the raw diet. Still, they will try and steal her food if I’m not monitoring Pole’s meals.

This is the biggest thief. Those steely eyes say: I demand for this food. GIVE.

So, all of Pole’s meals must be strictly monitored. Otherwise, the moment I turn my back, Pole would have given up her bowl for Cleo. Or Indy, or Cow. Bunny doesn’t steal as he cannot get up onto the table due to his vision loss.

Pole doesn’t know how to defend her food. She would just readily give it up for anyone.

All huddled up

Rio by himself and Rey, Lynx and Robin all huddled up on the deckchair.

A few days ago, I managed to lure Minnie back in through Stargate2. She wasn’t interested to stay and in less than 30 minutes, found yet another way to escape using her remarkable athletic prowess. She’s just happier being a free-roaming cat. She comes back twice-daily for food at the porch.

Bunny’s patio trips

Bunny’s special privilege is his patio trips.

Although Bunny is almost blind, he knows his way around the patio.

I’m training the Greystokes to give way to Bunny. They are all inquisitive and want to sniff at Bunny, but when Bunny senses their presence, he hisses. The Cow Family consists of warrior-cats where their first instinct is to attack. It’s their personality.

You all stay put and don’t disturb Bunny, please.

Bunny took Lynx’ camouflage deckchair and Lynx went off to sleep in a basket.

I guess grey tabbies are friendlier by nature.

Petfood Donation to Imm’s Shelter

Donors: In memory of NoimiJ from Jennifer Balagut, In memory of Phong Soong Min from Phong Chun Eng, Kok Khee Wee, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Tan Tay Thye, Wan Tai Seng, Kwan Pei Kuan, Chia Lee Hun, Emily Ding Li Ting, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, donors from Boost, anonymous donors.

The petfood:

Monge Natural cat kibbles Adult 10 kg – 1 bag

Alps dog kibble 13kg – 5 bags

Cindy Delicious Tuna Chicken – 4 boxes.

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

A message from Imm’s Shelter: On behalf on Imm’s shelter, our utmost appreciation to all MyAnimalcare donors for the petfood donation received today. Our furry friends are most fortunate to be blessed by kindness and generosity from your donors.

TQ and bountiful blessings to the donors. 🙏🙏🙏🐱🐶

Imm’s Shelter is home to 34 dogs and 19 cats. Some photos of their volunteers and animals:

Dog for adoption in the Klang Valley (Agnes Cheong’s)

If interested, please contact Agnes Cheong directly. Kindly help to forward it widely.  Thank you.

Flash is just about 1 year old when i found him 10 days ago beside a guard post in Taman Desa very vigilant in his duty helping to man the post! He is extremely friendly with humans.

He has just been neutered and is now recuperating and will be ready to go to his furever home in a week’s time.

Flash is the dog for you if you are looking for a super active one to adopt.

Please contact Agnes at 016-2728720

The piranhas’ eating session

The Greystoke Piranhas attack food!!!

Cleo’s subcut + facial massage

Cleo’s twice-weekly subcut requires two human attendants.

I administer the subcut while husband gives her a facial massage along with tons of praises.

It’s the only way it can be done.

Her Royal Highness….

A rare photo of the three Originals.

When Pole eats her renal food, Cleo hounds her. If I do not monitor the eating session, Pole would just move away and let Cleo eat all the food.

This is the only food that Pole can eat because she won’t eat anything else ever since her vomiting bout many months ago. And because of her hyperthyroid condition, she can only eat small meals many, many times a day. So, that’s something that I have to do daily – monitor all her eating sessions from start to finish to ensure she gets to eat and Cleo doesn’t hijack her mother’s food midway. With all these frequent small meals, Pole has managed to maintain her weight at 3kg, which is good enough.

Geriatric cats will have special needs.