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Indy’s “new” wound and more food stories

Indy had been doing very well right after we started treating his paw wound but I did wonder why the paw was still swollen.

Yesterday morning, I noticed “another” wound directly on top of the earlier wound. So this would be on top of the paw.

I quickly texted the vet with photos but the vet was on leave, so I can only contact her today. On hindsight, it seems, to my totally untrained eye, since this wound is directly on top of the earlier wound at the bottom, that whatever pierced his paw at the bottom must have gone through the whole paw! We didn’t know because the top of the paw wasn’t shaven.

I had only been cleaning the bottom wound and that healed beautifully in barely one day.

6.40am: This morning, the wound burst, which is a good thing. We want it to burst so that the pus and infection would flow out and not seep inwards (that would be a total nightmare).

Poor Indy. He has to contend with a “second” wound now, but luckily he is already on oral antibiotics. Being under the bed means Indy isn’t feeling well. Yesterday, he didn’t even feel like eating dinner at all. Poor guy.

I did have my concerns about the painkillers too, because while it would address the pain and make Indy feel better, it can also mask whatever pain he is feeling, and that could have its disadvantages as well. Which is the lesser of the two evils, I don’t know.

But I am quite sure this “new” wound has burst now. I will check with the vet again when the clinic opens.

Indy ate breakfast today, which is good. Talking about their meals, I have now resorted to giving Indy Cindy’s baby food as a starter for his breakfast. Then, add on canned food if he can take it. Indy has this problem with his digestion in the morning. I suspect it is because of the long hours through the night of having no food in the digestive system. Raw food in the morning has the tendency of making him regurgitate. So I have to resort to canned or cooked food.

Bunny has been extremely fussy with his food as well. As for him, I am still experimenting and trying to figure it out. This morning, I steamed Cubgrub CKD Chicken for him. This can be steamed and cooked because it does not contain any bone (replaced by eggshell). He wasn’t too interested but finally ate it. I have been steaming chicken breast meat for him which he likes (but that is not complete).

So now, the only ones who can eat raw food would be Tabs, Ginger, Cow Mau and Cleo. That’s not bad too, 4 out of 6.

7.50am: A photo of the “new” wound:

I’m quite certain it has burst.

Indy came out from under the bed to sit beside me. He knows I’m trying to help him.


We came back from the vet’s earlier and my guess was wrong.

It wasn’t the puncture wound going through the entire paw. It was the bottom wound tunneling (forming fistulas) to find another path of least resistance to come out. So there was still infection in the bottom wound and it’s trying to find its way out. Scary, isn’t it? What if it tunneled inwards into the body? That could lead to sepsis and death.

So, the vet did a very thorough cleaning of this new wound. Yes, it’s “new”, alright.

As it turned out, the old wound at the bottom actually has not healed completely yet.

Throughout the cleaning, the vet poked holes in and around the wound with a needle and pressed out whatever fluids there was. Indy did not even flinch. Betul-betul tahan lasak tahap maksimum, our Indy Jones. Even the vet remarked so.

It was mostly blood that came out, not pus. So it is probably not infected yet, and if it gets infected, it would be in 2 days’ time. The vet checked the blood and found some bacteria in it, but not in excess.

What I would have to do now is to apply cold compression to reduce the inflammation, continue cleaning twice a day and apply the Fucidin cream.

Indy was also given another Metacam injection. He is also prescribed a second antibiotic, Metrogyl, alongside the earlier Marboflaxacin (extended too). He will also be on Onsior, a stronger anti-inflammatory but is safe for his kidneys.

If after 2 days, the swelling does not come down, Indy might need to be sedated and have the wound lanced. Let’s hope it doesn’t lead to this.

Applying the cold compression which Indy does not like.

I am still wondering HOW Indy got that puncture wound and I’m almost sure it had something to do with that one single war cry that night. Coincidentally Bunny could not open his right eye too – now this completely baffles me. But Bunny’s eye seems okay now.

Ginger, on the other hand, has this claw hanging by a thread on his left hind paw.

We just noticed this after returning from the vet’s. But I’ve sent photos and the vet says to just clean it and monitor it. Ginger seems totally nonchalant about it, though. He is walking and running as normally as he can be.

Petfood Donation (chicken) to MunMun Furry Sanctuary

Donors: In memory of Bhante Punnaji, IMO Shaggy Boy from Chow Yi Lin, anonymous donors, donors from Boost, Ahmad Amir Kamil, Alven Loh Hong Ping, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Gan Lay Yong, Indy Jones, Jasmine Ee, Joy Saga, Khoo Ming-Yi, Kok Khee Wee, Kwan Pei Kuan, Lee Kah Sun, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Tan Lai Fun, Tan Tay Thye, Wan Tai Seng, Wong Chin Kuan, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Ground chicken bone and neck – 250 bags

Chicken liver – 150 bags

Mun Mun cooks chicken and rice for his 250 shelter dogs. We have reimbursed Mun Mun the full amount for this supply. Due to the current chicken shortage nationwide, the price of chicken has gone up considerably. Nevertheless, the dogs still have to eat.

A message from Mun Mun: Thank you so much for everyone’s kind support 🙏

Bunny – the magic happened!

Bunny had diarrhoea four days ago.

The next day, I stopped all his constipation medication and supplements and only gave him plain steamed chicken. The diarrhoea stopped.

And the following day, I started back his constipation medication but that was also the day he had the eye problem and I took all three (Indy, Ginger and Bunny) to the vet’s. The vet palpated and there was no faeces at all.

In all, Bunny has not defecated for three days and today is the fourth day after the bout of diarrhoea. I was getting slightly worried if he is constipated again. Today, he’s on more Cisapride and Lactulose already.

I’ve also been so sick for one-and-a-half days, down with severe cough and diarrhoea too. Sigh…

Then this evening, the magic happened.

I took Bunny to his spot and did the Scratch3x song. I haven’t done this for a very long time now since he has been able to defecate on his own.

Bunny first urinated, then he started scratching, and scratching and….the magic happened!

Bunny pooped….a medium one. It was also not hard at all. Well-formed.


Good boy, Bunny Bun Buns!!

Indy Jones is BACK!!

Yes, even last night, he was already “back”!

This morning, he was already jumping up the wooden shelves and during wound cleaning time, he even stretched out his paw for me!  What a good boy. I think it’s also the effect of the painkillers.

At least without experiencing the pain, he has regained his confidence and is no longer hiding under the bed.

The wound also looks so much better now. This Marboflaxacin, I was told, is a targeted antibiotic for wounds. It’s good. Indy healed very well the last time he had three wounds from his fight with Ginger (Ginger had none).

I’m back, folks!!

It’s his left paw, which you can see, but the wound is healing quite remarkably.

The e-collar is to prevent him from licking his paw after application of the Fucidin. I take it off after that.

Bunny is okay too.

The diarrhoea has stopped, so I’m waiting for him to defecate normally again…

Indy, Bunny and Ginger to the vet’s!

I took all three of them to the vet’s today…alone.

Ginger was for his check-up because he has finished all his medication. Bunny was for the eye that suddenly could not open but seemed okay now. Still, I did not want to take any risks because the last time I did, I applied the eyedrop without sending Bunny for a check-up and the eye became worse because it had got infected. As for Indy, he seemed better this morning, and just like Bunny, I did not want to risk it in case it is something more serious. Indy was still limping. Better be safe than sorry.

So, Ginger was checked first. He had also urinated quite a lot in the carrier so the vet was able to syringe up enough urine for the urinalysis.

A very thorough ultrasound was done and the results were all good.

The gallbladder sludge is completely gone! Just as the vet had said, Ursofalk works! Ginger’s bladder is also back to normal now. No crystals or stones detected, just some sediment. But the urinalysis would be more accurate for this purpose, so we waited for that. Both of Ginger’s kidneys appear normal now. Whatever that was going on earlier had resolved itself. That’s really good news.

Later the urinalysis results was very good too. No protein loss. Urine SG was 1.046 (which is good). And best of all, there are no crystals or stones. So Ginger was given a clean bill of health. He does not need to be on the CD diet, but no harm giving it to him for a treat every now and then. Ginger would benefit from taking UTI-Oxi 3 times a week even though this episode of FLUTD was a one-0ff thing due to stress (yes, stress because I locked him in the cage for a few hours!).

The only other thing I could do for Ginger would be to get him to lose some weight!! Well, that would have to come from exercise because Ginger actually does not each much. Tabs eats more than Ginger!

I think Ginger’s good results is most likely because of his raw diet.

Also, I must add and this is very important that I should not have sprayed Feliway on Ginger’s fur. Feliway is only meant for carriers, furniture and the air. Sorry about this, I must have heard wrongly from somewhere.


Bunny has conjunctivitis and there is a small scratch on his lower eyelid (right eye). I don’t know how he got that, though. The vet also noticed that Bunny’s left eye has some yellow discharge, so I should apply the Nicol eyedrops on both eyes. For the right eye, it would be for 14 days. Bunny will also be on Beazyme for 5 days. Best to put on the e-collar in case he scratches his own eye. The vet trimmed Bunny’s right claws (front paw). It is also confirmed that Bunny has very little vision left in both eyes now. So, Bunny is blind. Still, he knows his way around very well.

Last but not least…Indy.

Indy has a puncture wound on the base of his left paw that got infected and already has pus in it, but it burst. I wonder when that started. The vet said sometimes it could be acute, that means it could have just happened (probably that night when there was the war cry?), and it got infected quickly, developed pus and burst. Well, luckily it had burst, otherwise, it would go inwards and that would have been very serious.

So Indy was shaven around the wound (he protested until the assistants have to cover him with a towel – that did not work, so they have to put the e-collar on him). The wound was cleaned with Chlorohexidine, the pus squeezed out and Fucidin was applied on it. I should continue doing this until it heals. Indy was put on Marbofloxacin (antibiotics) – this was at my request, instead of Baytril because Indy had a serious allergy to oral Baytril when he was 3 years old. He will also be on Beazyme for 5 days. And instead of the transdermal Tramadol, Indy will be on the Tramadol tablet (which works faster). Indy was also given the Metacam (anti-inflammatory) and Fentanyl (painkiller) injections.

The vet advised that Indy should not be allowed to step on soil because it is an open wound and it could get reinfected with fungus. Indy would do well being on the e-collar as well so that he won’t lick the wound. Indy was dewormed.

I’d have to figure out how to confine Indy indoors. But smart fella that he is, he already stayed indoors all of yesterday.

Cats are just so smart, aren’t they?

So, we came home. Phew….we made it, all four of us!!

Cow Mau and Cleo greeted Bunny and Indy at the grille. Ginger went back to his patio first. Tabs was waiting patiently for her lunch.

Lots of work to do in the next two weeks, but so relieved it isn’t anything very serious.

Hey you, no spraying, okay? And lose some weight….!!

Why Indy slept on the pillow at the apartment

I thought it was because Indy wanted to migrate to a new place, so he decided to “steal” Cleo’s pillow.  He spent the whole day there. I even had to feed him there.

I should have suspected that something was wrong, but here’s where I just attributed it to Indy being “weird”.  And I thought, normally Indy does spend the whole day in one favourite spot. It’s usually one of the wooden shelves – he would just sleep there all day. So, that’s what he is doing, but on this pillow, something he had never done before.

It was only after dinner that I decided to take him down from the pillow. He immediately went to hide under the bed.

Oh no….

Oh no….

That’s when I knew Indy is definitely sick.

The last time Indy was “severely” ill, he was practically living under the bed all day. “Severely ill” here means the vet could not find out what was wrong with him and all the tests showed up negative. And yet, Indy wasn’t well.

I then took Indy out to the garden, I wanted to see his reactions. That is when I saw it!

Indy was limping. He couldn’t put his left paw on the ground at all.

Oh no…

Is it the calicivirus?  Did he hurt himself when jumping down from the wooden shelf?  Did he sprain his leg?

But when I carried him, he did not object, so maybe it’s not the entire leg?

It wasn’t. It’s his paw. His left paw is slightly swollen.

By then, I had already given him Vetri DMG and after I saw that it was a swell, I gave him Beazyme.

He would definitely need a vet’s visit today unless he gets well before that.

Hopefully it’s a minor issue. I texted the vet to make an appointment, but the clinic was already closed by then.

Did it have something to do with the war cry the day before which resulted in Bunny’s right eye being injured? By the way, I did consult the vet about Bunny and she said I could apply Nicol eye drops for 7 days. Bunny’s eye is much better already. And I also have not detected anymore diarrhoea (WHO invented this spelling, why couldn’t it be spelled “direa” or something like that?).

I had thought I’d have to take Bunny to the vet, but now it’s Indy who has to go.

Precious 4-in-1 never-before photos!!

All four of them together!!

Jayden and Tabs

Baby J: Hello Tabs!

Get up Tabs, I have something to discuss with you.

Want to raid the fridge tonight? You get your chicken and I get my sweet potato…

But first, we cannot let the adults suspect a thing, so let’s pretend to be good, okay? 

Let’s pretend to read a book, Tabs. I’ll show you how to do it…watch me.

This is how we “read” a book, Tabs..like this. Try it…

Tabs: I think it’s more like this, Baby J. 

Petfood Donation to Imm’s Shelter

Donors: In memory of Bhante Punnaji, anonymous donors, donors from Boost, Ahmad Amir Kamil, Alven Loh Hong Ping, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Bunny Buns Buns, Gan Lay Yong, Jasmine Ee, Joy Saga, Khoo Ming-Yi, Kok Khee Wee, Kwan Pei Kuan, Lee Kah Sun, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Tan Lai Fun, Tan Tay Thye, Wan Tai Seng, Wong Chin Kuan, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Alps Pureness canned food for dogs 400g x 24
– Lamb – 2 boxes
– Turkey – 2 boxes
– Pork – 2 boxes

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

A message from Judy: Our deepest appreciation to you and MyAnimalcare Donors for the petfood received today for Imm’s shelter. Our furry friends are most blessed. 💞 🐶🐱💞 🙏🙏🙏

Imm’s Shelter is located in Ipoh and is home to 27 dogs and 15 cats. It is run by Imm & Judy, their friends and volunteers.