Street dog feeder

The video clip:

Kudos to this kind man!

Street animal feeders exist all over the world and we can definitely find many of such feeders in our country too. We are happy to help them with our neutering aid, but would like to emphasize that with feeding also comes the caring component whereby the animals would have to be neutered (to control the population) and continued to be cared for (the “managing” component).

CNRM: Care-Neuter-Rehome or Return-Manage

In our zest to neuter as many as we can, please do not forget the CARE and MANAGE components too!

Say “yes” to animal crossings!

The video clip:

A rescued tupai

Ms Lee Chin Chin, one of our regular applicants, share this photo with us. It is that of a tree shrew (tupai) whom she rescued when his/her eyes were still closed.  She fostered the tupai until now…

We are honoured to be associated with caregivers who share our vision of promoting a community that is kind to animals and who share our pro-life values.

Thank you, Ms Lee.

Neutering aid for 4 cats in Kepong (Lee Chin Chin’s)

We have sponsored RM240 for the neutering of these 4 cats.

These are some of the cats looked after by Ms Lee.


Neutering aid for 3 dogs in Bandar Sungai Long (Lai Yoke Yin’s)

We have sponsored RM300 for the neutering of these dogs.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kota Tinggi, Johor (Ng Hau Sien’s)

We have sponsored RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Dear Dr Chan,
My name is Ng Hau Sien.
He is Mimi, born in 31 December 2015. I adopt him with my girlfriend in Kota Tinggi whereas my girlfriend’s hometown. We care him since he was born. At the beginning, we just want to adopt his mummy but we found that his mummy——RoseMi are pregnant. Therefore, we adopt all the child of RoseMi. After a month, RoseMi suddenly missing until now. After discuss, we let a guy adopt Mimi’s sister and we care Mimi and his sister Yumi. We love Mimi and Yumi so much and we all very miss RoseMi untill now we still finding RoseMi we hope one day they can reunion again.
Thank you.
Best Regards,
Hau Sien

Neutering aid for 2 dogs in Cheras (Ong Geok Tee’s)

We have sponsored RM200 for the neutering of these 2 dogs.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Sentul (Wong May Pheng @ Siti Zubaidah Wong’s)

We have sponsored RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

This is the photo of  cat spayed on 11/7/17. The resit  sent on 14/7/17. She was found in Sentul Apartment.

Thank you.

Wong May Pheng

Who’s who

Who are these?

It’s Heidi and Tabs, actually!

Tabs is a follower. When she lived in Bunny’s Place, she followed Cleo. When Cleo was losing hair in patches (Cleo is always stressed), Tabs thought it was fashionable, so she also started pulling out her hair with her teeth.

Thank goodness that stopped after awhile!

Now that Tabs lives in “the rest of the house”, she’s looking for someone to follow again, so sometimes she follows Heidi by being a kitchen-cat. Sometimes, she follows Daffodil. Now that Daffodil sleeps on one of our pillows every night, Tabs is also following.

So, Tabs slept on my pillow last night. All night!