Doggy mattresses (fundraising)

We wish to thank Brenda (Bonte Lohicr) for her kind and generous donation of RM300 to our Neutering Fund for these two doggy mattresses.

They are tailor-made to the required sizes.

My mum sewed the two covers with cloth donated by Ms Ooi.

I did the stuffing!

The small one required one big bag of kapok while the bigger one required two-and-a-half bags. The kapok is donated by Connie who drove all the way to Kajang to buy them for us.

Heidi helped.

If you’d like mattresses sewn for your pets, please do write in to enquire. However, self-collection is best since the mattress is fairly big and bulky.

Meat-free eating is happening all over!

News from Meat Free Monday:

Meat free eating is truly a global phenomenon at the moment, winning the support of local authorities, businesses and government agencies across the world.

Japan’s Cabinet Office and Cabinet Secretariat recently launched a weekly veggie menu at their staff canteen, while the German Environment Ministry has banned meat from being served at official functions. Portugal’s parliament voted in favour of public canteens providing at least one vegan option, and in France The National Agency for Food Safety (Anses) changed its guidelines to suggest people eat less meat and more pulses and wholegrains.

Meanwhile, two workers at the Danish company Novo Nordisk took matters into their own hands by organising a meat free day at their staff canteen in Hillerød – and it’s looking like this may result in regular meat free days for thousands of employees!

Forward-thinking companies in the UK are inspiring us to be greener and healthier too, with Pret opening its second veggie outlet and innovative new company allplants delivering tasty, nutritious, hand-prepared dinners to doorsteps nationwide. allplants is kindly offering UK-based MFMers the chance to win one of three plant-powered meal packages – enter the prize draw below.

Happy meat free eating!

Company creates first lab-grown “chicken”

Many humans want to try to be vegetarians but they cannot forgo the taste of meat.

Also, dogs are omnivorous and cats are carnivorous, so they need to eat meat too. Their caregivers need to feed them meat.

Well, here’s good news for the above categories!

The news:

The lab-grown meat – which the company calls “clean meat” – is developed from self-reproducing cells taken from a chicken, with the purpose of creating a product that omnivores can’t distinguish from the real thing, but with a fraction of the considerable downsides of meat production, including environmental destruction and using agricultural land to grow animal feed rather than crops for human consumption.

To give some idea of how lab-grown chicken could revolutionise the industry, 61 billion chickens are killed and eaten every year around the world – more than a billion in the UK alone. The cost of breeding, hatching, rearing and slaughtering so many chickens could disappear overnight, while Memphis Meats says water and land use and harmful greenhouse gases would be slashed by 90%.

3 more bags and 5 cat pillows (fundraising)!

We would like to thank Sau Yee for her kind support of purchasing 3 homesewn bags and 5 cat pillows from us (plus 2 toothpaste), all the way from Ipoh!

A reversible tote – batik and pastel.

Another reversible bag – also batik and pastel.

A peek-a-boo bag in navy blue canvas.

My mum sewed all three bags.

Fabric donated by Mr Ooi, Agnes Cheong and my mum.

I sewed the cat pillows!

Cow’s bum sore (again?!!)

Yes, again.

I’ve lost count and I think this must be the third time it has happened.

Maybe he got into a fight with someone while we were out.

I noticed it about a week ago and started administering daily cleaning with hibiscrub and applying povidone iodine.

Finally, as of yesterday, it began to dry up and yes, it’s healing. No trip to the vet’s this time.

It’s much better now.

Meanwhile, Bunny also had a one-eyed-Jack problem two days ago. Applied warm salt water on it and it took two days to finally show some improvement.

The alleged dog-burning case in Johor and the need for public outcry

Just when animal lovers are still reeling in shock over the dog-beating case in Kinrara and still praying of Furby’s safety and wellbeing, we received this news on Saturday: A man in Johor had allegedly burned his dog just because the dog had allegedly bitten his slippers.

The man’s name and contact number were provided in the post too.

A news report on Sunday:

If you do a google search of these key words, you will find two more cases of dog-burning in this year itself.  One in Israel and another in Ohio.

There is truly evil humans in this world.  That isn’t going to change.

And animals are helpless in the hands of such evil humans.

According to the news report above on the Johor case, besides Malaysian animal lovers, Singapore and Australian animal lovers also responded. Animal lovers are a minority in the whole world and we have to unite.

He said he only wanted to frighten the dog, not harm it and that the picture of a dead dog had been lifted from the Internet and posted it in jest.

His wife had also posted a video of the dog to prove that it was still alive, which was recorded after her husband’s incriminating post had gone viral.


We can only hope that the puppy is all right.

This is clearly the case of an unfit owner. Threatening to burn his dog for biting slippers is very, very cruel. Posting that he had burned his dog and getting a picture of a burnt carcass of a dog to make his story believable and in jest (as he now claims) is the act of a sadist and a person with a very disturbed mind.

On an unrelated note, yesterday, we posted the news of Sabah scrapping the proposed Sukau bridge project after various organisations (including Sir David Attenborough) expressed concerns as the construction of the bridge would threaten the last sanctuaries of the Bornean pygmy elephant.  The Chief Minister of Sabah responded and cancelled the project. Kudos to him and Sabah for heeding the advice of experts and concerned parties!

Sadly, this brings to mind of what happened in Penang in Sept-Oct 2015 where thousands of dogs (and cats) were needlessly and mercilessly slaughtered despite the offer of World Veterinary Services to come in and provide free vaccination and aid to curb the fear of the spread of rabies. The WVS is a world authority that provides veterinary aid where it is needed and has achieved commendable success in addressing rabies issues in many, many countries:

We can only hope that elected leaders would lead with compassion, wisdom and the humility to accept opinions which differ from theirs where precious animal lives are at stake.

Yes, we can only hope.

And pray.

And do the needful.

Cadeau Shampoo & Body Wash (revised prices)

The director of Cadeau International has graciously revised the pricing for the 110ml and 60ml bottles.

500ml: RM60
110ml: RM20
60ml: RM10 (travel pack)

If you’d like to order, please write to me at

All proceeds go to our Neutering Fund.

Thank you for your support and thank you, Cadeau International!


Sabah scraps project in order to protect pygmy elephants

The news:

In March, the Guardian newspaper published an article highlighting Sir David Attenborough’s concerns over the proposed bridge that would span 350m across the Kinabatangan River, threatening one of the last sanctuaries of the rare Bornean pygmy elephant.

“If I may say so, that headline broke the camel’s back,” Mannan said.

“It made us understand that the issue of a proposed bridge across a protected area for wildlife is now the number one environmental concern not just in Sabah, but globally too, because of the extremely precarious situation of the rich wildlife therein.”

“The Chief Minister of Sabah has taken everyone’s views into consideration – including Sir Attenborough – before deciding on this very important issue, and I am pleased to say that balanced development has prevailed,” Mannan said, adding that Musa had permitted him to disclose the decision at the gathering.

“We are not going ahead with the bridge,” he said.

Kudos to the Chief Minister of Sabah, for responding positively to the calls and concerns of various organisations and Sir David Attenborough.

A Rosie blanket!

The kind donor who donated the Rosie cloth also ordered a blanket from us, to be made from the remnant Rosie material (after making 6 tote bags and 2 hobo bags), and she also bought polka dot material and showed me the design that she wanted. She had all the fabric posted to me and donated RM400 to our Fund for the blanket.

All in, with 6 tote bags, 2 hobo bags and this blanket, Rosie homesewn items have raised RM1350 for the animals! We still have some bits of cloth too.

I started sewing the blanket last week.

Heidi helped.

The kind donor bought three polka dot colours (pink, bright pink and light green), all matched the Rosie cloth perfectly. She also bought orange backing cloth. The design she chose was one of “frames”.

In progress.

The semester just started at work, so I only sewed a little every night.

Finally, I got it ready last night!

And this morning, I received this email from the kind donor.

Dear Dr. Chan,

It would be an honour for me if you would accept this blanket as a keepsake for yourself.

I don’t know how to sew and I hope that you don’t mind sewing the blanket. The blanket is intended for you right from the start.

I am not sure how and what you were feeling when sewing this blanket; perhaps with mixed feeling certainly with fond memories of Rosie. This blanket is certainly a labour of love and a truly beautiful blanket was created and sewn reflecting your affections and thoughts of Rosie.

The colours that I have chosen hopefully will empower you in the sense

Green – Relates to balance, growth and harmony, great balancer of the heart and the emotions creating equilibrium between the head and the heart, renewal of hope, rebirth and restores depleted energy. An emotionally positive colour, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally … Just like Rosie’s unconditional love towards you.

Pink –  Represents compassion, nurturing and  love; unconditional love and understanding and the giving and receiving of nurturing. A combination of red and white, pink contains the need of action of red, helping it to achieve the potential of success and insight offered by white. Intuitive and insightful showing kindness, empathy an sensitivity. Pink is a sign of hope, positive colour inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay.


Orange the backing. Orange radiates warmth and happiness combining physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Orange relates to gut instincts as opposed to the physical reaction of red or the mental reaction of yellow. Offers emotional strength  in difficult times. Helps to bounce back from disappointment and despair, assisting in recovery from grief.

For all the above combination of colours and hope that you will accept this gift from me and all my fur babies.

Hopefully you will have many many happy hours and comfort with Rosie blanket.

Take good care of yourself always,

Best wishes,

I am speechless.

Immeasurably touched and deeply honoured.

Thank you so much, dear friend.

Our animal lover community is so small; we truly need each other for support, especially when times are tough. I am very grateful that though we are such a small group, we have each other’s backs and we are there for each other when it matters most.

My very own Rosie blanket….!! Thank you!

Rosie and me, in 2012. This photo was taken when Rosie first came to our house and adopted us.

Our dearest Rosie Posie.
(This is one of my favourite photos of Rosie.)