Neutering aid for 4 dogs in Bandar Sg Long (Lam See Kee’s)

We have sponsored RM400 for the neutering of these 4 dogs.

It took him 37 years to restore a paradise!

Majuli Island used to be a paradise, but it had become a barren desert due to massive tree-felling. Instead of complaining as modern people are apt to do these days, Jadav Payeng decided to do something about it.

For the next 37 years, he planted a tree every single day.

And thus, restored Majuli Island into the paradise it used to be, with lots of wildlife!

From National Geographic:

From BBC:

From another source:

Very powerful lessons in this story: (A) Think very carefully before felling trees. A flourishing oasis of green can become a barren desert devoid of life due to the indiscriminate tree-felling activities of humans. (B) Instead of complaining, let’s do something about a situation we are unhappy about. (C) Sometimes, all it takes are seemingly small deeds done with love, patience and perseverance.

New updates on Urko (sporo survivor)

The previous post about Urko:

Today’s updates:

Hi, Urko is now 3.6kg, is very strong and active. Today, he has a check at UPM. He plays ball very noisily and can lift up the side of the base of 3 tier cage – prob about 8 mths.

Great to know!

A vet told me that sporotrichosis is 98% treatable and recoverable, based on his experience. The treatment takes time and requires patience, perseverance, effort and faith on the part of the caregiver.

Neutering aid for 1 dog in Cheras (Lai Yoke Yin’s)

We have sponsored RM100 for the neutering of this dog.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Ipoh (David Hui Sai Keong’s)

We have sponsored RM60 for the neutering of this cat, George Michael.

Daffodil looks for a way

She’s still not happy with the new netting as it’s obviously thwarted her newly discovered attempt at escaping.

I observed her and she’s looking at all the sides (notice there’s a slight gap at both sides) as well as the top (which isn’t fastened securely – now, how would she know that?).

In any case, we are not leaving the wooden door open. This netting is just to prevent her from making a quick escape when we are going in and out of the front door (which was exactly what she did the last two times: a super-quick escape).

Nowadays, Daffodil is not afraid of Mr Zurik. It’s the other away around.

Yes, Mr Zurik is afraid of the Dowager.

Who wouldn’t be?

A vet who never gives up

The video:

Daffodil’s protest

Ever since her two consecutive escapes, Daffodil has been on protest-mode.

Yesterday, husband decided to wire-net the front grille all the way to the top. Daffodil watched him as he went in and out of the the storeroom with all the paraphernalia.

But then before he could get started, our printer got jammed and I needed it fixed. So, the wire-net project had to be put on hold.

Daffodil was very confused. She knew all about the wire-net project (any cat would be able to figure that out), but why and how did the printer get into the picture?

That was certainly confusing for her.

So, she continued watching, and watching….until she got tired and went upstairs to sleep.

By the time she woke up, which was hours later, the printer was fixed and so was the wire-netting on the front grille!

But Daffodil didn’t know so when we were about to go out, she made a bee-line for the front door only to be met with the wire-netting all the way up to the top!

She was clearly quite unhappy.

She then sent Ginger to go scratch on the wire-netting, but it’s been fortified, so the wire-netting stayed intact (for now).

Madame is not happy.

As for her tumour, it’s “just there”. Once in a while it bleeds, but we are managing it. She gets her Bioresis and papase enzyme daily. The sodium bicarbonate+molasses paste does help keep it under control. It’s a lot flatter than what it used to be, though it’s still there.

But Daffodil has set up a routine that whenever she takes her medicines or gets her tumour cleaned, she demands for a fish-flavoured meal. It’s a routine. Right after being force-fed her meds or after a cleaning session on the kitchen island, she goes right to the food bowl and wait. It doesn’t matter whether she has just eaten or not. She demands for a reward right after that.

Even Vincent has learnt this routine now. He too demands for a reward whenever he gets his mouth sprayed with Biosilver. Vincent’s stomatitis acts up every now and then. I’m using the Biosilver spray to (hopefully) control it.

Life is not perfect. We just have to manage as best we can.


Have a happy meat free day!

Fruits and homegrown mint!

Add some millet powder and sunflower seeds.

Makes a healthy breakfast!

Bon appetit!