Neutering aid for 3 cats in Shah Alam (Lee Lay Kim’s) and Updates

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM242.25 for the neutering of these 3 cats (vet charges: RM80.75 each).

Since all three look alike, Ms Lee has provided a video of them (please see below).

There are also updates on all previous cats claimed from us (please also see below).


Imam – About 11 months old,  Male Cat 

I found Imam as tiny kitten crying in the drain in Taman Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. As I was carrying it home, a neighbour’s maid saw me & asked if she could keep the kitten. That was about 8 months ago. Recently she came to return me the kitten, now almost full grown cat, together with two more cats which look almost like Imam. Her contract was over & she had to return to Indonesia. Sadly, her employer asked her to get rid of all her cats which she had named Imam, Imam 1 and Imam 2.  They are all grey with black stripes and spots.

And that is how Imam & company came back under my care, surviving with the back street cats.  Currently I have placed all three cats at a friend’s place after the surgery.  I hope someone will adopt Imam as he is still young and very playful.

Imam 1  – About 8 months old,  Male Cat 

Imam 1 was one of the cats which my neighbour’s maid rescued from the football field. He was feeding on rubbish spilling out of the dustbin, very thin $ scrawny.  As she was going back to Indonesia, she had to let him back into the streets. I took him over, including him as one of my back lane cats.  Today, he looks very healthy & I hope someone can give him a better home than the backlane.

Imam 2  – About 5 years old,  Male Cat 

Imam 2 was found by the same maid, hiding under some shrubs. It was after heavy storm and he was wet and had very bad flu. With loving good care & regular meals, he slowly recovered. But his head is permanently crooked to one side,  because of very bad ear mite infection. The infection is gone but the vet says his head would always remain skewed to one side.  He is very docile and loves to eat. Though he can’t walk straight due to crooked head, he wobbles around happily. I pray and still have hope that Imam 2 will one day find his forever home. He is a very good old boy. I will put Imam 2 indoors where he will be safe.

Previous cats claimed under us:

1. Pretty, lost after she jumped fr 3rd floor of adopter’s apartment
2. Happy, adopted
3. Garfield (passed away of accident)
4. Magical, with me as garden cat, pic attached.
5. Ashley, poisoned by neighbour, together with 3 other cats, Cocoa, Bluesy & Fencie
6. Kiki (with Pn Rokiah) ran.away fr owner & now she’s with me , pic attached.
7. Snow, adopted
8. Sky, adopted
9. Robin, adopted
10. Moulin, adopted
11. Hazel, adopted.

Jay Jay and Mousie’s neutering costs were shared with a neighbour.


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