Food galore and some Vincent-news

It looks like some sumptuous North Indian cuisine, but it isn’t!

That’s Primal, Gold-D and Coco&Joe’s.

And if you think that’s a lot of choices for one meal, what till you see what Vincent is offered on a daily basis! Yes, up to 7 types, sometimes.

Yesterday morning, he didn’t want any of his favourite Cindy’s Tender Chicken (and help!…I had laced it with Azodyl already), so I took a chance and pour in some RC renal kibble and guess what…he walloped it all (yes, with the Azodyl powder too).

I consulted another vet two days ago, just to seek an opinion. He says since Vincent refuses to take the Azodyl capsule, rather than waste it (it costs a bomb), I should just open up the capsule and mix the powder with honey (to coat it) and give it to Vincent. I haven’t attempted with the honey yet, though. It’s easier to just put it in his food.

I also learnt that based on latest research, the new protocol for fluids is to give 100ml to 120ml per time per day. This is indeed news to me. So, based on this research, the 250ml I have been giving Vincent is way over the limit, but he seems to be doing well on it…. I was advised to check this out:

But I also consulted Vincent’s vet and she says the 100-120ml fluids is for CKD cats in stage 1 or stage 2 (there are 4 stages).  Vincent is already in stage 4 now, so it is very likely that the dehydration is bad (as his kidneys are already “leaking”) so Vincent would need daily subcut of about 200ml, at least. The vet says I could try to reduce from the current 220-250ml to 200ml and monitor Vincent’s hydration by using the pinch test.

That’s the thing with cats. They are so resilient that they don’t show any symptoms or signs that they are ill…until it’s critical.

That’s just the way they are.

Feeding Vincent still requires “mental skill” (amounting to mind-reading) and a lot of patience.  This morning, I got it wrong. He didn’t want what I offered first. So he walked over the the canned food boxes and nudged at one of the boxes (can cats smell through the tin cans?). I mean, I have three brands there – Monge (two flavours), Gold-D (two flavours) and Cindy’s (three flavours). Yes, Vincent told me what he wanted and it was correct.

Amazing, right?

But it doesn’t happen all the time. Most of the time, I have to rely on my own “reading” as well as what had been eaten in the previous meal. Is he on a craze of a certain food, or it is time to change yet?

So yes, getting the right food for Vincent is a daily challenge.

Ginger still bullies Vincent, but occasionally I see Vincent “fighting” back. Ginger smacks him, he smacks Ginger back. All is good. No more “offering the other cheek” – definitely not.

He does like to sit out in the patio garden too. Getting some sun.

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