Vincent’s day – new foods!

Lunch at 1pm – Monge and Cubgrub.

Tabs gets some extras before this is served to the Cow Clan.

Subcut as usual.

I ordered two new flavours of Monge for Vincent, in preparation for his “change” of appetite. These would be two flavours I haven’t ordered for years – Chicken Squid and Tuna Salmon. Both were not popular with our cats previously.

Dinner at 5.30pm – tried the Chicken Squid first.

Okay, but not too crazy about it.

Then, I tried the Tuna Salmon. Wow!! Vincent LOVED it!!!

Bingo!! Jackpot!!! This will be it…for a few days, I hope.

Thank you, thank you!

Cindy’s Tuna Chicken as well. Dinner was a feast!

Maybe it’s tuna season now?

Then, supper at 9.30pm – it was all about Monge’s Tuna Salmon.  I think Vincent finished three-quarters of the can. He loves it. Everyone had some too, plus the Chicken Squid. Vincent had some of that as well.

Our soldier on guard duty, armed with his wushu sabre and all.

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