Vincent’s needles and other stories

My friend told me that I could purchase Vincent’s hypodermic needles (for his subcut) from Lazada and it costs much, much less. But I use the 21G for Vincent (recommended for cats) and Lazada didn’t sell that, so I search at Shopee and found it there.

It only costs RM10 for 100 (yes, ONE HUNDRED) needles. Shipping is RM12, so all in, it is only RM22 for 100 needles. That’s 22 sen each.

I buy them for RM1.00 each at the clinics.

So I ordered a box two days ago and it arrived today.

It came with free gifts too – two pairs of gloves and face masks.

However, I didn’t realise they were different from the ones I used until I opened the first one to try out today.  These are longer. They are 40mm whereas the ones I used are 25mm. I searched again and could not find any that are 25mm. But 21G means it’s the same thickness.

I only knew there’s the blue, green and pink. The pink is the thickest (which is normally used for dogs but some vets use it for cats too). The green is the medium one while the blue is the thinnest (too slow).

The other day I tried a pink one on Vincent but I think it really is too thick. It wasn’t that much faster too. So, I reverted to the green ones.

Meanwhile…I know why Vincent had been playing hide-and-seek with me. He is looking for a “new nest”. Vincent changes his nest after about 10 days. This is a very basal (primal, if you like) cat instinct. Vincent still has it.

So, Vincent’s new place is under our bed in our bedroom. He hides at the corner so for the past few days, I’ve had to pull him out to give him his medicine.

Yesterday, he decided he does not want to be disturbed, so he went to the middle (yes, under the bed) where I cannot reach him unless I use a stick to push him out.

This morning, he was sleeping so comfortable that I decided to let him sleep. He went up after breakfast and slept for 8 hours before finally coming down happily to ask for lunch at 3pm.

I made a “disastrous” mistake as I thought I should give him his medicine before he finishes lunch and goes back up to under the bed. So I did. I gave him his meds and he hated it.

That, unfortunately, spoilt his whole appetite and he did not feel like eating anymore. I felt like beating myself up. Eating vs Medicine – what was I thinking??

So Vincent got angry and left the kitchen. Well, he did eat, but only a wee bit. It wasn’t his usual amount.

It took awhile, then I found him on the staircase landing (we closed the bedroom door), so I tried my luck to pacify him.

Luckily he forgave me and ate!

Yes, he ate!! Phew…

And Ginger came to check things out.

Then, Ginger went upstairs to check out the drip set.

He is still very jealous of Vincent.

After letting him rest, I did the subcut. The longer needle sure felt a little strange. Perhaps it needs some getting use to. I was told that if it is longer, there is more room for error. But I cannot find the 25mm 21G needles on Shopee or Lazada, though.

Other stories:

Cow quietly sneaked into the room today.

Cow: I’m Cleo, I’m not Cow. You are mistaken. Look closely, I’m Cleo. 

Yes, I know, this is where Cleo always sits. But you ARE Cow.

I know you are Cow. Don’t try to fool me.

Cow: LOOK….into my eyes…only my eyes…I am Cleo. Aren’t I? I am Cleo…

Unlike Vincent, Indy doesn’t need to “change nests”. He just needs to be beside me. That’s all Indy wants.

This is not Cleo, right?  This IS Cow.

Cleo: Dumb and Dumber. I have three colours….remember? 

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