And how is our Super-Indy??

I woke up this morning, came downstairs quickly to check on Indy and got a mini shock of my life when I could not find him anywhere at all!

Last night, I left him on the chair and this morning, that same chair looked like it had turned a somersault and landed 180 degrees off.


…Cow alerted me.

Here’s here…

Where, Cow?


Haha….what are you doing in the vegetable pot, Indy?!!

I went to feed Zurik and the Blanket Cats first and as I was washing up, Cow was still at the same position. It then dawned on me that Cow must have been keeping an eye on Indy all night and goodness knows how long Cow had been vigilantly “guarding” his brother-Royal-Guard!!

So I quickly went and carried Cow down (to relieve him on his sworn duty) and carried Indy out of the pot.

I took off Indy’s e-collar and gave him Recovery.

He ate!

There was not even the slightest HINT of any pain in the mouth, no pawing, no hesitation in eating. Seven teeth gone, with at least seven stitches, less than 24 hours and our guy is, undeniably, a true-blue first blood commando!

Indy didn’t quite care much for Recovery.

What?? Hospital food? Who needs hospital food?  Blended?  What?  You think I have no teeth??

Er yes, Indy, you actually have not many teeth left. Many of your molars and premolars are gone, you know….

But who cares, right? The kibble-king wanted his kibble, so kibble it is! With water (but this is NOT because of the toothless condition, it’s because Indy needs water – let’s make that distinction clear, please, if you don’t mind).

It’s as though yesterday did not happen at all, as far as Indy is concerned. He’s back on track.

Oh, Heidi wants everyone to know that she has a new box.

Ok, Heidi, we see your new box.

Now, back to Indy…

Drinking water from the tap, as before.

The vet said to do a 200ml subcut today, so that was done this morning, without any issue.

And it sure looks like our boy is okay, and does not need to be on the e-collar anymore!

What a relief!!  At last, everyone’s dental is done for this year!!

Let’s hope that with Orozyme and Greenies, nobody will ever need any dental scaling again. The four girls don’t need scaling.

All of them love Greenies and they also don’t mind Orozyme. I don’t know which works better, though.

Semua taruh!

Anything to avoid going under general anaesthesia for dental scaling (and extractions)!