The reversible foldable shopping bags are back!

If anyone would like a reversible foldable shopping bag as a gift, please do consider getting it from us, for a donation of RM25 each.

I hand-sew them personally and we’ve got plenty of batik cloth, so…let’s shop and promote our beautiful batik!

I sewed this today, as a gift to my young grandniece who is in love with all things PINK!

One side is batik and the other side is a floral print.

So, you get two bags in one.

It folds neatly into this tiny pocket size!

Makes a great gift; Donate to charity; Save the environment!

Say no to plastic bags AND promote our local batik!!

2 comments to The reversible foldable shopping bags are back!

  • Msndy

    May I know how big is the bag?

    • chankahyein

      Thank you very much for your interest. We have 2 recommended sizes, ie. approximately

      13in by 17in by 5in

      15in by 18in by 5in

      It can be bigger or smaller too, depending on your needs, but if you give me a measurement, I can make it to approximately that size (may not be 100% accurate as it depends on the fabric).

      Thank you!